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I'm super excited that we just launched a brand new Google Camera app, available to everyone running +Android KitKat. Read on to learn about Photo Sphere, Panorama, and Lens Blur. And check out my gallery of some of my favorites, all shot with my #Nexus5 .

For all you #photosphere  lovers out there, we've raised resolution 6x up to 50 megapixels! These will look AMAZING on +Google Maps and #Views  (

You can create traditional panoramas in "Panorama" mode, letting you capture towering redwood trees or buildings, or go horizontally to see across the horizon. I'm loving this!

And, we're introducing a brand new feature called "Lens Blur", which we created to give you the ability to create narrow depth-of-field photos like in your DSLR. Since we save the depth map of your image, you can even change the focal point and depth-of-field AFTER shooting. It's been an honor to work on this since the very beginning with the brilliant engineering leads, Carlos Hernandez and +Steve Seitz. #lensblur  

Install Google Camera:

Learn more about the magic behind Lens Blur:

Thanks to the amazing engineering team I've worked with here, including +Sascha Haeberling+Scott Ettinger+Bryan Feldman, +Daniel Filip, and David Lee who will soon be sharing more of their photos as well.
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Great move, +Evan Rapoport  but why, oh why, only 4.4+?  That leaves so many of us (many of whom don't have the option to upgrade yet) out.
I there an apk file to download? My device is not compatible installing the app from Google Play.
Woah! This is great! Love the new Camera app. There's only one thing I miss: capturing pictures while you're shooting a video.
+Evan Rapoport I'm confused about how these new editable images are saved and edited. I take it you can edit them from the camera app, but not from the Photos app or from the web once they're backed up using Instant Upload. Is that right?
great work!!, thank +Evan Rapoport . The only negatives points: Time Lapse, take photo on video and face detection features missing
Would love to see a mode that captures photos and video at the same time. 
+Andrei Teodorovici There is an APK on the Android Police post about this, but I was not able to install it on my Verizon S3 (4.3)
+Evan Rapoport Some great work, one thing probably only temporary when I go to the play store it says not available in my country. Any idea's? 
+Evan Rapoport It also says not compatible with my S3 running 4.3.  Can you investigate that, too?  ;-)
Is there no exposure setting anymore?! 
Thanks, +Evan Rapoport . I'm sure you knew that I was gently pushing back on the fact that the new camera is not available to the majority of Android users.  I'm sure there are reasons for this, but we are disappointed nonetheless.
While trying to look at any Photosphere, I'm getting 'cannot load Photosphere'. Anybody has any clue? 
"Since we save the depth map of your image, you can even change the focal point and depth-of-field AFTER shooting." -- so how does this compare to the tech +Lytro developed... and what does Lytro think of this?
Any thoughts on the lost features from the stock KitKat camera such as time lapse video or self timer stills?
This app is so much better than the old  one - I could never get used to the thumb menu. Well done. 

Just one question +Evan Rapoport. To me the decision doesn't make sense, but maybe the statistics about how people use the app are much different from my expectations. 
Why does the digital zoom has a two finger gesture but we don't have a gesture to do an exposure compensation? The quaility between a digital zoomed photo and a photo that has been cropped after shouldn't be much different, but for many more enthusiastic people the exposure compensation is such an important feature. It would be so nice if we could have at least an option to change the two finger zoom gesture to a two finger exposure compensation gesture. At least as long as we are not able to select different points for Autofocus and Exposure metering. 

And a little bug report: On the Galaxy S4 (i9505) the exposure compensation doesn't work. It's stuck at 0 and I can't select the -1/2 or +1/2 values. 

But otherwise this app is really a huge step forward in my opinion. 
Anyway, the new camera have some "hidden hints" about some nice future features:

-Time Lapse and Advanced Camera modes
-Face Effects
-Photo on video

Its clearly a first version...

new blur mode is awesome and photosphere enhancements are welcome
HDR support is missing on my MotoX.
I liked the new features but had to uninstall it from my Nexus 7 (4.4.2) I noticed few old features, like self timer, missing. Any reason why it was removed?
wow, great app!

is there a way to make it the default camera on the droid maxx?  love the twist wrist open camera feature and would love for it to open gcamera vs. the stock android camera app.
+Rob Pacheco on my MotoX, the double wrist-twist only opens the Motorola Camera app... it's a feature of that specific app, not the phone itself.

However, you can otherwise make the Google Camera app the default if you wish... one way is to launch the camera from your lockscreen (swipe from right) where it will prompt you which you desire as the default.
On my N4 it seems to make everything slightly blurry, although being able to adjust the focal point at all after the shot is pretty cool.
Seems my LG G2 is already obsolete, three months after release Verizon is already using the term "older phones" and I doubt they will ever push the current OS version. But the hardware is great. The camera app was good until the resolution came off the top bar and became a 2nd level item. Need to pop two menus to see or change resolution.

Anyway the app store doesn't have a version, so a lot of people will have to do without. 
Is there a way to extract the depth map?
Would be nice if there was a way to allow us to "clean up" the depth map manually if needed. Some of my testing shows that the software appears to have trouble with highly uniform backgrounds (like grass or stucco).
+Evan Rapoport Very, very nice, I like it. Now, here is the question. When will we get burst mode (3,4,5...) frames per second (full resolution)? Many modern hardware phones (my Nexus 5 included) are certainly capable of it. When can we expect some movement in that area? 
+Evan Rapoport I love the new app, great job by you and everybody else on the team! Although, I do have a bit of a usability complaint. Let me explain.

When I want to select from all the different modes in lovely colors, I swipe my thumb from left to right. Therefore my thumb ends up on the right side of the screen while the controls appear on the left, making me reach all the way back to the other side of the screen (I know, huge effort right?) to select my mode. What felt natural for me in this position instead was for me to scroll my thumb along the right side, expecting the colored ring on the left side to move along vertically and letting me simply release my thumb to select mode. Do you understand my explanation?

I was expectin a similar effect when manually selecting exposure, where I wanted to drag along the exposure bar and release instead of clicking on the desired number.

Anyway, as I said, great job! I'm enjoying the app immensely right now and I'm looking forward to all the future improvements that will make it all the more awesome!
Sounds like I've got some photosphere's to redo , thanks man!
In my opinion, anything other than absolute fidelity is a waste of a photograph. Then again, I don't take many.
+Thor King " In my opinion, anything other than absolute fidelity is a waste of a photograph. Then again, I don't take many." My photos are to capture a moment, if I shoot 10 images, delete 8, and have to crop and adjust the other two, I still capture the moment. That's why I take the picture.

"Perfect is the enemy of good enough."
-Linus Thorwald
i noticed that there is drop in Resolution when shooting in Lens blur mode ? cmiiw
Damn you !! +Evan Rapoport  I must now go and reshoot all my hundreds of photospheres in hi-res!! ahaha all good and thank you
Is there some magic viewer to get lens blur to do anything?
And the HDR mode seems to do so close to nothing... is there a setting I'm missing?
Vertical pan is useful, used it to document some stuff I was doing.
Really glad I still have the original camera to use, though, it's pan mode is more useful in some cases.
+Evan Rapoport  / +Bill Davidsen Re: HDR no it's not just you, it's crashing like no bodies business on HDR photos, it also seems to take out any other processing going on in the background at the same time. It destroyed several Photospheres and HDR shots I took yesterday. The crash/report option pops up briefly but vanishes before you can use it. This is on a pretty stock N5.  
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