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Ordered my new pair of Choco sandals today!!! I got the green ones. ^_^ I'm excited. 3 to 5 business days! Today was the first day that I could finally walk around semi-normal and not look like a total gimp. >_< The new shoes should help with all that AND they'll be easy to clean. ^_^
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They were "delivered" this Saturday, but the mail man WILL NOT come to our apartment doors and drop the box off. Sooo since it was after post office hours, I have to wait until TUESDAY to actually GET MY SHOES!!! D: I'm a sad panda...I really wanted them today too.
They got here EARLY on Saturday morning....I had no idea. I thought they wouldn't be delivered until much later in the day because the mail comes later here every day anyway. >_< I could have had them then. :( Oh well. I got 'em now!!! ^_^