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General Discussion  - 
Before anyone has the chance to ask, we do not have enough information about the Pixel phones to determine if PA will support them. Once we know more we will make a final decision.
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+Evan Anderson​ what could I do to help ?
I have plenty of time on my hands for testing, reviews etc 
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Evan Anderson

General Discussion  - 
Mako users

I just released a new build for mako that should solve the GPS issues many of you were reporting. You should get an OTA notification for this build.

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Fred B
+Evan Anderson Thank you !!!!!! So much for a great update GPS working great. Thank you for your time and hard work.
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Evan Anderson

General Discussion  - 
We are pleased to announce that we are adding new devices to the official Paranoid Android device roster!

The devices that will be added are the Rhine and Kitakami family from Sony as listed below. Downloads are available at

Xperia Z1(honami)
Xperia Z1 Compact (amami)
Xperia Z Ultra (togari)

Xperia Z3+/Z4 (ivy)
Xperia Z4 Tablet (karin)
Xperia Z5 (sumire)
Xperia Z5 Compact (suzuran)
Xperia Z5 Premium (satsuki)

We know that many of you are eager to get your hands on an N based version of PA, and we are working on that. Please be patient with us as there are significant changes with N that we have to adapt to. In addition, Google has not done a final release for the 6P/6, so we cannot work on those devices. You can always follow our progress on our gerrit ( and GitHub (


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+Patric Urbaneck how about fingerprint?go well?
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Evan Anderson

General Discussion  - 
Shamu owners

A new build with the pin crash fix has just been uploaded to Sorry for the delay.

EDIT: To those who tried setting a pin on the last build, you will have to wipe again
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+Evan Anderson​ Yea I fixed it long time ago lol. I had to do a factory reset and flash rom, gapps and supersu.
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Evan Anderson

Discussion  - 
Couple of issues with the latest release.

1. Pressure graph needs better scaling.
2. Map has some layout overlap and misalignment issues.
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Evan Anderson

General Discussion  - 
Nexus PA 5.1 builds are out

It’s true, our development hasn’t been as quick as you were used to but we're here with some new and tasty builds. We also have some important news regarding our plan with Nexus moving forward. So if you're keen to #StayParanoid please read them carefully!

First of all, let's talk about releases. We are proud to announce a new Nexus release based on the latest AOSP version but with our some of our key features baked in such as Theme Engine, Quick Settings Reordering, App Ops, Advanced Power Menu and the long awaited Immersive mode. Additionally, the shamu build allows WiFi calling (for T-Mo US users) and VoLTE (for T-Mo US and Verizon users).

Builds are out for shamu, hammerhead, mako, flounder, flo and grouper. We are missing support for mobile tablets and manta because we don't have the device in our hands. If you do have one of these and are willing to test for us, please contact +Evan Anderson at to get hooked up with the testing process.

Keep in mind, you will have to flash a GApps package. For most devices, we suggest TK GApps which are a continuation of the old-school PA GApps. For flounder, Banks 64bit GApps are advised instead. Additionally, if you are using a flounder, you should flash the vendor partition of the LMY47X factory image to avoid system issues - and if you are not comfortable with doing that for any reason, you should wait for the next build as it will include a minor change that will get rid of this requirement.

It has been a really long time since we released our latest public build, as you might have noticed. The legacy part of the team have been working hard to keep the work up and they switched to a separate release schedule a while back. That left the Nexus family a bit behind, but with the combined help of the Nexus and legacy team, we are ready to release today. This has happened because we are missing the manpower we had in the past on our core team.

As maintaining a solid release schedule does not seem viable as of now we've thought we should  release when there are enough changes merged to make a difference with the previous public build. So instead of the previous “weekly release” we're switching to a "release when appropriate" schedule.

Really though, right now we need more awesome people who want to work on things and make a difference, so if you like to code, just consider what you would like to change in the Android-o-sphere and try going for it. We welcome any contributions on our gerrit at You can contact +Valter Strods  on Hangouts or +Evan Anderson  at if you have any questions.

Finally we want to give thanks to all our users who waited for this release, we know that some of you are still on KitKat because you don't want to miss the feature spec you had. Also we need to thank all the members of our crew who are working on this project, buying their free time from family and leisure, all our team members are awesome. With that said, Thanks!

Builds are rolling out on and, as always, #StayParanoid
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What's android pay when its at home ? 
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Evan Anderson

General Discussion  - 
Happening NOW!
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Evan Anderson

Shared publicly  - 
Another one, another one!

The device lineup has been updated to include yet another device - The Nextbit Robin. Huge thanks to Nextbit for hooking us up with devices and believing in the open source project. This release is only for the Robin & the OnePlus 3.

As we continue to iterate and add in features to the ROM, our main focus still is to make full use of our resources and get the most out of each device. This time around we're giving utmost attention to overall performance & experience. Our developers +Alex NDS & +Jake Weinstein spent two good whole months to optimize and test the Robin so as to make it ready for public release. As always, we aim for the best experience possible.


