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We are all familiar with the Royal Mail, but do we know how it was originally founded ?  Here is a brief version of how our distinguished postal service came about throughout years of historic changes within Great Britain.
The Royal Mail is one of Great Britain’s longest and most well known establishments to date, with improvements and changes over the years, this is how our Royal Mail came to be.
In 1516 Henry VII established what was called “Master of the Posts”, a position which went on to be the Postmaster General.  By 1635 Charles I made the postal service available to the public.  In 1660 Charles II established the General Post Office and by the following year the first postal date stamp was being used.
The following century in 1784 the first mail coach was introduced that ran between Bristol and London.  Nine years later the first post men hit the streets.  In 1840 the Penny Black was released, the very first postage stamp. A very much sort after collectors item to date.
By 1880 the Royal Mail introduced postmen on bicycles to help deliver the mail quicker and more efficiently.  Over the next century the Royal Mail went from strength to strength, after a short rebranding to Consignia it was renamed back to the Royal Mail in 2002.
You can view the full history of the Royal Mail on their official website.  You will also find lots of helpful information about the use of franking machines.
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If you are using a Smart franking machine you may not be aware that you can actually claim the Vat back on some postal services that you have used.  This scheme was introduced by the Royal Mail a few years back but some customers who either purchase or lease their franking machine are still not making full use of this.  Every month you will receive a detailed invoice on the Vat that you have been charged according to the services that you have used that month.  Your invoice will normally come direct from the manufacturer but in some cases may come direct from the Royal Mail.
If your business is Vat registered and sells taxable goods or services then you should be able to claim back the Vat on your outgoing postage the normal way in which you do your Vat return.  For clarification on this you could always speak to your accountant or financial advisor.
Below you will see some of the services that you can claim the Vat back on if you have used these services through your franking machine.  Detailed below is just of them, for the full list of services you can go to the Royal Mail website.
 Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9.00am
 Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1.00pm
 Special Delivery Guaranteed with Saturday Guarantee
 International Tracked
 Single Collections
Please remember that 1st and 2nd Class (stamps and franking) are exempt from Vat.  Should you wish to discuss this further you can speak to one of our advisors on 01474 815850.

Many years ago franking machines were not always affordable to the small business or person working from home.  Franking machines have come a long way since then, whereby the price to own or lease one has dropped considerably.  This means they are more accessible to not just the high volume user but to small business’s too.  Far more people are working from home now selling their goods/services on the likes of Ebay and Amazon, this means by having a franking machine it can make your profit margin increase due to the savings you can make on postage, as opposed to using Royal Mail stamps.
There are many different types of franking machines available, be careful to choose the correct one for your requirements.  Do not be encouraged to choose a franking machine that is way too big for the volume of postage that you are doing. The smaller models are more than capable of doing a considerable amount of outgoing post.  If you can provide the franking machine company with all your requirements and expenditure, it will ensure you are quoted and supplied with the correct model.  Franking machines are not set at doing a minimum/maximum spend but your volumes of post will obviously determine which model would suit you best.  The Pitney Bowes DM60 is an ideal franking machine for the person working at home. Designed for around 20-30 items per day this franking machine will sit perfectly in a small office, without taking up too much space.  As this machine is also Mailmark, the user will benefit from even higher savings than if using a standard Smart franking machine.
Our company has over twenty years knowledge of franking machines, whereby we are happy to help and advise on any question that you may have.  If you would like to discuss having a franking machine please either fill out the contact form on our website or please phone us 01474 815850.

