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Evan breaks down what do now that you've got your February LSAT score.

Topics include:

Should you retake?
What schools can you get into with your score?
Negotiating for more $$$ with a higher score

and more. Join us for a quick talk. 

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This is the last opportunity to take the LSAT until June. Are you better off holding waiting until the summer test, or can you take it now? How should retakers handle the Feb LSAT? Joshua Craven and Evan Jones of discuss.

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Josh and Evan cover some LSAT topics relevant to people who just got their LSAT score, including:

- Will your score get you into to the schools you want?
- Should you retake?
- What's the right strategy for retakers?
- Application timing

See you there!

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In this week's webinar we cover the biggest LSAT pitfalls that everyone needs to watch out for. Don't waste precious time studying the wrong way. Join us for a free coaching session and get on the track to a high score!

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Here we'll address timing concerns and score concerns that people commonly have in the last month! 
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