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Have you downloaded the Periscope app yet?

Live streaming isn't anything new to the web. But Periscope's pushed live video to the forefront of attention, and it doesn't looks like it's stopping anytime soon.

I've been going strong with Periscope for the last couple of months, using it to give people a live-look as my wife and I travel the world. Sometimes the views are amazing. Sometime kinda mundane. But that's how life works. I try and only turn on the camera during the amazing times. :)

Yes, you can watch on your computer (or even your new Apple TV). But the best and most interactive experience comes when you have the iOS or Android app installed on your phone. If you've only every watched on your computer, you're missing out.

The Periscope account I use the most is linked below. Click it, download the app, and then give us a follow. And go explore the rest of the Periscope world. Fair warning: Sturgeon's Law applies, and there are trolls on Periscope as there are anywhere. But, like Google+, if you stick to the niche you're interested in (say, world-travelers, for instance) you're sure to have a better time.

And if you scope interesting things, I'd love to take a look! Leave your Periscope user name here and I'll give you a follow. Cheers from the road!
The latest broadcasts from Evo Terra & Sheila Dee (ShEvo) (@OppTravelers) on Periscope. The Opportunistic Travelers | Daily scopes of our travels around the world. Usually with beer.
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Evo Terra

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Best Fish and Chips In The World & Any Train's The Right Train, Right?

The 4th episode of our revamped travel podcast is out! We discuss expensive Australian postage and beer, tell a story about eating in Hong Kong, and learn of +Hannah Logan's misadventures on a German train.
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Very cool
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Evo Terra

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I can't decide if I look like a deranged pirate or someone who's Mad Stewarting about the new (new) Google+ in this photo.

Greetings from Swamp Bay in QLD, Australia. You shoulda seen all the sea turtles grazing in the shallows. Had it been less windy/ & choppy, I might have been able to get a decent photo of them.

As it was, you get this odd shot of... me. if you want to follow along with the adventure we're having as +The Opportunistic Travelers!
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Evo Terra

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Experience Hong Kong Like A Local

We're pretty good about getting off the tourist beat. That's not all that easy to do in Hong Kong, a city made for travelers from all over the globe.

Here are five tips from us that will help you look a little more local the next time you visit. And show you some real fun things to do along the way!

+Travel Smith Outfitters Inc 
From exploring the back streets to taking a sampan tour of Aberdeen Harbor, read how to experience Hong Kong like a local by The Opportunistic Travelers.
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Evo Terra

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Death By Motorscooter & All Who Are Hyphenated Are Not Married

Season 2, Episode 2 of The Opportunistic Travelers Podcast!

You can learn a lot about cities around the world by their transportation options. In this episode, you’ll hear why you’ll probably die trying to cross the road in Hanoi, and why taxi drivers in India don’t have any kids. Oh, and we’re in Australia now!

Subscribe today -->
You can learn a lot about cities around the world by their transportation options. In this episode, you’ll hear why you’ll probably die trying to cross the road in Hanoi, and why taxi drivers in India don’t have any kids. Oh, and we’re in Australia now!
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Evo Terra

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I'm really much more of an audio/aural storyteller than I am visual. But since Periscope isn't playing nice with my phone or my location here in Australia, I decided to try out a new toy.

It's a work in progress. I give this effort a C-. And I'm happy with that, as it's a skill I'm working on building.
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Good M AMG
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Evo Terra

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Though the 2-3 year period from order to deliver means it's the longest drive-thru line ever.
NASA has officially ordered its first commercial crew mission from private spaceflight company SpaceX. That means SpaceX has NASA's authority to proceed with the first crewed launch of the...
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Evo Terra

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We Put The Beer In 4DX & Photographing Mrs. Not-Huh

We debated not putting out a show this week, in light of the myriad attacks by Daesh. But we can’t stop bad things from happening, and figure you might welcome a light-hearted break from the bad news. This week, we tell a stories of sneaking beer into a Hong Kong movie theater, and our friends Amber & Eric from Husband In Tow relate the magic of one photo taken in Hanoi, Vietnam.
We debated not putting out a show this week, in light of the myriad attacks by Daesh. But we can’t stop bad things from happening, and figure you might welcome a light-hearted break from the bad news. This week, we tell a stories of sneaking beer into a Hong Kong movie theater, and our friends Amber & Eric from Husband In Tow relate the magic of one photo taken in Hanoi, Vietnam.
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U tc sEe .c 
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Evo Terra

Audio Podcasting  - 
Recommended Android app for field recording?