To help customers with the day to day running of their franking machine, the Royal Mail have put together a list of common errors that can occur when using a franking machine.  Most of these can be corrected quickly and efficiently without causing the customer too much stress.  In an ideal world these issues wouldn’t occur but when you are running a busy mailroom they will from time to time.
Here are just a few examples of what can happen when using a franking machine:
If you find you have franked your mail with the wrong date, you can correct it.  You are allowed to put a line through the incorrect date that has printed, black ink is preferred.  Then make sure you change the date on the franking machine, but remember to set the postage to zero so you don’t use up any credit.  You can then re-frank the envelope or place a label with the correct date on the reverse.
2.  If you have paid too little postage for your item – Frank the envelope again with the outstanding amount, place this to the bottom left hand corner of the envelope.
3.  If you have paid too much on the franking machine – Do not post these items, remove the contents and put these to one side and start again. You can claim the incorrect items back.  The total must be over £10.00 and the impressions must be clear and readable.  You have six months from the date to claim these back.  Please see the Royal Mail website for the address to send these to.
4. Underpaid a Special Delivery® Guaranteed Item – You can pay the difference in two ways either pay the outstanding amount at a Post Office at full stamp rate or print another label on the franking machine for the additional amount and stick the extra label on the item.
We hope the above is of use to anyone using a franking machine, if you have any further queries please do contact us on 01474 815850.

When using a franking machine it is important that you understand the World Zones that are set out by the Royal Mail, so that your outgoing mail is directed and priced to the correct zone according to its location.  On the Royal Mail website you will see a list of countries and the zone that each country comes under.  Over time if you are sending to the same location you will soon know which World Zone you require, for other countries you may wish to refer to the list on the Royal Mail website.
The key areas when sending your mail fall under four categories, Uk, Europe, World Zone 1 and World Zone 2.  The Uk – this zone comprises of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Europe for example will cover the likes of Austria, France, Germany, Spain and many more locations (please see the full list on the Royal Mail website).  Please remember that the Irish Republic will come under Europe.
You then come to World Zone 1, this covers any country that is not listed as being under Europe or World Zone 2.  This generally covers countries in North America, South America, Africa, The Middle East, The Far East and East Asia.
Finally World Zone 2, for example covers New Zealand, Australia, Republic of Singapore, again the full list of locations are on the Royal Mail website should you need clarification.
So when using your franking machine please make sure you select the correct zone in order that your item is delivered without delay and without any under or over paying of postage.
Should you have any further queries on the above please contact one of our advisors to discuss this on 01474 815850.

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The Pitney Bowes DM160i franking machine has been designed as a low to medium volume franking machine, allowing the user to frank around 20-100 letters per day, depending upon which version of this model you choose. The Pitney Bowes DM160i franking machine comes with a 2.5Kg weighing scale as standard. If required you can upgrade the scale to be able to weigh upto 35Kg, this is a simple software upgrade if required for when sending heavier parcels.

As this franking machine is Mailmark compliant you can take advantage of getting even higher discounts on your outgoing post through the Royal Mail and their services. Other features include the ability to frank up to 40 letters per minute, 25 accounts available for departmental accounting, this allows you to keep track on the expenditure of individual departments if desired. To assist with this you can also use the report facility to run off postage and meter reports.

Re-crediting of the Pitney Bowes DM160i franking machine has never been simpler, with the option of either LAN, PC Connect or Wifi Connection. Eliminating the problem of having to find an analogue line to use as with previous types of franking machines.

You can view our brochure on the Pitney Bowes DM160i franking machine to see more details and specifications. You will also be able to compare the Pitney Bowes DM220i against the DM160i and decide which model may suit you better.
•Mailmark Ready for Maximum Postage Discounts
•Semi-Automatic Envelope Feeding
•Up to 40 Letters per minute
•2.5 Kg Postal Scale (option to Increase to 5Kg)
•All UK and Worldwide Postal Rates
•9.5mm envelope thickness clearance
•LAN / Network, Modem or PC Re-crediting / Updates
•Smart Meter Technology Fully Compliant with Royal Mail VAT Services
•Wireless (Wi-fi) Connection Option
•25 Cost Centre Accounts with PIN Number Security

•FREE Royal Mail Postage Rate Updates
•FREE Online Usage Reporting
•FREE Full Ink Cartridge Delivered with the Machine
•FREE Starter Pack of Labels
•FREE Delivery & Installation Support
•FREE Up to 5 Logo’s / Company Slogans
•FREE UK Call Centre Support
•FREE Side Ejection Catch Tray

If you require any further assistance on the Pitney Bowes DM160i franking machine, then please do contact us on 01474 815850 and speak to one of our team who will be happy to advise you.

