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To spread the Good News through gospel literature around the world and to assist those in poverty.
To spread the Good News through gospel literature around the world and to assist those in poverty.

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Israel Tour 2012: Join EHC for the Israel Tour 2012

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The Chennai state office in India shares about how God is using EHC schools to reach and disciple young people. This is a great work funded by our Australia...

TEAM STORY: "We faced severe opposition in the area of Thiruvuru. When we entered their colony some of the local leaders opposed and threatened us with dire consequences if we preached gospel there. Since we were at the time only a few people preaching the gospel in that area we sensed the danger, and looking at the severe opposition we stopped our work and returned to our place. After 10 days, we returned to the same area with a full team and silently commenced our gospel work from the end of the colony instead of beginning at the main entrance. As we were going from home to home distributing Gospel booklets, their threat haunted us. Some people did finally come to us and command us to leave forthwith. But by then we had completed our mission. We praised God that we were able to evangelize to the whole area. When we shared this incident with local churches, many shed tears of joy for what the Lord had done and the victory that God gave us."
TESTIMONY: "My family including my wife and children are Hindu fundamentalist. Last Christmas EHC workers came into our area distributing gospel booklets. Our community threatened them, so they left, only to return days later. I received a gospel booklet from them that convinced me of the message. Another worker visited my house following-up, and during our conversation, my wife and children strongly opposed him, asking him to leave. He briefly prayed and left. Somehow I met him again, and accepted Jesus. Now I attend church and feel God’s peace despite opposition in my house. Please pray for my family and I."

"During last year’s Christmas Advances in a village called Kolki Bhanjyang, I met a man who was desperate to know God. When I told Indra I was a believer, he begged me to tell him more about Jesus. I shared my own testimony with him and gave him a gospel booklet. Indra and his wife received the Good News with joy and accepted Jesus as their Savior. As soon as we finished praying, Indra rushed into his house, collected all his idols, and threw them outside! He committed his entire life to Jesus."

“When both my parents died two years ago, I dropped out of school to take care of my two little sisters. We struggled to stay alive, usually gathering food at the major dump in Lusaka City, or collecting empty boxes to sell at the market. People called us dogs, and even though it wasn’t my choice to be in this situation, I often felt disgusting. But everything changed for us during Christmas. My sisters and I were approached by two people who shared with us the Word of God and gave us some rice to eat. They connected us with a church, where we have since received ample support and heard more about Jesus. I am now born again, and I thank God for EHC’s service to us!”

“A little before Christmas, God miraculously answered two great prayers! We were visiting homes with the Gospel, and in one home we found a woman named Esperanza who was sick with a dangerously high fever. We prayed for her in faith, and a miracle happened. Our Lord healed her immediately! At the time, we had been searching for a place to host Christ Group meetings, and Esperanza kindly offered us her home. She wants others to experience God as she has and to use her home as the vehicle. Praise God!”

The neighborhoods in Port Moresby, capital city of Papua New Guinea (PNG), are rife with criminal activities and diseases. During last year’s Christmas Project in this region with rampant unemployment and poor education, 3 Christ groups were planted and 69 people responded to the Gospel. This testimony comes from one of our workers on the field:
“During the Christmas projects, I could feel that we were not welcomed in some areas because we were strangers, but we persevered and saw some amazing miracles of salvation and healing. One day I visited an elderly woman who, due to Parkinson’s, was unable to walk straight or speak without stuttering. We shared the Gospel message with her and prayed for her healing. After our prayer, she was immediately able to speak without a stutter and walk without difficulty. Praise God!”

Last year our Christmas Advance in Mongolia was a smashing success. Over 67,700 homes were visited, and more than half responded to the invitation to attend a Christmas Service. 4,049 people made a decision for Christ, resulting in the planting of 233 new Christ groups to disciple these new believers! Below is just one testimony from a father touched by Christ in this season.
"I was diagnosed with chronic diseases of the kidney, liver, and bladder. I knew that I was too poor to afford the medical treatment I needed, so when I went to a Christmas program, I found myself crying throughout the service. The leaders of the church came and prayed for me, and in the coming days my health was completely restored! Because of this miracle, my whole family has now come to Christ. I want to learn how to raise my children as Christians. Please, pray for this. May God bless your work and thank you, God!"

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Christmas Advances -2011
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