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I fight for Open.
I fight for Open.


How do you author presentations for Google Slides?

I like building presentations as an outline: first my high-level points as sections, then supporting evidence for each section.

Google Slides doesn't have an outline mode. I use Google Docs to build up my outlines, but then I have to copy-and-paste (!) my content from Docs to Slides since there's no way to do the import directly.

Am I stupid? Is there an easier way to do this? I've tried authoring things directly in Slides, and once I get past 30-40 slides the organization process gets miserable.

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Publishers that re-use Wikipedia content, like Apple and Microsoft and Amazon and Google, have an obligation to include an easy way to edit that content.

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It's amazing to have a chance to talk to two of the best interviewers in technology today about everything that matters to me: wiki, social software, the sharing economy, and AI. I hope you enjoy listening to this +Changelog​ podcast as much as I liked recording it.

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I wrote a review for an episode of my new favorite podcast, Friends at the Table.

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I'm very proud to say that the W3C working group I've been involved with for the last couple of years has published a Candidate Recommendation for Activity Streams 2.0.

Activity Streams is a JSON format for encoding information about activities on a social network. Who posted a status update? When? Who liked it? Who commented on it, and what did they say?

The format allows social networking software to interoperate -- exchanging information about people and stuff on the networks in a standard way. That helps with doing things like backing up your social network information, or sending live updates between networks.

Programmers should start implementing Activity Streams in their software ASAP. Non-programmers should start asking for Activity Streams support in the software and services they use.

Thanks a ton to friends and colleagues on the W3C Social Working Group for getting us to this point.

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Hi, friends. As many of you know, I've been working for the last year on a product called is an API that provides simple, usable artificial intelligence for working developers.

If you do web or mobile development, or you're just interested in APIs, please give us a try. I'm interested to hear what you think!

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My friend +Ed Finkler is open sourcing mental illness and he needs our support. Your donation helps him spread the word at user group meetings and conferences around North America. He's making the technology world a safer and happier place, and I'm really proud of him.

I just launched the new Open Sourcing Mental Illness 2015 campaign. Please share and support!

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I'm going to be speaking at the upcoming MTL+ECOMMERCE event about adaptive pricing using machine intelligence.

If you're in Montreal and you charge people money on the Internet, you should come see me. I'll be talking partly about .

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Welp, this didn't get fixed.
+Linus Torvalds you have a terrible temper and you treat people really badly.

You don't have to face the consequences of your actions because of your position of power. That makes your behaviour doubly reprehensible.

You are a bully. You need to get help.

+The Linux Foundation You need to take responsibility for the behaviour of your fellows on public mailing lists. You need to establish some guidelines for fellows, and you need to stick with them, regardless of who breaks them.

+IBM +Fujitsu +HP Intel NEC Oracle +Qualcomm +Samsung USA and other Linux Foundation members need to decide if they want to have their brands associated with bullying behaviour and homophobic slurs.

And the rest of of have to start saying that this kind of behaviour isn't OK.
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