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Disruptive, science-minded beer drinker now living the digital nomad lifestyle!
In January of 2015, my wife and I embarked on the journey of a lifetime. We sold all of our possessions, kissed our son, family, and friends goodbye, and took off for parts unknown. Now, we're living the digital nomad lifestyle as we travel the world!

  • I embraced the web when it was young, dragging a multi-billion dollar company along kicking and screaming all the way.
  • I'm among the first dozens of podcasters, and now there are millions.
  • I'm an early adopter and vocal advocate of building businesses around the concept of "free".
  • I'm the author of 2.5 books in the "for Dummies" series and continue to indie publish non-fiction books.
  • Yes, I really did survive (and thrive) on a month-long regiment of craft beer and sausage as my only calorie source.
  • I've founded five different startups. Three in the publishing space, one in finance [shudder], and one in media.
  • If you'd like to have me speak at your conference or event; great! I have experience with all sorts of public speaking, from keynotes to workshops.
Bragging rights
I come from a long line of survivors. All the way back, in fact.
Freelance subversive. (Name the movie?)
Breaking things.
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    Incubating disruptive startups to sustainable and viable going concerns.
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Evo Terra

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Please read past the headline!

Because yes, obviously and clearly, the work influencers do is valuable and worthy of tangible remuneration. However, that's not the gist of the article.

This isn't one you can skim and assume you've got it. Read it slowly. And then read it again for good measure. And it's not one I can boil down to a witty one-liner or adequately summarize in a few sentences.
Okay… let's get back to business for a minute. Today's topic: the ethics of paying influencers. Buzzword Bingo: is “influencer” even a credible term? Note: When I use the term influencer, assume that I mean “influencer” (with conspicuous quotation marks). I am not a fan of the term and would ...
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Evo Terra

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Just over a year ago, we started our around-the-world tour with three weeks in the Brittany area of France. And now TravelSmith has published our story about our stay there, a little over a year later.

It was fun to relive the experience by writing about it for our partner. And even though I certainly don't miss the cold, rainy weather, I rather miss the place. It's not Paris, but a visit to the Brittany area is something you'll not soon forget.
When people think of a winter vacation in France, they picture the French Alps. But we decided to travel to the rolling hills of the Brittany region.
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Evo Terra

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Malaysian Visa Malaise & Chillin’ in Chile

🔊 📢

With 60-day visas in hand, we’re set for a few weeks. Though the process was just that… a process. Thanks, Malaysia? Maybe we need to take off to Chile to chill out for a while. All that is covered on this week’s travel podcast episode!

Special guest: +Jackie Laulainen!
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you is good...
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Evo Terra

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Shoeless In Siam & Scratching The Travel Itch

🔊 [Direct MP3 link] 📢

Season 2, Episode 12

Why teachers can’t wear shoes inside in Bangkok, and how peer pressure can get you over your fear of travel. Make sure your socks are on straight for this episode of The Opportunistic Travelers Podcast!

#bangkok #shoes #teaching #feed #india #travel #startup #travel podcast #traveltuesday #ttot
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have fun my freinds :-*
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Evo Terra

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A gentle reminder to make my wife a very happy woman (and thereby making me a very happy man) by casting your vote. She's one of twelve finalists a Photographer of the Year competition. If she wins, she gets about $4K! 
The Art of Building photography competition is an international showcase for the very best digital photography of the built environment. It is open to both professional and amateur photographers.
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Done and done.
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Evo Terra

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+SpaceX is attempting to land the first stage on Just Read the Instructions, the drone barge. Looks like another late night for me, as happens 1:42am Bangkok time! 
Rocket is vertical in advance of tomorrow's 1:42pm ET launch attempt of Jason-3 science satellite
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Nice tower
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Panic at Monkey Island, Thailand

These monkeys go bananas for bananas on Monkey Island, just off Na Jomtien, which is just 2 hours bus/cab ride down from Bangkok, Thailand.

Special thanks to Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya for inviting us and a few of our traveling friends up for the last few days. We had a blast, but I think a trip to Monkey Island takes the cake. Or perhaps... the banana.

(Fair warning: This video features monkeys in their natural habitat eating a very unnatural diet. I've no idea how "responsible" it is (probably not very), and there's no way they can support a population of that size without humans showing up several times a day with boats full of food-bearing tourists, so they're probably screwed when the zombie apocalypse happens. Having said that, my money is on these guys as the replacement species after we're gone. Please send your complaints to
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Mike L.
But…but… It's MONKEY ISLAND!!
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Evo Terra

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I have been accused of being quick to whip out the #banhammer on the communities where I moderate. This is a fair criticism. I cannot abide useless people, and have no patience for trolling behavior. I accept it happens, take swift action in the tiny, insignificant corners of the internet where I have the power, and ignore it when I'm frequenting areas where I don't have the control.

