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Evan Scherr
Google Certified Teacher (GTAUK'13), Educator, Problem Solver, Thinker, Trying to Change the World
Google Certified Teacher (GTAUK'13), Educator, Problem Solver, Thinker, Trying to Change the World

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He makes some very valid and interesting points. 

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A fantastic read that will open up your thinking about the future and the importance of teaching programming to our students. #edchat   #hourofcode   #futurereadyschools  

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Great read by +Tom Murray on his 7 takeaways from the ConnectED and #FutureReady schools initative. 

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I'm signing up for this one. Creativity: Music to My Ears #MOOC #Standford

+Eric Sheninger in Ch4 on pg 68 you ask "When will the profession of education catch up to soceity?" My thoughts, never under the current model and framework. To quote Yoda, "You must unlearn what you have already learned". 

I know that at your school, and others that I've read about, that you are rolling out new designs for learning, like creating Maker spaces. +A.J. Juliani talks a lot about the need to give students more of a chance to make their own choices over their learning. Genius Hour/20% TIme is one such model. +Todd Nesloney is a big proponent of PBL & using the Flipped model of instruction. 

3 very good frameworks that model how we function in society already. So here's my question, if you're a school who's most used piece of technology is the copier machine, where do you start iterating with teachers who are not already a part of the conversation and still believe that meaningful learning with technology includes PowerPoint with paragraphs of text on each slide?

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Google stopped working at my school today. I'm sensing foul play...#Google

Building relationships around the why and not just the how were two of the big take-aways from this weeks Google Hangout on chapter 3 of +Eric Sheninger's Digital Leadership. Hangouts are a fantastic tool that allow you to build relationships with other thinkers and leaders from around the world. So many ideas and stories out there. We'll be taking a week off from the book chat Hangouts. I hope that you will consider joining us in 2 weeks as we discuss chapter 4 on Sunday, March 30 at 8 PM EST. 

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Photography can enhance learning. In this new post I explore the how and why of meaningful learning with photography. #education   #photograpy   #edtech   #edchat  

A short chapter but thought provoking nonetheless. Here are my questions for chapter 3. 

I tend to view change as a process, not an event. In terms of leading PD, why do we not see/allow teachers more autonomy over this? I wonder how much more meaningful and effective PD would be if leaders empowered their teachers to plot their course.

How much transparency is too much? Do teachers become share fatigued at some point? How do we ensure balance with this so that all teachers feel engaged and not just a select few?

I'm not sure confronting a teacher that uses the "no time" as their reasoning is the right approach. In fact I'm not even sure that calling it an excuse is right either. It sort of contradicts empowerment. There's a reason why they are using "no time" as their reason for not wanting to engage in the change process. This sort of ties into what +Scott McLeod & I were discussing the other day. Perhaps we should start with the why and work our way out from there. As leaders we make investments into our teachers. There is no better investment that taking the time to work through the process with the teacher rather than conforting them and questioning their professional ethics. 

What were some take-aways for others in this community? How are you working towards the process of change in your school/organization?

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Google has released the dates and locations for all 2014 Google Teacher Academies. Next one is this summer, June 24-25 in Atlanta. 
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