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Why, it's almost as if it would be in your best interest to run network services under your own control instead of using quote-unquote free ones run by someone whose priorities are not aligned with yours.

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More often than not it's a pain in the ass to self host. Even more so when 'shared hosting might work'. 
+Richard Cutts meh, I don't mind hosting things myself. I'm fine with paying for services but I'd want a data export option so I can switch providers or host it myself if I need to.
+Evan Prodromou Indeed, however I'm already working on some other vapourware at the moment so I'll have to pass that ball to someone else. 
+Philip Durbin I don't mind self hosting in theory but everything I ever self host always ends up being more trouble than it's worth.
+Philip Durbin can't recall specifics off the top of my head but, mail, social networking stuff, bookmark / news syncing. It's not a fault of the products, I just hate, and am terrible at all forms of sys admin. 
If anyone's in the San Francisco area and interested in this, I highly recommend the personal cloud meetups. Here's a link to the one they ran in February: Not sure March has been announced yet.