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Evelyn Lee Barney
Web Designer & Front End Developer - Copywriter
Web Designer & Front End Developer - Copywriter

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We are an oligarchy - and that's just wrong.  How will we fix it?

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This looks like a great place - glad I found it! 

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There's still time this week to #LaughLearnGive. Help the School of YouTube help those who long for learning. 

Have any of you ever tried online crowd sourcing to raise funds?  I just started a Go Fund Me campaign, and while (if i understand the rules correctly) it's not appropriate to promote that here - I am wondering what experiences you may have had with similar campaigns. 

Thank you for the invite! Looks like an interesting community here. 

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A suggestion RE: Westboro Baptist Church's announcement they plan to be at UMass on the 16th around noon.
Instread of counter protests that may just cause a lot of noise and more attention than Westboro deserves, why not doate in WBC's HONOR to the ?
WBC will be getting a Thank You from UMAss Development saying a donation was made in their honor AND IN SUPPORT OF: Derrick Gordon
I'd love to see them get as many similar thank-yous as possible! Please share to play along. You can donate at the website below. When they ask for a notification address (to send the thank you) WBC is at:
3701 SW 12th St, Topeka, KS 66604
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