With no Kickstarters this month, I finally started clearing out my DTRPG Wishlist. Next month Bundle of Holdings and Kickstarters eat the gaming budget again, but I this month I swept up a bunch of stuff from +Richard LeBlanc that I've been meaning to get (I have a player who wants psionics, and whose character died last session). I also grabbed some oddball resources like Gods, Memes and Monsters from Pelgrane Press for my modern supernatural games, and a grab bag of quirky short $1-$5 supplements and zines for inspiration.

I wish there were more cheap PoD of the zines and books. The only print book I wound up getting was +Gavin Norman's excellent B/X Essentials. I'd gladly pay a buck or two extra to have a pdf plus a saddle stitched 24 to 48 page volume I can toss on my shelf to tickle my imagination when prepping for games. As is, I'll be printing a fair number of them myself.
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