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Mercedes Lackey, prolific author of fantasy novels, is active on Quora. When answering the question "What roleplaying game books/scenarios/modules have truly ignited something inside you?" her answer is interesting:

"Since you asked specifically about Pen and Paper games—

"Dungeons and Dragons. I am old enough to have played this when it was in “beta” and was a set of mimeographed pages hand-stapled together from a bunch of guys in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. This was awesome. The only other games like it were strategy games for recreating historical battles with miniatures—not the sort of thing that would interest someone who really wanted to have adventures in Middle Earth.

"Castle Falkenstein. The great-great-great granddaddy of steampunk, before there were steampunk books or media. Alas, it was very hard to get a GM to run it, but the games I did have were amazing.

"Star Trek the Roleplaying game. We had an extraordinary set of gamers that ran a campaign that lasted at least a couple years, and only broke up when the GM became extremely religious to the point he was going to church four times a week."

She later goes on about some computer games as well.

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