Photo Sphere updates in Google Camera
We just released a new version of Google Camera ( with a few Photo Sphere improvements based on requests from the +Android community. These include...

Much bigger targets
The most noticeable change is that the targets are far bigger, making it easy to see them even in bright sunlight (like this beach scene in my image here). I've really loved using this and it makes the capture process faster and more fun. Please try it this weekend, share your photo spheres on Google+ and Views (, and let me know what you think!

Performance improvements
We also significantly reduced the memory consumption used during stitching. This, combined with some other fixes, will prevent some of the crash reports you've told us about.

Note that all these changes also apply to the Pano, Wide Angle, and Fisheye modes, which are based on the Photo Sphere codebase.

Thanks to +Sascha Haeberling and team for their excellent work on Google Camera!

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