Transcribed text:

"In August 2017, at Gen Con 50 my brothers and I played 16 hours of epic D&D.

"We scraped by through most adventures victorious, but always a little battered. In the final battle, a great demonic invasion threatened to destroy the city of Phlan. Our job was to close the great gates that the invasion poured through with an orb that absorbed the portals energy. Closing the gate takes 6 rounds. Our fighter holding the orb fought valiantly, but died on round 5.

"We had one shot, one chance to save the orb as it fell to the cobble stones, a DC 15 Acrobatics check to catch the orb, complete the ritual, and save the city. The party decided that I make that roll, the result of which is displayed below on the die that made it, the final roll of Gen Con 50."
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