INTENDED AUDIENCE The intended audience of this blog is health professionals, medical doctors, physicians, clinicians, scientists, patients and the general public. This blog serves the purpose of educating them about qualified health care by creating awareness of advances in Homeopathy and its principles, clinical applications and research in wide areas of medicine.

MISSION STATEMENT Improving global health through universal access to Homeopathy

1. Encouraging Universities to start medical degree education on Homeopathy
2. Fostering good science in Homeopathy for better healthcare
3. Right of freedom of choice of therapy for Patients
4. An informed choice about Homeopathy
5. Health Insurance for all
6. Encouraging pharmacists to sell homeopathic medicines

1. Real is Homeopathy. Homeopathic Medicine for Everyone in need 2. If the medicine is evidence-based, it is not alternative but homeopathy.
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