The Music City Murderhobos this week managed to resume their pursuit of Warduke, kick in a door and find a spell being cast at them as they entered, discovering as a result the invisible Knight of Chaos (Warduke's retinue) that was following them, get cursed and blessed at the same time (yay simultaneous phased combat!), nearly all die (got two down to zero HP), and catch a glimpse of Kelek in a portal in the last minute of game. Oh, and Briquette, the mysterious cat familiar of our elf seemed to make friends with a demonic flame entity and then inhale it happily. I am totally loving them trying to figure out what that cat is.

Our pixie magic user was quite effective in tripping them, Empire Strikes Back style, with silk rope. Some effective use of phantasmal force to delay one combatant and an impressively catastrophic fail on a grappling hook throw (1 to-hit and roll again to see if it breaks... 1. And the pixie is speared by the shattered hook, while the gnoll is pulled off his feet) made for a back and forth pitched battle. Some great targeted shots with heavy to-hit penalties struck home, or at least one Knight would have gotten back to the undead army vault. I also finally dinged their their overuse of lightning spells as these more intelligent foes prepared by flooding the area in a couple inches of water. I figure their legend precedes them at this point.

I don't normally like long combat, but this was an especially fun set piece taking place in two different rooms, and it was exhilarating. 
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