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It's the third anniversary of I launched the site July 2, 2008. It's a much different social network landscape today than it was then.
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Congratulation ! I can't believe it has been only three years. But indeed, Twitter is not much older. As you said, the world of social communication has changed so much over these years. Kudos to you and your team for what you have done for the open source community. I'm looking forward to the coming years, it will be federation time, with or without google, but surely with playing a major role in it. Happy Birthday !
KUTGW++! Maybe someday I'll get off my butt and contribute more :)
Fantastic work Evan and Crew... here's to the next 3 years... Cheers
Great milestone, congratulations. Identica/Statusnet is a great community!
I miss the early days. Glad I was able to contribute, if only a small amount.
Congratulations, Evan. I'm a very light Identica user (@pdurbin), but I very much appreciate that Identica and StatusNet exist in case Twitter becomes evil. And I must say that Twitter does give off some warning signs at times. . .
congratulations on identica and status net.. well done Evan