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AutoAwesome Photo Sphere
Thanks to the Google+ AutoAwesome team, today we launched a new feature that makes it super easy to turn your DSLR 360-degree panoramas into interactive photo spheres.

1) Ensure AutoAwesome is enabled on your profile
2) Upload a 360x180 equirectangular panorama
3) Look for a Google+ notification in the top-right (may take a little while)
4) A new private version will be added via AutoAwesome "Pano" that can be viewed interactively in Google+ and published to Google Maps and Views (

For those of you who've been manually adding Photo Sphere XMP metadata to your images, this should make your workflow much easier. Please let us know how it works for you!

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I assume you mean a 360:180 ratio equirectangular panorama; not a 360x180 file ><
I would love to see #autoawesome feature so that it changes bunch of photos to a photosphere just like pano autoawesome feature. 
Wai Kin
very good news to dslr users, no more 15G limitation?
Very cool! Now all you need to do is get the autoawesome panorama to stitch the full 360x180! 
Cool. I shal test immediately!
OK, so I uploaded a panorama, but nothing happened. And yes, I made sure autoawesome was enabled.
Wait, I take that back, It worked.
Does it automatically geocode based on object recognition too? :-) 
Just one question. What if you have a whole series of panoramas for a constellation? Can you upload all of them at once and autoawsome will kick-in for all of them? Or would you have to upload each one at a time?
Sounds awesome!!
I've been using the auto panorama for a while so I'm really looking forward to trying the auto sphere :)
Andi H
+Evan Rapoport  Where is this beach? New Brighton State Beach near Capitola?
Did I miss a step? Created photosphere in AutoAwesome folder, but where do you add the geocode and heading?
Sean S
Will it work with photos from point-and-shoot cameras?
Anyone have a recommendation on a free software to turn images into an  equirectangular panorama?
it would be much more useful if it could turn a <180 and <360 photo into interactive panorama photos (like the wide photos created by Google Camera panorama mode).
Great. Now my question. How can i make such photos with my canon eos 60D...?...Any ideas?...thank so lot...
+Andrew Cox Make sure AutoAwesome is enabled in your G+ settings. And you can upload the image anywhere, not just the AutoAwesome folder. If you're still having issues, please tag me on the image.
I do hate to be a pest, but I just noticed something. The file size of the resulting photo sphere is significantly smaller than the file size of the original panorama. Can this result in a loss of resolution?
Wow, makes me want to get more into photography!!
Stitched 45 photos from my point-and-shoot Panasonic TZ30 with Microsoft ICE. Up to trying the new functionality, I have not down scaled, resulting in a pano of 21504 x 8358, 82 MB. I guess this is too large for G+ as upload failed 3 times.
App-spot failed at 60 Mp. Now G+ seems to consider the file too large at 100 Mp.
G+ is not taking the Caption from the pano file as a default. It would be nice, if there were no need to retype the Caption.
Nice, just took a few of these on vacation, happy to see it works on Google+. Keep the features coming...:)
Well done, I also just discovered that panoramas that I have mapped using lightroom don't even need to have the Exif edited independently neither with Autoawsome. Google can now detect them as equirectangular panoramas straight away. Fantastic.
+Evan Rapoport The pano has about 142 degree coverage, so that's the show stopper. Thanks. Even more motivation to replace my Nexus 7 2012 by a 2013 model with back camera and shoot with it, instead of using my Panasonic TZ30.
Great photo and info.  I knew this looked familiar (I grew up in Santa Cruz).  Makes me want a Mango Margarita from Palapas ;-)  
If the images are uploaded at full resolution this will start eating up the limits of personal storage. Can we delete the images from our storage once they are on google maps to free up our personal limits? Another thought would be does the constellation joining need to be done before they would be deleted from our personal storage?
Any chance these images could be tagged as not going against the free storage limits?
The photo seem to be halved in size (mb) when doing this,  the resolution stays the same. I guess there is some compressing going on.
+Evan Rapoport Is a full 180 vertical field of view not a little bit too much of a requirement. Many add a zenith and nadir to get this and would pass the threshold this way. How about a 140? Any other opinions here?

Anyway, my Nexus 7 2013 is on its way. Looking forward to compare the new app result and workflow to the traditional equipment and flow.
It seems that it works, but it needs a time for a google+ autoawsome team,  also why before uploaded geopanoramas do not work with autoawsome?
Doesn't seem to work for me! I took some spheres via nexus 5 and they went fine via auto backup to g+. Then I downloaded them in order to remove some people from the scenery (btw would be nice addon to g+ photos ;-)). Then used auto backup from desktop to get them back to g+. Been 20 hours now, still not converted to photospheres? What am I missing?
It takes a long time for autoawsome! Be patient!
Really nice and promising feature!!  But my personal experience is that in average 1 out of 4-5 panoramas fail to be recognized as photospheres for some reason - reflattening - resizing - renaming and reuploading them does not seem to solve the issue. So having to go back to manual xmp or appspot for theseones, does not really save much time.  Anyone is having similar experiences? 
+Minos Nevradakis Same here! After editing offline I usually have to clone exif using exiftool to preserve photosphere. Does not get recognized in g+ photos although it's uploaded weeks ago.
After uploading I just run to Views and add the images and do any connecting of Constellations and within 24 hours the world is enjoying.
Sometimes it is working, and sometimes not
In the past I had the auto awesome button but in the new google photos does not come up.
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