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So what are your favorite Subreddits? I like /r/mycology because I'm always amazed by how weird mushrooms can be. I also love /r/whatsthisbug because I'm down with bugs.

I made a list on Listgeeks for it. Which is also a really awesome service if you're into lists and categorization.
Listgeeks is a socially-oriented platform for creating, sharing and comparing lists of things.
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My favorite has to be r/GuesstheMovie. It's a lot of fun and definitely has a more positive vibe than some other reddits. :D
I have never even heard of those subreddits. I'll have to check them out.
I like to go to /r/pipetobacco and see what pipes people have and to talk about different tobaccos. I like to go to /r/sailing because I'm a dreamer.
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