We do a fair amount of recording directly on our phones. I've been forced to switch to Android (don't get me started) and am need of an app on my phone that will let me record my 1/2 of the conversation as we take a walk through the park.


The three apps I've downloaded from Google Play's store ignore the fact that I've plugged in headphones, and none of them offer me a setting to change the input (which is fu**ing stupid that I'd have to do that since I OBVIOUSLY have the headset plugged in for a reason) to use the headset. They ignore it, happily recording the sounds of the phone rubbing up and down in my pocket. Fascinating, to be sure, but not all that germane to the topic at hand.

Here's what I don't want:
 * Someone googling for me saying "this app should work". 
 * Suggestions that I get a real field recorder. I have one. This is for something different.
 * Suggestions I switch back to iOS.
 * Suggestions that I try and capture audio a different way. You're not helping.

OK, Android fanboys (and fangirls) who also record some of their stuff via their mobile device AND use their headset to do it: I'm all yours. I'll even pay for an app if it meets my very specific (and not at all demanding, I think) needs.
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I couldn't get Hi-Q to work with my Bluetooth headset. That works with mine.
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Evo Terra

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The story of how international trade regulations prohibit Apple from replacing my malfunctioning iPhone. #truestory   #wishitwasnt  
tl;dr - Apple phones can only be replaced under warranty in the country where they were purchased. Officially, that takes them out of the consideration set for any digital nomad or full-time traveler without a base to call home. So don’t get into a $900 hole like I did. Here’s the story that started back in September… and remains unresolved in mid-November. #thanksapple
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Evo Terra

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We're in Queensland, Australia!

We've got just about three weeks to explore this fantastic place. But we also have a lot of projects to get caught up on. So it's early mornings for a while so I can maximize my exposure to this fantastic place!

If you want a live look, connect to our account. You'll get notified each time I find something amazing to show you.

Like the water below...
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Evo Terra

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Visiting Australia in the spring is a crap shoot. 70% chance of rain, regardless of what the weather app says. But we've had some good days.

Sad to be leaving it so quickly (just a week here), but excited to continue our journey in Queensland the next month or so.

(And now... I've got a podcast to produce!)
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In South Eastern Australia (particularly around Melbourne) you can expect all 4 seasons every day.
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Great coffee, latte, waffles, and pancakes for a handful of Bhats! Gop, the owner, really goes out of her way to make non-Thai speakers feel welcome. W love it!
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
You'd think five-star hotels would have five-star food. Not in this country. Get the heck off your resort, and get the heck into Pastrata! We had the _Mariscos para 2_, or seafood for two. Three fresh lobsters (we were lucky, as he only had six from the morning's catch), two of the most flavorful fillets of grouper (typically a pretty boring fish) I've ever experienced, a pile of tasty coconut and butterfly fried shrimp/prawns, and a nice little salad. Prior to that, we enjoyed a bowl of guacamole and chips that were just the right level of spice, yet still overflowing with flavor. Excellent service and food packed into a tiny location. But don't let that fool you. This is the best food we've had in the DR, and we can't wait to get back! Get the hell off of the resorts. Seriously. There are gems to be had if you know where to look. Start here!
• • •
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I'm an unabashed fan of The Hungry Monk and have been coming here since before the name change. Chandler has plenty of great craft beer bars, but this one is my favorite. Jim aggressively rotates taps, making it an adventure to see what he has on store for me each time I visit. And he plans plenty of events around beers, too. Don't see your particular style? Talk to Jim. He probably has 8-12 kegs of it in the back, waiting for the right time. The food is top notch for bar food. Maybe even a notch above. And the variety is great. I highly recommend the ham sandwich. You'll love it! Even my vegetarian wife finds something tasty to eat here and suggests it often! I'm on a first name basis with many of the wait staff. They're great. Some of the newer ones aren't quite there yet, but they're working on it. THM gets busy. VERY busy, at times. I've never had a problem with the service. And if I do, I've got a beer to nurse and plenty more where it came from.
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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reviewed 3 years ago