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Brace yourself, a description is coming.
Brace yourself, a description is coming.

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Today I logged in to Guildwars 2 for the first time in what feels like ages to actually play for a couple of hours.
Last night I tried it but wasn't in the right headspace, but tonight felt right.

Naturally I settled on my Herald and ran around clearing Metrica Province.
Somehow I don't think I'm up to doing Living World Story 3 by myself just yet, but I do hope to.

Kinda pondering starting up a Dark Era game, just no idea which one.
No real major moves, though a hunter based one could be interesting.

The mummy/mage one from DE Companion could be interesting, and everyone seems to like ancient Egypt, plenty of research out there.

Lots of great movie inspiration around for sure.

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So, The Dark Eras 2 kickstarter went up online, and one thing that seemed rather interesting was the appearance of a new game called Deviant the Renegades.

This of course got me curious about what this new game was about, but fortunately it seems people have been gathering info on it, presumably from the forums and other such places.

Looks to be another step away from tying the game to a lesser power stat to begin with, but more like scaling the difficulty of the game based on what the players choose to be.

This is day one of my attempt to detach from Facebook.
So far going well despite that constant urge of logging in to check notifications and such.

To make this challenge easier I uninstalled both the main and messenger apps from my phone.

The theory I'm working with here is that FB is detrimental to my mental well-being, and that I'll get more done without it plaguing me.
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So awhile back my Nexus 7 (2012) RUNNING cm12 started doing this annoying thing, a short time after booting up and loading in to the point that apps and such would initialise, it'd just power cycle and repeat the process.

It'd keep doing this until it ran flat.

So I figured I'd see about shifting to the latest build, or at least go back to stock.
And yet that's proving rather difficult.

I go through the wonderful process using ADB and such (like Nexus Root Toolkit), and yet nothing changes.
I try to cleanse the storage of pretty much everything, and yet nothing changes.
I try to update or replace CWM on it, nothing changes.

No matter what I do, it seems to retain all current data, almost like it's fully read only.

Are there any thoughts or suggestions that might point me in the right direction?

I only ask, as I really miss the niche it filled in my life.

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Well, given it's most certainly an Indie title, and it's being created by two of the fathers of the First Person Shooter, I figure I might as well post about it here.

There should be a lot of elements hailing back to the 90s with DooM and Quake.

I'm doing what I can to help it happen, because we need something from the old school of design in the modern day.
Seriously, co-operative play!

Figure I might as well create a category where people can say hello and talk about themselves in a totally open and non-judgemental manner.
So I'll begin.

Hi, I'm Evan.
I'm from Melbourne, Australia.

I guess the way I first got in to gaming was single player stuff back on an Apple IIe in the 80s.
From there I shifted to things like Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy books.

Back in the 90s, in the age of Shareware, I moved in to PC gaming.
I loved my first person shooters, real time strategies and so on.
I even did some network gaming using null-modem cables with doom and diablo.
Those were the days.

It was back in 2003 that I got involved in my first RPG with other people.
Of all things it was a Vampire the Masquerade LARP.
I guess I liked it enough I've been roleplaying ever since.

I do miss the games of old though.

Wow, I've really not been paying attention, and yet we're up to over 100 members.

So, we've now got Chronicles of Darkness core book release.
Demon's got all the important stuff out.
Werewolf got release.
Beast got released.
A book of heresy for Mummy got released :p
And a bunch more stuff is on the horizon.

Personally I've been running an open 2nd edition game in Melbourne, Australia, with very little conversion work.
That one item involved a hack job on the Malkavia infection, I really should have worked up some custom conditions.

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+Tristan Gulyas thought you might appreciate this
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Just got home from seeing +The Axis of Awesome  and +MC Frontalot 

Worth the reduced sleep I'll get tonight.
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