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Web comics about Singaporean artist Eva and her imaginary dog's life in Japan, US and Singapore.
Web comics about Singaporean artist Eva and her imaginary dog's life in Japan, US and Singapore.

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Comics: The most contradicting dress code
When I wear a pair of jeans and blouse, I would see ladies wearing formal dresses and guys wearing long sleeves shirt and pants. When I wear a dress, I would see people wear jeans... This smart casual dress code is too complicated for me...

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Comics: Doing yoga at home
I tried doing yoga at home, but I admit I don't have the perseverance to do core work and warrior poses so I usually end up just stretching here and there... which is good to relax and sleep zzz~

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Comics: Dating Events
Somehow I always end up exchanging contacts with the ladies instead of the guys... No matches yet but made more friends~

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Comics: After a successful weight loss
Well everything is good except for that... ... xx Although I didn't lose much weight this month, I can already fit into my old clothes, yeah! Although I read about muscles being more compact than fats, to witness it on my body was quite amazing O_O;; I thin...

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Comics: Buying smaller size clothes for motivation
I used to buy just-fitting clothes that shrink a bit after wash. I thought I could still fit in and motivates me to slim down, but my belly would end up rounder and rounder and protruding...😭

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Comics: Losing weight by practicing yoga
Many people doubted that yoga can lose weight... well the truth is you can, but need to combine with a diet... And I am aware about my tummy each time during practice...

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Comics: Diversity in US
While flipping my book of recorded ideas to draw into comics, I came across this one that I wrote last year. So after Trump took over, he wants to build a wall at the Mexican border, ban people from 7 countries to enter (including green card holders), exit ...

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Visit to Google Office in Singapore
Thanks to PurpleClick Media and DBS Business Class, I won a short tour around the Singapore Google office last Friday! I just realised that my bag was huge in this group photo 😅 First stop was their brainstorm room. There were movable panels, pretty cool. ...

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Comics: Exercising the face
I attended a core yoga class at Yoga Inc recently and it's mostly pilates moves to use your core muscles (mainly your abs, or in my case "flabby tummy"). Most of the time I find myself clenching my face and the instructor would tell us to relax... But I alw...

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Character theme cafes and shops in Taipei
Ok I'm not going to lie, I like to visit character theme cafes because one of my dream is to have my very own one day, or at least to design for a cafe... During my last trip, my good friend brought me to many character cafe and shops that I felt as if I wa...
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