- Added switch to last app button action
- Added custom routines to maximize performance on kryo devices
- Improved system wide performance
- Improved battery life
- Stability fixes for Quick Settings
- Various improvements and fixes for the Camera app
- Fixed a few encryption issues
- Other various bug fixes and improvements

OnePlus 3:

- Added DASH charging indicator
- Added full support for VoLTE
- Improved power management during the dexopting
- Improved Camera quality
- Improved GPS
- Improved audio platform and quality
- Improved memory management
- Improved resolution for graphic textures
- Reduced power consumption in specific cases
- Fixed camera flash issues
- Fixed internal issues relating to the display driver
- Fixed a device specific issue with encryption
- Fixed Camera app crash when trying to access settings
- Fixed Wifi Hotspot functionality
- Various other minor improvements

Head over to to get your builds!

Let's talk about update cycles & nougat

Since the 2016 relaunch, we have done a total of only 3 updates. This might seem a bit slow or not up to par to some users but it aligns well with our “release if perfect” vision. Updates are to be released only with significant and/or critical changes from now on however we’ll be trying to expedite the process of doing so to provide faster updates. As we've been giving most of our attention to performance & bug fixes, it's safe to say all of our public release versions have been relatively stable and daily-use worthy. This is to continue for Nougat.

Oh nougat? Yes, we're already on it. We've got a few devices up & running and feature-port will start soon. Some of our already existing features are going to be dropped as they are officially a part of the system now. Although, not to worry we do have a few awesome things in mind to make Nougat even better.

Also, we’re now actively developing on Gerrit / GitHub and everyone out there is free to contribute by submitting to gerrit @

Cheers and #stayparanoid!

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Please make paranoid android for moto x play
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Evan Anderson

General Discussion  - 
Paranoid Android 6.0.3

This is just a small release for Nexus and Sony that includes the August security patches. CAF devices will come at a later date. Downloads are available at You will NOT get an OTA notification for this release, but you will get one for all future releases.

For Nexus, the only device specific change is for mako, which should have working GPS.

For Sony we have a small update from +Tim Graham:

Call crashing bug has been fixed (not happened after several tests)
Modem files added for castor and scorpion devices

Before flashing these new builds, we recommend flashing the latest official stock ROM and the latest TWRP for the device. This will ensure that your system is completely ready for Paranoid Android.

We would also love to hear your comments about stability and compatibility with Sony devices, but please keep in mind the following.

If you are aware of the current AOSP development state of Sony you might know that the camera quality is not perfect and by no means the stock standard. However, Sony is currently working on the new open source implementation and with some time performance and quality will be improved. The camera software is constantly evolving and improving so all we ask you is some patience.

Device Variants:
Some of you are using different variants of Sony devices. Work is being carried out to provide support on these variants whilst keeping changes to a minimum.

Dual SIM devices will however not be supported at this time. This is due to there not currently being support by AOSP for these types of devices.

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Fred B
+Ed Burcher I was just about to ask that myself.
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Evan Anderson

General Discussion  - 
Paranoid Android 6.0.2

This release implements the July security patch and bug fixes.

We are also releasing Sony shinano family devices. The shinano family includes:

   Xperia Z2 (sirius)
   Xperia Z2 Tablet (castor)
   Xperia Z3 (leo)
   Xperia Z3 Compact (aries)
   Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (scorpion)

Builds, as always, are available at

The changelog is as follows:

For all devices:
July 5th Security Bulletin
Fixed do not disturb tile behavior
Fixed location tile updating issues

CAF Devices
Minor bugfixes
Fixed adjusting media volume when in alarms only mode

Device specific:
   Fixed slow charging
   Fixed low volume while in call
   Fixed headphone jack audio
OnePlus 2
Performance improvements
Audio quality improvements
Fixed gesture issues
General fixes and minor improvements
OnePlus 3
Added Dash charging
Fixed offline charging
Complete device rework

Enjoy and #stayparanoid!
Paranoid Android. Official Legacy. AOSPA. #STAYPARANOID.
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+Alex NDS thanks for replying man. funny that you say clean flash because i tried to dirty flash 6.0.2 and it failed to boot. well it got passed the boot screen but then i got " stopped and system process stopped" (cant remember exactly).. the pop ups kept happening constantly so it wasnt usable at all, so in the end i had to do a clean flash!
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Evan Anderson

Shared publicly  - 
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Holy shit!! I've been waiting for this forever!! I was even thinking about going back to cm11 for the longest time 😅 
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Evan Anderson

Shared publicly  - 
Response to since I proably won't be allowed to join the community to comment.

First off, +Paul Beeler, I did not -2 all of your commits.  If you noticed, you did submit, which has not been reviewed yet.  

Your kernel building commits (for reference:,,  and contain changes we are not going to make, plain and simple.  Inline kernel building is NOT something we will support on mainline AOSPA because we have NO intention of developing our own kernel or building the kernel from source.  The great thing about open source is that you are welcome to fork and add those changes to your own source tree.  

AOSPA welcomes any and all changes to ANY of our repositories on gerrit.  Each change will be reviewed and considered for merging into the main tree.  There will be instances where we will immediately deny a commit because it is a change we have no intention of making, or one we have already had discussion about.  We will never deny a change without providing reasoning behind denying that change.  In this instance, I clearly stated, along with my -2, that we have already decided to use Google's prebuilt kernels and have no intention of building kernels from source.  
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