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Photo Sphere updates in Google Camera
We just released a new version of Google Camera ( with a few Photo Sphere improvements based on requests from the +Android community. These include...

Much bigger targets
The most noticeable change is that the targets are far bigger, making it easy to see them even in bright sunlight (like this beach scene in my image here). I've really loved using this and it makes the capture process faster and more fun. Please try it this weekend, share your photo spheres on Google+ and Views (, and let me know what you think!

Performance improvements
We also significantly reduced the memory consumption used during stitching. This, combined with some other fixes, will prevent some of the crash reports you've told us about.

Note that all these changes also apply to the Pano, Wide Angle, and Fisheye modes, which are based on the Photo Sphere codebase.

Thanks to +Sascha Haeberling and team for their excellent work on Google Camera!

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Great update! Tried it out today and those bigger targets do really help when looking into the sky.
Great! GoogleCamera now is always updating, you are the best! Thanks!!
Just got the update, great work!
Now for the revisions based on the api revealed during the I/o....
I seem to get the most problems with sea horizons, the horizon isn't straight and there are bits missing.
+Mark Stronge yes i also had a lot of these troubles where the horizon is visible. I found it working better when you double check not to turn the phone against the horizon but hold it 100% in level to the horizon. But i always hoped future updates would make it more stable against turning.
+Evan Rapoport this update has fixed my photo sphere woes on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Thanks to you and your team! 
All it needs now is time lapse and I can die happy. Only feature that we've lost so far...
Curious when/if HDR capabilities will be made available on all platforms... it's still missing from my MotoX, for instance, which is a big reason I am still using the stock Motorola camera app...
I love the big targets! It's such a simple change but makes it much easier to see where I'm aiming for when it is sunny out.
+Evan Rapoport
The update is really great, but I also have stumbled upon spring really weird (and not good for shooting spheres) BUG (not sure if phone or app related, have had my suspicions about this behavior, but now I'm certain).
I have almost finished my pano-head for my i9505 (working great, just a few finishing touches left) - when the phone is mounted on a tripod, everything is level and so on, nothing is loose, the picture starts moving around while the phone is still!
I left my phone on the tripod and the picture on the screen managed to do a 360° spin on around 5-10 minutes.

If there's a better place to report this to, then please let me know!
If you need screen recordings or anything, then let me know and I'll try to get it! 
+Taavo Allik Sounds like gyro drift in your device. You can try to fix this by putting your phone into photo sphere mode, then moving your phone around in a figure 8 pattern and then setting it down onto a flat table for a while. This has fixed issues in the past.
Evan... can you say a little about why this works?  As is, it sounds like pure magic.  Should I also spit over my left shoulder twice while moving it in a figure 8??  :-)

+Dan Russell Best to ask a hardware engineer why it works, but I've seen it recommended by several people and it's worked for others I've told about it. I think it just recalibrates the gyro sensor. 
Would love to be using this app +EvanRapoport to improve my #photospheres but #Telstra in Australia cant give us an indication as to when they will update our S4 phones to 4.4 kit kat. Currently the operating system is still Android 4.3  - It's very frustrating that they wont even give us some idea as to when it will be released. I find it crazy that the operating system can't be updated fast enough and limits the apps we can now use. 
It's the same thing iPhone users are told to do to get the compass working. Moving it around must help it understand the magnetic field it's in and calibrate itself.
+Evan Rapoport - are you telling me that I won't look like a witch doctor squinting at the sun and my feet the next time I shoot a sphere? But that was starting to become my thing! :(
Great update. Please add Photospheres to Google Maps Mobile. Like a new layer or a gallery like in the desktop Map.
+Evan Rapoport Unfortunately the best I got was that after setting the phone on the table the background crosses stood still for a few seconds and the started moving.

I just let it stand on the table for a longer time and it seems to have worked (I might have been too hasty when testing it this morning). I will check it on a tripod as well, because the effect doesn't show itself so much while handheld.
(At the moment when the phone is flat then the crosses move very slowly, but still alot better than before)

Just an idea - adding the calibration option to the app. No idea if this can be done universally or not, but might be worth a look I hope.

Thanks for this method and sorry for the lengthy post again!
Cheers =D
I tested the mentioned method on a tripod as well - by the time I got to my tripod and opened the Google Camera again the problems had started again, tried the method and it was a lot better. Hopefully the effects last at least as long as the app is opened (battery is low so I couldn't test it at the moment) or I'll find a better or a permanent calibration fix!

Thanks again +Evan Rapoport !
I don't like the new update 
Looking forward to trying the update while hanging out at a beach in Cozumel.
Would like to have time lapse back, and possibly ISO setting as well.
excellent ! hope +Snapseed app can catch up to support the higher resolutions ;-)
While I was looking for information about photosphere online from google, I read that any device with android 4.2 can be compatible with that programme so I can make panoramics photosphere. Although a few days ago I bought LG D160-L40 mobile phone with android 4.4 KitKat and with accelerometer and it's not function. Can you help me with that?
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