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Loreen's already been taking over the charts in Europe - see how she's becoming Europe's number one hit this summer!
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+FazZ Khedoo yea, damn right, cause it suxxx! It's really cheap! I'd never thought this would be the result, but I knew why I wasn't watching it...
We had it pegged as the likely winner, so kudos to my wife and I. We really enjoyed the evening - I think there were only 2 songs we didn't get - and I had hoped that Cyprus might get it this year, but to no avail.
I don't understand people who feel they have to constantly state how much they dislike Eurovision. I think this might be an equivalent to homophobics having the root fear that they are gay themselves - these people have a fear that they will enjoy Eurovision too much and not be able to moan about it any more.
You know, House and Trance and that aren't really my cup of tea, but the song and tune were catchy. In fact, as I said, most of the songs sat very well and I felt sorry for those who did less well as they almost all had great tunes. Perhaps my taste is simply more ecclectic and not on a narrow band!?
+Iain Mair you're missing the point. I do like the ESC but was disappointed about the contestants this time around - no gay-issue or homophobic anything - I don't know where that come from???
+Omid Hajiabadi - I was trying to get across that you seemed only to be protesting too much. I'm not sure why you were disappointed.

I wasn't impressed with the Russian Babushki or the Turkish entry, both of whom did rather well, but the other songs were either fun or technically great (Albania, as an example). I really liked the last song - the one about the trumpet - and thought Cyprus should have been higher up the votes, but I enjoyed the songs this year more than I have for a few years now. I think the last time I really enjoyed the show was the year of Verka Seduchka.

So please explain what disappointed you so much - was it the venue, the commentary, or your perception of the standard of songs? I'm interested in your view.
I personally didn't like Spain's winning song and especially thought the Albanian song was terrible (really off and very much like dying cat), but a number of others seemed so dull, sad and boring, where as the Russian one was just fun. If I was choosing (with the mute button on), Greece easily... for two reasons though.

Eleftheria Eleftheriou is stunning tallent (with an OK voice and song too), but imagine if Greece actually won []^_^] I'm not Greek, (just have some lovely Greek friends), but i'd mainly want them to win purely to see what happens with them in their current financial crisis and somehow generate money to host next years +Eurovision Song Contest 2013 []^_^]
Definitely think Denmark should have done better!
She was AMAZING! Deserved to win!
es una de las cantantes que me gusta mucho , aunque soy de españa
The correct song won for once.
That's easy. Becouse Loreen have's a really beautiful voice and the hair. You don't really understand this -
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