Inspired by somebody else's B/X screen, I redid my own GM screen, and I'm playing around with the d6 rules that +Dyson Logos came up with for thieves. I really like the idea, as it means that all standard class abilities use a d6 roll. But I worked the math a little different, resulting in what I think is a better match.

In this table, I used the point between percent chances as the threshold to bump up a number. In other words, rolling a 1 is 16.66%, and a 2 is 33.33%, and the point between them is 25%. So at 25% on the original percentile table, I move from 1 to 2 on this d6 table.

I also changed how to test at the high end so that you do wind up with a near 99% chance at the top (97.22%). Although I completely made up the progression for those high levels. Dyson went for simplicity, I went a feeling that you can still get to that top rung.

This is a mathematical fit to the original, and like Dyson discovered with his, it really hammers home the power of the name level. I am pondering possibly reworking it a bit through 5th level, but for now I'm content as is.

Original Dyson Logos Article:
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