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EVDA, EV, Driver, Electric Car, Association, representative, evangelist, supporter, organisation
EVDA, EV, Driver, Electric Car, Association, representative, evangelist, supporter, organisation


When is FREE, NOT FREE? When its a Polor Instant FREE! So this morning Chargemaster/Polar sent out its latest amended price structure in an effort to grab the subscriber market for ev charging.

Those using POLAR instant members app will now be charged a standard admin charge of £1.20p even if you use a FREE post!

13amp amp plug cost now - £1.20p, from Dec 1st cost £1.00p p/hr
type 2 cost now approx £1.70p per hour, From Dec 1st cost £1.50p p/hr
Rapid cost now - £7.50p per 1/2 hour, from Dec 1st cost £6.00p p/1/2 hr


A typical FREE 4 hour charge currently costs £0.00p but will now cost £1.20p, a £1.20p, a £1.20p INCREASE!

A typical 13amp plug, 4 hour charge currently cost £4.80p but will now cost £5.20p, a 40p INCREASE!

A typical Type 2, 4 hour charge currently cost £6.80p but will now cost £7.20p, a 40p INCREASE!

A typical Rapid, 30min charge currently costs £7.50p but will now cost £7.20p from the 1st December. An actual true rare reduction of £0.30p!

Still a lot more than equiv. of traditional fuels per litre!! So no change there to encourage the electric vehicle take up!

So the occasional user will be yet again HAMMERED by Polar in the hope it becomes unrealistic even after just 2 Rapid chargers a month to stay on the instant scheme.

Now of course they, Polar, really want you to move over to their subscription model which will cost £7.85p a month called Polar Plus which charges the subscription fee each month and then electric used will be charged at £0.09p making a typical Rapid charge around £2.10p for a 30 min charge.

For reference Charge your Car in York charge an admin fee of 50p plus what ever electric you use charged at £0.15p kW so a 4 hour charge will cost you just £1.10p compared to Polar Instants £7.20p, which is a disgrace in comparison!

Can I recommend Polar Instant? Not a chance! Use only in absolute emergency!
So can I recommend Polar Plus? If your going to use more than two Rapid chargers a month then yes but thats only because their instant rates are terrible compared to other providers. It will be interesting to see where Ecotricity position themselves in the market once they start to charge!


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And so the expansion of the Chargemaster continues as it gobbles up another charging network with the Plugged in Midlands collective being the latest asset acquirement for the growing Chargemaster network.

So, I wake up to the following email (copied below) from the Plugged in Midlands team with news, was it bad news or good? While we do need to have a, 'for profit' company to ultimately run the UK networks as a way to ensure faulty chargers are repaired etc as the Government has no money to sustain the already installed networks beyond the time periods set in place as part of the grant applications to install these networks.

While we applaud Chargermaster to take these services in hand to ensure the network remains viable and operational it comes at a heavy cost to the end user, the EV driver.
If you follow the link below you will see the prices they intend to charge customers.

Now if you have a 16amp charger in your Nissan Leaf it will cost you an eye watering £13.60p to charge your car to 100% from empty to give you an approx range of 60-90miles range depending on your terrain and speed!

Yes a Nissan Leaf with a 32amp charger on board will result in your charge taking 4.5hrs approx from empty to full at a cost of £7.65p.

One of the main selling points were the cheaper running costs of an EV, which if you charge at home, yes they are great. Paying anything from 7p to 15p per kWh giving you a charge cost of anything from £1.80p to £3.90p approx.

Sadly the costs that Chargemaster charge work out on average to be more than the average family car driver pays for an equivalent amount of fuel to do an equal range of mileage that a full charge of an EV can do.

That is not a good selling point and if people research correctly may decide, as they would need to charge out and about at these public chargers it will work out cheaper overall to stay with the dirty fossil fuel route!

The big test comes once Ecotricity announce their plans for charging and cost structure for the use of the Electric Highway! From speaking to members around the country the consensus generally seems to be that chargers should be treat in the same way as petrol or diesel, sell by the unit taken rather than a unit of time. If a pump says £0.25p a unit kWh and another says £0.55p you can make an informed choice, something you cant really do on a timed based basis as so many variables can have an effect on how long you need to charge for. So what are your thoughts on this matter? Drop a comment and see where the discussion takes us!

Below is the email announcing the change of status of the Plugged in Midlands service.

Plugged in Midlands is making some positive changes to the PiM Electric Vehicle Charging Estate.

Dear PiM Member,

Plugged in Midlands is making some positive changes to the PiM Electric Vehicle Charging Estate to deliver an improved cohesive service to Electric Vehicle Drivers. The operation and management of the Plugged in Midlands estate of charging points is being transferred from Cenex to Chargemaster Plc, the largest supplier and operators of charging points in the UK. This change has been approved by OLEV (the Office for Low Emission Vehicles) and all obligations for managing and operating PiM have been transferred to Chargemaster.

In the short term nothing will change and your existing access mechanism of RFID card and/or smart phone app will still be the way to access the PiM charging points. Over the coming months you will be contacted again to explain new ways to access the charging points and new tariffs and details of the proposed enlarged network.

Chargemaster Plc has committed to a programme which will aim to move quickly towards pulling all the publically available PiM charging points to operate under one central server which will significantly improve reliability and accessibility by users. It has also committed to an investment in over 100 new charge points and enhanced customer services and site maintenance. This is great news to all PiM users.

A Plugged in Midlands member event will be held later this year to communicate to you and all other stakeholders the new programmes and we will write again to you very shortly with the details of this.

Meanwhile should you require any further information please telephone the PiM information line on 0845 838 0551 or e-mail

Yours sincerely

Robert Evans

Attachments: PiM Driver FAQ.pdf

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At the origin of The EVDA-UK, we did not request the address details for our members, but as increasingly become apparent, we request all EVDA-UK members to update their records.

Note: We generate the heatmap placeholders on Approximate location of the Post Code only – no exact address is published.

Furthermore, your address update would bring a great benefit, we aim to provide a public accessible quick and simple view where EV Drivers are located across UK, enabling the likes of OLEV along with Charging Infrastructure developers and installer to improve/upgrade the busy routes around certain Clusters of EV Owners.

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EVDA-UK AGM - Committee Member positions and names of the people standing have been published. For full details please follow the link below

Hi all EV drivers!

We are shortly due to hold our 2nd AGM and committee places up for election. Also a number of other roles are available so if you feel you could bring something to the Table and drive things forward for all EV drivers out there then head on over to our web site to read more on the AGM.

You can follow at the following link.....

So the next leaf is to have 30kwh Batteries? Seems the rumour mill is in full swing today, with articles from "InsideEVs" and from "Transport evolved" (see links below).

So is a 25% increase for model year 2016 just right or do we need more to help ev's go critical mass? Its seems it will be model year 2017 when we get the brand new 3rd gen Leaf where we expect to se a doubling of range to around 160-180 miles range, to little too late? With the compact Tesla due around the same time, has Nissan took their foot off the gas??
What are your thoughts on the rumours? Drop us a line!

Read the great stories from InsideEVs and Transport Evolved below.'s%20Our%20Take

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Well its that time again, lads n lasses! The Electric Vehicle Drivers Association-UK is opening up new positions and committee positions are coming up for election as well as our second AGM.

Want to help be a force for the EV revolution,? Local and National Government not working enough towards a better EV future? Well join the team and tackle the issues head on for all EV drivers!

As membership grows and projects planned we need additional help from members to drive these projects on, if you don't want to take a formal committee role how about taking a deputy role, there's plenty of scope for our membership to get hands on!

Head on over to the web site via the link for more information!

Nominations to stand need to be submitted as soon as possible to the secretary.

We want to drive our 3rd year on and to do that to the benefit to our members needs help from the membership so please get in touch and let your voice be heard!

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We would like to thank everyone who requested their details to be entered into the draw for 1 of 4 free codes from Next Green Car Ltd for a free copy of their new charger database app 'Zap Map' for iOS devices (Android version coming soon)

We are pleased to announce the following four people were lucky and picked at random and their code will be winging its way to them soon!

EVDA Member 'John Heslop'
from London,

EVDA Member 'Colin Skene'
from Essex,

EVDA Member 'Tim Carnegie'
from London.


EVDA Member 'John Skidmore'
from Hemel Hemstead.

Thank you for taking the time to enter and we would like to thank Next Green Car Ltd in supplying the free codes for our members to win.

If any one missed out on the chance to get a free copy, the app can be purchased on the iOS App Store for the price of £4.99p

For more details pop along to

Thanks from the EVDA-UK Team

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Well the review of Next Green Car Ltd's new iOS App is live on the evda-uk web site. So shoot on over and have a look through the review and see if it is the App for you? You can find it on the Apple App store now for £4.99p or if your up for a game of chance then if your a member of the EVDA then take your chance to get one of 4 codes available for free supplied by Next Green Car!
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