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digital marketing | brand ignitor
digital marketing | brand ignitor

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Keep your Facebook cover art looking its best by staying up-to-date with the latest changes.
In case you missed it:
Here's What's New in My Facebook Cover Template

One of my awesome subscribers nudged me to update my cover photo template for Facebook. You can download it here - - or read about what I changed in the article linked below. 

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Hear hear! I love a good +David duChemin rant in the defence of freedom of creativity.

"Every once in a while, despite my best efforts to keep my head down and avoid this stuff, I hear someone complain again about “amateur” photographers (don’t even get me started on the term faux-tographer, I’ll have an aneurism) cannibalising the photography market because they work for less than industry standard, or – God help us – for free. And then these complainers head off to Walmart to get their discounted goods. Sigh. I’ve done so well at restraining myself lately, and haven’t had a rant for ages, but God help me, I’m about to jump down this rabbit-hole."

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Social Media: One Size Does Not Fit All - infographic

See where your business fits into the #socialmedia world to make sure you're spending your time on the best sites for your marketing profile.

See the complete image here:

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graphic courtesy of +Mainstreethost. 

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