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Share your exciting hopes & dreams for 2013...
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It will pick up - I know to begin with you question yourself but 1 leads to another & so on. Try having a FB page to show your creations or twitter & pinterest & of course here on Google+ & you can join etsy teams & don't be afraid to ask others for help or advice & you can do treasuries & inc 1 of your items & then a whole heap of other items from shops to suit the theme you chose (a colour, season etc...) & you'll meet others that way too & become known to others as they thank you for picking their items in your treasury. Good Luck for a Successful & Happy 2013! Hope it's your year :o)
IDK how exciting it is to others, ha, but I'm hoping to arrange my weekly routine to include time to blog projects that I'm working on behind the scenes in addition to the products that get listed in my shop.
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