If you're a fan of simple, abstract board games, consider Glux. I have only played it twice, so this is merely an "I quite enjoyed it" rather than a solid review or recommendation. Like many abstract games, it can play fast or slow, depending on the depth of thinking at each turn. 2 to 4 people take turns pulling cardboard discs that are actually opposite faces of a die, and place them on a board. The placement and pip count determines the placement of the next, with simple blocking and stacking rules. Areas of the board called "rooms" are quickly and easily scored at the end.

It is one of those abstract games that has the feel of a traditional game, and the rules are simple but (after two plays) appear to lead to some really nicely complex play spreads that challenge you to place well. My first game was two player and we both nearly played solitaire, trying to max our own scores. My second was with four players, and we were fiercely competitive, blocking and stacking to pen in people and sway the scores in contested rooms.
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