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Just want everyone to know who has me circled, I'm not 100% inactive. Rather, I've been working extremely hard on this current project with tight deadlines. Excuse the silence and I'll be back soon!

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After reading all of these amazing science articles on the fabric of space and space-time, I wonder if, in the future, maps of space for spaceships will have to be dynamically altered as their mass or velocity changes. In this way, a ship traveling at near light speeds would have a different map than a ship traveling at slower sub-light speeds. Likewise, a ship with an extremely large mass would need to take a different route than a ship with a small mass.

The data points would have to interact and vary depending on the speed, mass and probably other variables the ship has.

Pretty interesting to think about!

link via +Ciro Villa

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30-story building built in 15 days. Absolutely amazing.

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Amazing idea for iPad owners! A touchscreen cover that simulates keyboard typing, allowing you to touch type without having to look at the screen.
Kickstarter is kicking CES's ass.

I will write about why shortly but is more useful than 99.999% of the gadgets I have seen and it was funded by Kickstarter and isn't part of CES. This makes it possible to touch type on on iPad.

It ships at the end of February. $44.95. I just ordered one. Steven Isaac, CEO, is showing it to me.

Kickstarter is a new way guys like Steven can get funded. Steven got $200,000 from individual investors.

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Amazing art. Painted layer by layer, and no fish are harmed in the process.

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What will your next TV, monitor or smartphone have as the screen technology?

... Weird.

I've had the new +Google+ top bar for weeks now and today it suddenly reverted back to the old black bar.

Wonder what caused that? Anyone else experience this issue?

Rackspace server just went down. Guess it's going to be one of those days!
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