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Evo Terra
Disruptive, science-minded beer drinker now living the digital nomad lifestyle!
Disruptive, science-minded beer drinker now living the digital nomad lifestyle!

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Apparently Google+ changed something, because I've been flooded with Hangout chat request since Sunday. I mean, I'm a grew guy and all, but I'm not sure I'm worthy of this much attention.

(Not showing the vag-shit out of decorum, but I got one!)

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How Finland Plays Russian Hockey

From inappropriate music to inappropriately dressed cheerleaders, NHL fans will be a little surprised when they take in a match in the Kontinental Hockey League (totally not a typo.)

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An American Ice Hole In Finland

Find out why I joined five ladies in a sauna and quickly earned the nickname “American Ice Hole” on the Wild Taiga trip. And yes, that means exactly what you think it means.

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While the science is far from settled, it's looking like researchers have found a way to make metallic hydrogen.

Why is that a big deal? Metastability. That means it should retain it's properties (e.g. superconductivity and remaining a metal) at room temperature. Which means we re-wire... everything.

#future #science #ftw

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Why Nationalism sucks for space travel.

There's plenty of uproar over recent #travelban executive orders that make traveling to the US difficult for some. At the same time across the pond, the UK's march toward the publicly mandated #brexit may make it harder to get to... outer space?


This is why we can't have a nice future.

Seriously considering offering reduced fee or pro bono presentation consultation services for organizations that appeal to me. So easy to get out of the way of your message if you just know how. :(

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First day in Finland recap

I'm in Finland to keynote #NBEFinland and #Matka2017, a travel conference. I was on my own for most of the first day, so I did a little self-guided tour around the harbor area. Below are the pics from my phone. Provided without context, because that's actually funnier in this case.
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The Puck Stops Here.

Of NHL scouts and ancient mapping systems from when the internet was young. Somehow, we pull a funny travel story out of that.

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#comedy #travel #southwest #hockey #kings #laptops #work


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Need some funny travel stories on your Android device? Our stuff is now available for free in the Google Play store.

Check it out:

It's that easy.

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Happy New Year's Eve from America. See you soon, Bangkok! 
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