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*Offer with negotiable / not exactly defined price*
It isn't a kind of rare case, when prices aren't exactly defined. It could be an enterprise offer with custom price, it could be a privat ad in a board like Craigslist.
What are the possibilities to use an Offer markup since price with a number value is a required property? 

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Debugging of suddenly rich snippets loss
There are two sites ( ,, build on the same template - the difference is geo-TLDs. Template is old, some years, inclusive structured data. Structured data describes breadcrumbs, products (aggregateOffer), aggregateRating+reviews. Rich snippets are shown for breadcrumbs, ratings, price range.
Some weeks ago one of both sites lost suddenly all rating and price range rich snippets. All means they are no longer displayed for no single url (site:-query tested). Breadcrumbs are still in the place.
What makes the one site loose its rich snippets, and the second site to keep them? There are no visible differences between the both.
Maybe your look brings the true?

+Andrey Lipattsev и иные знатоки, подскажите пожалуйста, почему вылетел из немецкого индекса по слову fielmann? Вместо .de выдаются .at и .eu, хотя с hreflang актуально всё ОК (консоль показывает очень устаревшие ошибки). Гео-редиректы не используются. Иногда, исключительно на мобильных юсер агентах .de пробивается, но зависимость, как, когда и почему, установить не удаётся. Ко всему, в кэше, вместо .de лежит тоже .at: Сайты лежат на одном IP, но пользуются разными, собственными SSL-сертификатами.
Проблема напоминает ту, что описана в, но тоже осталась без ответа.

Seems it only to me to be a logical bug?
The constellation Product → offers → Offer fulfils the standard. But how is it to understand under real life circumstances? Can a product offer itself for sell? 

openSearch for fun and profit?
What do we think about implementing OpenSearch in terms of better machine readability?

*Relation of corporate website to its owning organization: which property fits better?*
There are some properties, potentially able to describe a relation of the website to its owning organization, like author, copyrightHolder, creator, editor, funder, producer, provider, publisher, sourceOrganization.
What would you use and why?

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Google now supports JSON-LD for breadcrumbs

This tweet from +John Mueller could not be clearer:

We support JSON-LD breadcrumbs. The docs should be updated at some point too

With this Google now supports JSON-LD markup for all data types for which Google provides structured data support.

H/T to +Sergio Redondo (pictured:).

#schemaorg   #breadcrumbs   #jsonld  

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The guy is maybe not 100% right, but his thoughts are helpful to rethink own relation to understanding of marketing paradigms like channel and strategy
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