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Eventually, secure and accurate facial recognition may become the main form of authentication to login and unlock our devices. It's quick, there are no passwords to remember, and it is contactless (so you don't need to take off any gloves or touch anything).

Most newer systems, such as iPhone X Face ID and Microsoft Hello (on the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 4 laptops) rely on infrared cameras and using 3-D image data, so that they cannot be fooled by a simple photograph.

On the other hand, if 3-D printing, image-capture and printing materials become cheap enough, it may be easy to create full-size masks of people in order to impersonate them (to defeat a facial recognition system). However, it could still be possible to discern a living face from a printed mask. Masks don't sweat, for instance.

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40 Years ago, Billy Joel wrote a song about a city being evacuated due to an unprecedented disaster. While you may recognize its chorus ( "I’ve Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway"), the songs title was "Miami 2017".

However, the song was about the expected doom of New York City (which seemed plausible in 1977, after its bankruptcy, blackout and looting, etc). The title implied future NYC refugees describing the city's fall and their escape, while safely ensconced in Miami years later.

Still, there is something uncanny about the year in the song's title, in light of Hurricane Irma this week.

Hope people are safe and that the destruction is far less than what is expected.


Song preview (from the album "Turnstiles"):

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Trump says his belief in his own victory is more accurate than your actual votes!

In other words, he won't commit to following the rules of US democracy, even before the election! That means he cannot be trusted to follow the rule of law as President, and disqualifies him from office..

Challenging pillar of US democracy, Trump says he may not accept election.

#TrumpUnfit #DictatorDonald #VoteAgainstTrump #TrumpLoser

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As Milwaukee County Sheriff, Clarke's job is to uphold the law. By telling people to take the law into their own hands, he is saying calling for lawlessness and is therefore no longer fit to be Sheriff. It's also very hypocritical for Clarke to criticize the very government whose authority he exercises and whose paycheck he collects. Without such authority, no one would have even given him a microphone to do any press conferences!

shared by +Eric Smith
This asshole stepped over the line. You can always advocate against government institutions, but you cannot start talking about "torches and pitchforks." That is inciting violence and he knows it damn well. He can talk about the Declaration of Independence all he wants, but if the British had caught up with the signers of that document they'd have been hung for treason. Bottom line: he is advocating armed rebellion and he ought to go jail.

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Most people don't want a President who goes after teenage girls.

Even Republicans concede Bill Clinton's affairs involved adults.

[shared by +Kathy Mitchell ]

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Even if Trump won, there would STILL be gridlock in Congress because he can't get along with his own party!

Donald says he can negotiate with foreign countries when he can't even deal with his own party, let alone journalists and the media. No wonder his poll numbers keep sinking.

So it's time to vote for Hillary AND all the down-ballot races so she has a Democratic Congress (House and Senate) to work with.

shared by +Kathy Mitchell

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After Republican losses in the Presidential races of 2008 and 2012, the GOP commissioned an "autopsy" to determine what they did wrong.

After Trump's defeat in 2016, they will need to do a lot more than that.

shared by +Kathy Mitchell

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"With friends like these..."

When the Republicans gerrymandered Congressional districts to be "solid Republican" after the 2010 Census, they effectively made their Primary the main Election in those districts. Extremists thrive at primaries, because they who do not need support from people from the other party. So the GOP essentially locked-in a hard-line group or Tea Partiers unwilling to compromise, and a radical candidate like Donald Trump.

Now they are paying the price, when even the Speaker of the House (Ryan) is afraid to stand up to Trump. And the Democrats are likely to advance in Congress, as anti-Trump voters also work to expel Republicans from Congress. Meanwhile, Donald's "Rigged Election" lies are keeping his own supporters home instead of voting Republican, since they will conclude their votes will go uncounted.

Be careful what you wish for (i.e. GOP control of Congress), you just might get it.

[ shared by +Kathy Mitchell ]
Lol...instead of smirking at the racist birther crap...should have long ago grown a sac paulie!!

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Interesting take on Bernie's primary loss to Hillary.

In getting a lot of grass-roots Progressive activity, he might ultimately have much more influence over policies than just another candidate. Even when he was still running in the primaries, Sanders said his goal was to start a movement greater than just his candidacy. That is still possible, even if Hillary becomes president. (It is certainly less likely under an autocrat like Trump, who talks of jailing political opponents.)

Good comments by Maxx D, who also contends that Sanders supporters should focus on what they can do going forward to help progressive causes, instead of rehashing concerns about their primary loss.

Shared by the +Tioga Pa. Democrat
Your plans for Our Revolution remind me of what the Moral Majority and the far right did between Barry Goldwater’s loss in 1964 and Ronald Reagan’s victory in 1980. They did a lot of work at the local level to run people for school boards and get local candidates to focus on the issues that mattered most to them. That was a successful movement that emerged from a losing campaign—one that changed the course of a major political party.
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