Here's a fascinating report from reddit's r/science/ group that sheds light on why I'm such an asshole.


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I apply the banhammer ruthlessly in one particular community I moderate - in fact I demanded the owner make me a moderator just so I could :-)

In a couple of others I apply a little judiciously but I have no time for spammers.
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Evo Terra

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Have you visited Ranong, Thailand?

Looking for a seriously off-the-beaten path Thai experience that still has all the conveniences you're used to? Check out Ranong Thailand.

This story of mine was just published on TravelSmith's Travel Center.
If you're looking to avoid touristy cities and crowded beaches in Southeast Asia, Ranong, Thailand has plenty to offer. Read our travel tips.
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Evo Terra

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I really wish Google+ would pull the ID3 image from the file, rather than the generic podcast cover art. But then again, maybe that's an iTunes limitation?

Here's our latest, via itunes:
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سلام اهل کجایی?
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Evo Terra

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Ladyboy Level Up & Rickshaw Ride


Last week: buying drugs. This week: transgendered people. Gotta love all the things about Thailand, right?

Oh, and on the normal part of this week's show, there's a fun story about a 3000 km rickshaw ride across India.
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nice picts...
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A damned tasty burger! Of course, I was smart and asked that they hold the mayo, which is typically served in 5-gallon quantities at burger places in this city. The interior is nice and cozy, with great decor all about fire fighters from all over. The Baconator was quite tasty, and the potato wedges outstanding. My wife says the regular fries were quite tasty, too. Not the cheapest place in town, but also not the most expensive. If I'm in the mood for a burger, this place'll be on my consideration set!
• • •
Public - 2 weeks ago
reviewed 2 weeks ago
An interesting twist on tapas, as all the food is Thai. So yes, you can get Laab Moo, but it's served in bite-sized portions on little squares of cabbage. I also enjoyed some tasty slices of beef and pork, each just big enough to sit on a spoon. If shared plates aren't your thing, they have an excellent selection of noodle soups. I can speak to the quality of the crab curry soup. Quite nice, and not so spicy as to scare people away. The staff is quite attentive and can make excellent suggestions if you want to try something new or are feeling adventurous. It's well apportioned inside, the bartenders make an excellent margarita, and the ambiance feels quite upscale.
• • •
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
Quiet place. Standard Thai beer selection. Pricing in line with the area. Farang at the bar had great things to say about the food.
Public - 4 weeks ago
reviewed 4 weeks ago
Great coffee, latte, waffles, and pancakes for a handful of Bhats! Gop, the owner, really goes out of her way to make non-Thai speakers feel welcome. W love it!
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
8 reviews
My Sister's Bar is a "pop-up" bar of sorts. The sisters Nutu & Nut (no, not kidding) manage the bar, while the brother Sar (I think that's his name) plays guitar while wedged in the back corner. Four barstools at the bar, bench-style seating for three, and three four-tips make for some close quarters, but everyone is friendly and welcoming, farang and Thai alike! Chang, Leo, Singha... the usual suspects in large and small bottles. Plus four or five bottles of booze behind the bar. If you want the world's best Hemingway Daiquiri, this probably isn't your spot. But then again, the girls might like the challenge. It's also not a place for quiet drink, as the bar is literally on the sidewalk, with busy Sukhumvit a little over a meter away. Combined with the concrete structure of the BTS line overhead, the sound from traffic stays. Still, it becomes more like white noise after awhile. Or maybe that was due to the three Chang beers I'd had at that point. My Sister's Bar is my local bar. What it lacks in comfort, it makes up for in charm. See you there some night!
• • •
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reviewed 3 weeks ago
Good option if you're craving Mexican food. I had a steak burrito and it was quite tasty. But I also split four pitchers of margaritas and don't remember leaving the place, so my memory is more than a little fuzzy.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
You'd think five-star hotels would have five-star food. Not in this country. Get the heck off your resort, and get the heck into Pastrata! We had the _Mariscos para 2_, or seafood for two. Three fresh lobsters (we were lucky, as he only had six from the morning's catch), two of the most flavorful fillets of grouper (typically a pretty boring fish) I've ever experienced, a pile of tasty coconut and butterfly fried shrimp/prawns, and a nice little salad. Prior to that, we enjoyed a bowl of guacamole and chips that were just the right level of spice, yet still overflowing with flavor. Excellent service and food packed into a tiny location. But don't let that fool you. This is the best food we've had in the DR, and we can't wait to get back! Get the hell off of the resorts. Seriously. There are gems to be had if you know where to look. Start here!
• • •
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago