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Evandro Felippe
under black flags we march.
under black flags we march.

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Vcs estão usando o xposed na rom stock 6.0.1? Que módulos vcs costumam usar?

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Wallpaper by Matthew Wiebe:
Urmun Icons:

I've noticed that some icons inside desktop folder disappear from time to time. Does anyone else got this issue?

Nova Launcher Prime 4.0.2beta 1

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From the Harlem Shake and Breaking Bad to Tom Clancy and Man of Steel, there was no shortage of memorable finales, lyrics, dance moves and inspiring creators that brought us these incredible moments. Experience them all over again in our annual Zeitgeist video, and check out the top trending songs, movies, authors and even GIFs:

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cover picture is now huuuuuuuuuuuuge

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