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Evo Terra

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Why yes, I did risk Hep C by getting a tattoo in Thailand. But I probably won't, and the story of how this relates to my grandfather's tattoo is much more interesting than conjecture.
No, Evo wasn't drugged or drunk when he decided to get a new (and rather large) tattoo... in Thailand.
Yes, I was fully sober with of all my faculties when I sat down and let Woodee jab electric-powered needles into the underside of my forearm for three hours straight. Three cigarettes (for him) and many tears (from me) later, and I've the most permanent memento of our new life-abroad lifestyle. Memories fade, but ink stays. Sort of.
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Evo Terra

Saturday Showcase!  - 
Saturday Showcast begins!

For the next 23 hours (it would have been 24, but I slept a little lat), you're free to share one example of your own travel writing that you're proud of. Recent or classic, on your site or on another... it doesn't matter. 

Remember, you are linking to a specific, single piece of content. Not your blog's home page. 

Post away. Impress us. And take the time to read what others have posted and give them your support.
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Evo Terra

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According to the calendar, it's another month. Well look at that. Time sure flies when you aren't looking at things like work weeks anymore.

I've gone through the 100+ photos I took while we've been in Thailand over the last month. These are the only ones I do not hate. 
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Evo Terra

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A startup + travel? Now you're pushing my buttons. 
Legacy Travel Club looks to Louisville International Airport for new private lounge
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Evo Terra

We've created a new category called 'Saturday Showcase'.

Note: it's not Saturday GMT just yet, but you've got almost a week to prepare!

1. Only post on Saturday, GMT.  Posts outside of that time will be deleted.
2. Posts links to specific content you want showcased. Links to your blog or website's homepage or other large collections will be deleted. 
3. Tell us why you're proud of it. Because a link without context is link-litter. Don't litter. Write a little, OK?

(Need help translating GMT to your local time? )
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It's time, +Tara Schatz.
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Evo Terra

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While I'm thrilled at the SCOTUS ruling, having it happen this way would have been much, much better.

“Get married, don’t get married, do whatever you want,” Roberts said. “It’s the opinion of this court that we don’t give two shits what you do.”

If only. [sigh]
WASHINGTON—Ten minutes into oral arguments over whether or not homosexuals should be allowed to marry one another, a visibly confounded Supreme Court stopped legal proceedings Tuesday and ruled that gay marriage was “perfectly fine” and ...
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Ola terra como estas 
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Evo Terra

Saturday Showcase!  - 
I'll kick things off. This piece is from our recent (and ongoing) trip to Ranong Thailand. The city looks rough-and-tumble, but we've found it to be quite safe. Even so, walking around the more shady areas of the dock probably isn't a good idea. At least that's what these cops thought, so they picked us up and put is in the back of their truck. #truestory  
We must have looked out of place to the the police officers that stopped us in the middle of the street, not five minutes into our ill-fated walkabout. And by "police officers" I mean sidearm-toting members of the Royal Thai Police.
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At least A Different way to spend your Birthday…Nice eloquent article…Great Pictures which speak volumes..
and i think sense of adventure ( very few People have It ) keeps the fun intact…Thats for sure…
Would like to post one of my day on a holiday but probably next saturday…not prepared right now…this section sure sounds nice...
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Evo Terra

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I was really prepared to hate this article. I was already formulating my rebuttal, using the words as a catalyst for my own content.

And then I read the damn thing. Shit. She's right.

OK, the title is a little vapid. But it did it's job and hooked me in for a read. The important part is the body of the short article itself. Here' the clincher:

"..[T]o encourage people to follow your very rare path, because you feel it is the only way to spiritual enlightenment or meaning, makes you an asshole.:

Indeed. I'm pretty sure I've not done this, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Yes, I know I can (and often embrace the fact that I) be an asshole sometimes. But it's not my intention to wave my new lifestyle in anyone's face. 

Well written, Chelsea. I think this just put +The Financial Diet on my reading list. (And props on getting it repub'd in Time!)
I have an internet acquaintance that I've been following on social media for a little over two years now, an all-around nice, smart girl who blogs and does odd jobs and has recently decided to go b...
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Haven't read the article yet, Evo, and I agree with you and your article. These days I write for the business of it, and then I go back and sprinkle it with passion where it's necessary. There is nothing about my work that I hate so much, it prevents me from wanting to. Perhaps I can attribute that to deciding to enjoy the boring parts, seeing them as necessary to the work I love so much.

There are definitely jobs I won't do because the thought of having to makes me Hayes my life. 
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Evo Terra

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We just updated our Patreon page to make it all about postcards, all the time. Including a new video that we think is kinda funny. How'd we do?
Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!
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Evo Terra

General Podcast Discussion  - 
New stats on podcast audience from Edison.

* 49% of U.S. based respondents familiar with "podcasting" as a word
* 33% have listened at least once in their life
* 17% listened in the last month
* 10% in the last week
* Of the weekly consumers, 87% consume more than one show, and 40% consume four or more.
* Podcasts have lowest "share of ear" of all listed audio sources, only beating out "other"

Interpret the data as you will. Me? It's good to see growth, but it's slow. And we still haven't fixed the solved the Grandmother Problem.
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As with all things concerning the future, IMHO, it will depend on the next generation and what they think is an asset or waist of time. Who knows, by then, you might get your media through your "Cheap Sun Glasses".
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Evo Terra

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Need a break from the exploding rainbow flags dominating your feed today? Read about this thieving bastard of a monkey.

(And well done SCOTUS!)
One little macaque almost put the kibosh on our podcast. And Evo was a little mad about that.
I went into sound-engineer mode, thinking that maybe with all this activity, we might pick up some monkey sounds. I pulled out my Zoom H4n and set it on one of the supports, pointed roughly at the biggest mass of monkeys. The thieving bastards.
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Evo Terra

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We took a walk in the Ngao Mangrove Forest Research Center in Ranong, Thailand. In it, we found mangroves. And a bunch of thieving bastards, also known as mangrove macaques, or crab-eating macaques. 

Why thieving bastard? Because they almost stole something extremely precious to me, that would have made it quite difficult to keep bringing you the podcast over at

Some of these pics are in the blog post I wrote about the experience:
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These are the best pictures of Thailand I've ever seen in my life keep up the good work watch what you eat or drink I've heard not very sanitary have fun wish I could join you guys God bless 
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