For some reason pirates have been having a bit of resurgence in my local gaming group. Stepping in with perfect timing is the Kickstarter for this fun little volume. It's a published RPG with some great reviews now being released in a hardcover. It's roughly based on the Dagger system and unlike many "rules lite RPGs," it is a complete playable game, not just suggestions.

Has anybody played it? We decided to chuck in on the project, and I hope the KS funds; it is tragically lacking information on the campaign page, although there are plenty of glowing reviews around the web and on DTRPG (the link is now on the page).

I figure it will be a nice volume for the shelf when somebody starts talking like a pirate and we want to do a quick, fun one-shot. Or when somebody brings a bottle of rum over and we're around a table. And being based on Dagger, it's also an easy one to loan to somebody wanting to run a kid's table full of pirate fans... and next to dinosaurs, pirates are pretty popular among that set.

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