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Launch Announcement: Comments now in Views
Love photo sphere, Views (, and +Google Maps? We just added comments and +1s into Views, allowing you to chat with the photographer about their photo spheres and the amazing places they visited. It's a perfect way to plan travel for you photo enthusiasts out there.

We've seen amazing engagement with photo spheres that people published to Google Maps from +Android ( or their DSLR. Because of the one BILLION users of Google Maps, many people have several MILLION views of their images, even if they're not famous photographers. By sharing your images of interesting places, we hope you'll see solid engagement and help you find an audience for your passion.

With this launch of comments and +1s in Views, we believe you'll start seeing people discovering your old favorite photos too, not just the ones you posted recently. The graph here summarizes this point.

Now go make someone's day and tell them how much you love their photo sphere on Views ( Have fun!

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+Sushubh Mittal, I can understand the confusion.  At this time, comments are only enabled on photo spheres submitted by citizen photographers... not on Google or Google-partner-created Special Collects.

This means that you can click and comment on any of the awesome photo spheres on the righthand side of Views.
I love that the comments support tagging and URL's
Hmm, +Dan Root, I don't believe we're quite-yet supporting tags and urls in comments posted on Views, though it's something we're looking into!  Any tags or URLs shared on the original post in Google+, though, should propagate to Views.
I wish pegman existed in Google Maps for Android. I have hard time try to view photospheres on Google Maps for Android.
+Evan Rapoport I recently noticed that PhotoSphere do not work on an iPad in the G+ App. Is mine just buggy or is that coming soon?
+Adam Lasnik it's the first thing I tried within seconds of this being posted and they work just fine.

That's awesome news for my Tour Operator who were producing constellations for in the Middle East.
+Arroz Marisco they are there. Just hidden. Look for the 3 dots above the mini map. Click on the 3 dots. This will look familiar for people who use Android. Once in, the title and description field boxes are kind of hidden (all white).
Hey +Arroz Marisco, I just successfully edited a pano in my account with no problem. Can you let us know what error message you got or what happened?
Hi Adam I normally edit the few lines with my submitted panos in Views by clicking the edit button but I just couldn't find it anymore . Sorry I can't even generate an error message.
Hi Adam my bad ,I have just figured how to enable the edit function, please ignore my entry.
Wai Kin
The < > "previous and next photo sphere" button is too small and not very obvious.
It will be very interesting to see how this add-on enhances the ecosystem. +Evan Rapoport and +Adam Lasnik - thank you for continuing to be awesome - please convey the kudos to the team :)
For those asking about iOS, we don't have photo sphere viewing support on iOS at this time.
Love the new format and how the Photosphere becomes the hero. It's great to see that the new formatting cleared up that little issue with dots in the zenith. Thanks for the update, now onto iOS.
Great news! Now for some easily accessible embed code on new Google maps for us gbv photographers!? And talking of views +Evan Rapoport how about auto blurring the nadir on pre stitched images as per gbv prestitched? No more ugly black holes!
Just some days ago I was wondering why we can't comment on photospheres, this is a very welcome update!
Now it would be perfect if we could comment directly from Maps!
Now lets add ADs to Views so that we can earn some GoogleMoney :-)
Do we get a notification when someone comments on a Photo Sphere?
Do you have to do anything specific to share a photosphere, other than it being set as public with location shared? 
Awesome..!! Love the new look and the new features.  You, +Adam Lasnik and the rest of the G-team are rock'n it non-stop!   Thanks!!
So with all that success +Evan Rapoport are there any plans to release an API to access the views of the photospheres? At the moment you have the overall number but to get down to the locations you need to do a lot of clicking - some sort of detailed overview or an API to access the views via maps would be nice.
I hope there are some plans to introduce some form of the arrows that made the original version of streetview so sucessful. As it is anybody I've shown this to doesn't know how the new arrows work to navigate around a space. And as a GBV photographer and someone with a quarter of a million views on my Views, that's a lot of people
I agree with James, bringing the Google Maps navigation through to Google Views is unfortunate.  It doesn't work well in a views environment, where content hasn't been shot from the roof of a car, every 5 meters.  

It also resembles the old 'Mystery Meat' navigation systems (much derided in the '90's) where the user doesn't know where or what they can do until they start clicking and dragging around the panorama/website.  'Designers' used to think 'discovering' a website would be fun... we know that users don't want to 'discover' how to use a website, they want it to be obvious.

The previous navigation method (arrows on the ground) showed people where they can go from the current position, without having to first start clicking around the panorama and 'discover' other panoramas. Even when I know exactly where I can go from the current panorama (as it's my tour) the Streetivew navigation method makes it difficult to do.

I suspect this navigation method will lead to less views within constellations.

The final problem is the HUGE arrow that obscures everything if you move the cursor near the ground below you.  In streetview this doesn't matter as the ground below is a blurry image of nothing. In Views the ground below is often useful information.
Tremendous!  some pictures brought back great memories.
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