Last night I ran D&D. B/X plus some OSR stuff like Black Pudding. During it was one of those moments we play old school games for.

When the party was about to be in danger of being annihilated due to some tactical errors in what was a minor side adventure, it happened. A normally very quiet player literally stood up and announced he had a plan. And it was an epic, amazing, perfect "makes sense," incredibly clever, and game pushing combo of available resources that flipped things around for the party.

This was not like my story-oriented games where "that sounds cool, so it will work." It wasn't one of the funny or silly or really great moments driven by dice or decision. This was a thought out and novel "this does this, and that does that, so can I use both and do this new thing with them?" Nothing game breaking, but it pushed and bent things in a wonderful way: player knowledge of the world being used creatively.

I'll write up the details, but they really don't matter. It's about that moment of pride and glory when that player busted out the plan he's been sitting on as a last resort for months, and the hearty appreciation from the rest of us at the table.

It was one of those moments we play old school games for.
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