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Evelyn Lee Barney
Web Designer & Front End Developer - Copywriter
Web Designer & Front End Developer - Copywriter


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We are an oligarchy - and that's just wrong.  How will we fix it?
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This looks like a great place - glad I found it! 

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There's still time this week to #LaughLearnGive. Help the School of YouTube help those who long for learning. 
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Have any of you ever tried online crowd sourcing to raise funds?  I just started a Go Fund Me campaign, and while (if i understand the rules correctly) it's not appropriate to promote that here - I am wondering what experiences you may have had with similar campaigns. 

Thank you for the invite! Looks like an interesting community here. 

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A suggestion RE: Westboro Baptist Church's announcement they plan to be at UMass on the 16th around noon.
Instread of counter protests that may just cause a lot of noise and more attention than Westboro deserves, why not doate in WBC's HONOR to the ?
WBC will be getting a Thank You from UMAss Development saying a donation was made in their honor AND IN SUPPORT OF: Derrick Gordon
I'd love to see them get as many similar thank-yous as possible! Please share to play along. You can donate at the website below. When they ask for a notification address (to send the thank you) WBC is at:
3701 SW 12th St, Topeka, KS 66604
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Ever forget something you used to do routinely, that is quite simple, and just not recall EXACTLY HOW?  Yeah, that's me today.

i also can't find an ref  to it online - must be out of style >grin< but is needed for something I'm working on. 

It went SOMETHING like this:

 #loglineright:link {color:#ffffff;}      /* unvisited link for login */
#loglineright:visited {color:#ffffff;}  /* visited link for login */
#loglineright:hover {color:#f9d0a6;}  /* mouseover link for login */
#loglineright:active {color:#f9d0a6;}  /* selected link for login */

What is actually happening is that all the text in that small id section (#loglineright) turns from white (the default color) to a pale orange (the link highlight color) EXCEPT for the one word that is an actual link. That word uses the browser default link styling. 

Can anyone help me feel like less of an idiot?

Thanks :D
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Wal-Mart turned a profit of $15.7 billion last year.

Hmmmm . . . Let's see now. We all pay for the vast majority of Walmart employees medical care as they make SO LITTLE they qualify for Medicaid. Many also qualify for SNAP. Now, they are collecting food for 'needy employees" ?!?!? Not for the local foodbank mind you, where it's likely many of their employees need to go - but an IN HOUSE CHARITY! Yet they, and many who support this business model as good ol' capitalism BLAME PEOPLE WHO NEED PUBLIC ASSISTANCE FOR BEING "LAZY" and "ENTITLED." 

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