I hate Bardbeetles. They get all the other vermin all worked up and cause a -1 to hit and I swear they slightly raise the chance of wandering into a monster! The effect goes away with a Silence, and they wander off after being silenced on a 2-in-6, but otherwise it's a full turn to search for them - usually in the most dangerous possible place to stop and waste time searching - by picking through your clothing and gear, and you only find them by rolling d20+d8 under your Wisdom (Thieves and Druids d20+d4).

A fellow GM just pointed out via Hangouts that during the search, there's a decent chance most of the group will be unarmored when that wandering monster walks in on the party. Yep, even zero HD annoyances can be deadly...

No. Appearing: d4+1
HD: zero (hard to locate, easy to kill)
XP: 35-50ish per beetle (depending on system)
Found in: Cities, in treasure found in dungeons and wilderness

h/t to +Jonathan Black for the inspiration post and +Baphomet666100 for posting the image to G+.
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