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How do I order a new logo for my Pitney Bowes franking machine from EPS Ltd?

With every Pitney Bowes franking machine that we supply, the customer is given the choice of having a company logo or a return address to print on their outgoing post. These are supplied as part of our package that EPS Ltd provides.

Having a logo or return address can give your company that extra professional look at no extra cost. Should your mail be undelivered for whatever reason the royal mail are able to return your un-delivered post back to you.

All we require from the customer is your artwork or wording emailed to us in a jpeg file, this is then ordered via the Pitney Bowes server. We are then able to download your requirements to your franking machine within a few days of being processed.

The design is stored in the memory of the franking machine and the customer has the option of turning the design on or off at anytime.

For more information please contact sales on  01474 815850 for immediate help and advice.

What Makes European Postal Systems Different To Other Franking Machine Suppliers?

Here at European Postal Systems Ltd we pride ourselves on the professional service we give our existing and potentially new customers.

Our aim here is to treat each customer according to their individual needs and postal requirements.

You will find when you telephone European Postal Systems Ltd you will not get an automated telephone system directing your call because our lines are answered by an actual person who will answer whatever query you may have.

Our sales team are not commissioned based therefore always directing you to the correct franking machine for your postage application.

Our service does not just involve sales of franking machines, we also offer a high level of after sales care, if any queries should arise after the installation of your new franking machine. Each sale is equally important to us whether its one of our small low volume machines or a high automated system, everyone one is treated equally and with respect.

If you are not happy with your present supplier, telephone today on 01474 815850 and we will help and advise you.

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Our fastest selling franking machine is the Pitney Bowes DM160i Mailmark approved franking machine saving you 18p on a 2nd class letter up to 100g and 12p on a 1st class letter up to 100g.

Designed for the low / medium volume user, this machine will meet all your expectations and requirements.
With the latest technology the DM160i franking machine is a fast, efficient and cost effective piece of office equipment you could have.

You will have no more postage errors as the DM160i franking machine will give you the correct value each time using the built in 2.5kg scale.

All instructions are given clearly to the user from the screen, guiding the operator each time to the correct service.

Would you like to monitor postal costs? You can with the DM160i franking machine as it comes with 25 individual accounts.

Take a look at for further specifications on the DM160i Mailmark approved franking machine.

European Postal Systems Ltd are proud to work in conjunction with the Royal Mail and has been an approved maintainer for many years now, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01474 815850 to discuss your postal requirements.

Are you being pressurised by your present franking machine supplier regarding Mailmark franking machines?

With the current climate as it is, unfortunately you may be experiencing unethical selling within the franking industry for Mailmark machines.

You may feel pushed into a corner by being told that your current machine is going to be "obsolete" or that it "can no longer be supported because of the changes within the Royal Mail".

This has left a lot of customers feeling very confused as to what avenue they should take and whether it's necessary at all to change their franking machine. You may also find you are being offered new equipment at extremely low prices. Please be aware they may be suggesting a machine that is not the equivalent to the one you have at present. A lot of these machines are for low volume users, with less features/functions causing no end of problems to the end user and therefore unable to cope with the volume of post the customer is doing.

Please also be aware that there are other costs involved in having a new machine, which are often not mentioned. These should be looked into carefully by the customer. Ask to have all costs involved put in writing, therefore eliminating any unpleasant surprises on maybe the cost of ink or the costs involved in maintaining the new equipment. Remember if it sounds too good to be true is probably is!

So if you have been told that your franking machine will become obsolete please contact us on 01474 81580 whereby we will give you honest and accurate information and answer all questions impartially. Therefore helping you approach the matter with as much information behind you as possible. So even if we cannot support your old equipment you will find that there are different options available to you that we can offer you without the silly gimmicks.
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