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I guess this was bound to happen sooner or later.
A brand new free album from Wugazi. 13 tracks of Wu-Tang/Fugazi greatness courtesy of Cecil Otter and his good friend Swiss Andy. Cecil's "Porcelain Revolver" album on +Strange Famous Records is still being worked on, but in the meantime enjoy yourself some free Wugazi treats!

Going to interview Michael Pitt from Boardwalk Empire tonight. Any burning questions?

I just realized if you click on someone's profile photo, it will switch inbetween the other photos in the G+ profile pic folder. That's kinda neat.

Wow, the DEFAULT of the Google+ Android app is to automatically upload any photos you take on your phone to a folder on Google. Jeepers.

And so it starts... As with Twitter, random "internet marketing consultants" start following me in order to increase their social numbers. Hello, weirdos.

Hi. Not that I'm complaining necessarily, but how did my twitter feed end up in my buzz tab? Also: imagine asking that question to someone 10 years ago--they'd probably punch you in the belly.
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