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Photo Sphere improvements in Android KitKat
The Photo Sphere team made exciting improvements to image stitching and quality in +Android  #KitKat . We've also made rendering faster by using multi-threading.  

The most notable addition in this release is a technique called "optimal seam finding", which looks for the ideal place to stitch the individual images together to avoid moving objects, people, or otherwise difficult spots. In our testing, we've seen a big reduction in stitching errors on people in the scene.  

We've also implemented new techniques that improve stitching for some challenging scenes, including indoor environments. Of course, you'll still want to be careful to keep your phone in the same place as you rotate to get the best results.  

Here's our video with tips on creating great photo spheres:  
How to create a photo sphere

Please share your experiences with everyone as you start using #photosphere  on KitKat as it rolls out to #Nexus  devices. Have fun!
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+Evan Rapoport which orientation do you prefer. As far as holding your phone? Landscape or Portrait?

Edit. I apologize for writing like an idiot. Grammar corrected.
+Evan Rapoport maybe you can answer this. I've asked a couple people who work with photography on android. there is a heated debate going on around g+ (a photo driven community) about the Nexus 5 camera. Can you enlighten us on why there was no change to the camera app in terms of ui or control. No burst mode to enable easier auto awesome posts, no control of simple functions like ISO which a lot of companies offer, or the ability to set fps (the G2 can shoot at 60fps). All these seem logical since the website is heavily focusing on the camera experience. was there any discussion about this at google???
+Aby Abraham +Christopher Chavez The video is hyperlinked in "How to create a photo sphere" in my post.

+Jason Keiter Thanks for the feedback. I can't discuss future plans, but we all love photography and will continue to work on making the best camera experience possible.
+Hugo Barra Hope to see some KitKat photo spheres from you as you explore your new playground in China!
Just tried it out inside with poor light conditions (KitKat 4.4 Camera.apk), and it gave an almost perfect Photo Sphere as result. Definitely an upgrade! Thanks +Evan Rapoport!
The most important and most urgent priority for Google / Android / Photospehre Teams is to release Photosphere for other phones than the Nexus. I own a Sony Xperia Z, and really every other panorama app in the Play store is crap. I've checked all. 
And almost as important as a superb app is a crossplatform compatible viewer. Sphere delivers both: Great Pano stitching and viewing on almost every device via Maps. But it's useless if this is only restrained to a fraction of smartphones. Sphere could become a killer feature like maps. So please do me, yourself and Androis OS a favor and release it. Wether as a standalone, as a function of the camera app or built in in G+. I don't care, as long as nobody don't have to rely on the manufacturer to get it.
Hope to be able run the new version of the photosphere on LG G2 :)
So.... When is Nexus 4 getting the update?
Here is the following mistakes google made :
1. Not making an announcment that Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 is released, many non tech users dont even know.
2. The 16 gb version is already out of stock.
3. Not releasing the OTA the same day for every device
4. Not updating Galaxy Nexus (th e 18th month reason is stupid , by that Nexus 4 only has 6 months of updates, so no 4.5 Lion for us :( )
I would love to get a Nexus 5 but I usually use a device for 2 years before getting a new one.
Shouldn't Photo Sphere stitching take place on google severs? Phone could only make a rough approximation  of final shot and everything else could be done Auto Awesomely. That way perhaps it could be possible to make most phones Photo Sphere compatible (at least that with gyros). 
+Blendi Krasniqi and all others with Gnex take note

The Galaxy Nexus isn't getting an upgrade because TI isn't building phone chipsets anymore; it would be an enormous engineer load to port it backward as a result. Further, Galaxy Nexus owners tend to upgrade quickly anyway.

1. Not making an announcment that Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 is released, many non tech users dont even know.

It was all over Blogs and plenty of websites do you live in a cave? 

2. The 16 gb version is already out of stock.

So its the first day

3. Not releasing the OTA the same day for every device

That would place a tremendous load on all the servers were talking worldwide not just your city.
Congratulations and thank you for sharing the result of all your and team's work ! I look forward to even more photospheres and sharing.
Awesome to hear that photosphere continues to be improved in every release. Just one question +Evan Rapoport, its not a photosphere question, but a panorama question, I have noticed that there seems to be lots of little vertical lines now when taking pano's in the default camera app, is there any chance of getting this looked at and possibly a fix in a future android build?

Keep up the good work! 
Thanks! I love to shoot at #Photosphere  mode, but it's so hard not to spoil things up.. I hope it'll be easier from now on.
This is confusing, I'm new to Android and trying to get photosphere and it seems to be a nexus only thing not an android thing. An I wrong? 
Kra Wk
How ta watch photosperes on PC without google+? Why picasa doesn't support photospheres? Why android can't save photospheres in .html file to watch them in any browser?
+Evan Rapoport Great, there is always about to improve photo sphere, thanks! But please, increase quality of photosphere's much worse than a usual photo, losing a lot of details, thank you :)
I learned it is not possible to create Photosphere Picture with a Moto G because gyroscope sensor is missing. Make kitkat here a change?
Does anyone test photosphere with a fish eyes additional lens for smartphone?
Do we need just 4 or more pictures?
Is it possible to select different hi-res versions of the final stitched image? I appears that apx 2Mb is the standard, but I find this so completely and utterly inadequate and unimpressive for a multiframe sphere shot.  
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