Open Source startups

Over the last few years, as part of developing StatusNet Inc., I've become really interested in startups that focus on Open Source. Although there's a lot of talk about Open Source businesses, and about startups, there's not a lot of discussion online or off about how to get an Open Source business started.

I'd like that to change. Partly because I want to share what (little) I know about Open Source startups that I've scraped together over the last few years. But also because I need to know for myself. I want to learn. And finally, because I think that commercial open source is an important part of the software landscape, and that commercial open source companies need to start somewhere.

I'll have some news coming soon on that front, but for now, a question: what are the cool Open Source startups you know of? Singly? Couchbase? 10gen? Eucalyptus? AppFog? I'm less interested in companies that "make a lot of contributions to Open Source", and more interested in ones where Open Source is a key part of their business strategy.

And don't forget the links!
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