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Good way to end my time at the edge of the continent.

ONTRAC says: "Your package was delivered. The delivery was signed by: f door"

I'm stoked that my house has grown arms and a brain.

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real life video gaming
North of the veil
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Sitting on the commode with 5 minutes to kill?

Step 1: watch this
Step 2: vote for it here
Step 3: bask in the knowledge that you're a patron of fine arts guiding us into a golden age of artisanal stop-motion animation (aka profit!)

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great stuff. Chrome Packaged Apps is becoming a great platform for portable development. They're secure, easy, and most of all fun (as someone who writes a lot of frontend code in native libraries, I can't tell you how often I wish I were writing CSS3).
Upgrade Your Web App to a Chrome Packaged App

Chrome packaged apps expand the opportunities for web developers by enabling them to create apps that run offline by default, that provide an immersive user experience outside the browser, that leverage Chrome's sync architecture, and that can access device hardware.

Ready to take advantage of all this packaged app hotness?  Watch +Joe Marini's talk at I/O to find out how to upgrade your web app to a Chrome packaged app.  Joe describes the structure of a packaged app and discusses the issues you need to think about in the upgrade process.


#io13   #packagedapps

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requestAutocomplete for great justice!

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Tune in on Wednesday for our presentation about how to breeze through online payment forms!

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and then there's this

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