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Tim Schultz
I'm just a nerd who loves Batman, The Legend Of Zelda and Post Production.
I'm just a nerd who loves Batman, The Legend Of Zelda and Post Production.

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Google is always such a tease with its new products. I want to see inbox! 

Anyone have any OnePlus One incites? No? Ok. 

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This is great. Please make sure you are building your network with WPA2 or at least some kind of secure connection so we can avoid the issues of people sniffing other computer's packets while connected to the same network. OR at least try to avoid it. Thanks guys.

Dear +google reader,

Closing you is a big mistake on google's part. Reader isn't some random product that is self contained, its the backbone of many other services. It was made to be a platform for RSS viewing and syncing. If it wasn't there wouldn't be programs like flipboard and reeder. Maybe G+ not having a good I/O API is a good thing because ill never rely on a google product again.


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Way to go Google. I got Chrome for iOS in hopes the one feature I wanted, request desktop version, would fix my Google Plus iPad experience. Not only do I see no advantage over mobile Safari, it crashes on your own site using your own feature. Maybe you should hire some better testers and QA. 

Can anyone tell me one worthwhile NEW feature a "next gen" console will have?

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