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Keeping with the Olympic Games, this is a What If the European Union sent one team to the games rather than each member state sending its own.
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+梁牧云 , 谷歌翻译是一件美妙的事情。

Now that's something to think about. Technically, the EU would be the 'host country'.
you need to write which korea - naugthy or nice is here
+Andrius Daulys 你说得很对,“好棒子”还是“嘎棒子”,这一点要说明
It's not totally true, because it depend the number of athletes are qualified. If you look UK instead to Great Britain...
if the European Union does exist in Olympic
Shit,they never forget WWⅡ
European union has been a country?pathetic,you should feel shameful
Britain has the majority of the "EU" medals anyway!
Yi Jie
哈哈 做梦去吧 成员国语言都不同
If Great Britain were the size of USA or china based on a medal to population ratio britain would win the olympics hands down
Europe : France + Angleterre deux nations européennes qui comptabilent le plus de médailles 
this way we (= Europeans) all win ! 
Greg Platt
You forget that the EU would not be able to send as many athletes if it were a united team. That would drastically change the picture.
you win ,哈哈!!
Russian said I wanna join the union. = =!!!
Hey Russia, breaking up into bits isn't looking too good right now is it?
This has turned into an interesting post. Can all post from now on be in one of the 23 official languages. Insults/derogatory remarks will be deleted as are appearing in certain languages.
I'd rather be 3rd as Great Britain than first as whole of Europe. Long live the £!
THAT would be a good idea - would save us a bunch of money
Yeah~, the UN would got more than 100 gold medals and would never drop out from 1st position.
No, if you sent one team you wouldn't have nearly as many competitors and thus not nearly so many medals. Jeesh. 
it a hypothetical the cant achived it china r
L'Angleterre fait partie de l'Union Européenne.c'est juste 
sa monnaie qui n'en fait pas partie 
Europe des médailles : France Angleterre Russie Italie Allemagne 
Hongrie Hollande 
England is part of the Union Européenne.c is just
its currency that do not belong
Medals Europe: England France Germany Italy Russia
Hungary Holland
+Niq House Americans cant handle/do sarcasm - im British and proud.
Yea, what if we only sent one world team?  
if you consider EU as one team then it was not possible to send too many athletes in one Sport.

at the moment there is 10 EU athletes in one field and 1 USA  ofcourse EU chanse is 10 times more.
A better, and perhaps more interesting comparison might be ASEAN, NAFTA (countries) and the EU
Asia Union also have Japan, China and Korea as our representative from Asia. We are proud to be asia!
If that's the case, then you would need to recalculate the North American team to include the US, Canada, and Mexico.
EU (primarily France and Brussells) proving it's inferiority complex and inability for logical/rational/thought. If the US dissolved into 50 independent countries then the sum of those medals would also be more than our current count because our participation would be significantly increased.
UK trolled the world ..........regards to the US!!
Stats by continent would be interesting as well, if someone is less lazy than me :)
@ Clancy Adams the EU's medal tally would still be greater lol
Nope. Not going to work. Because # of athletes will be greatly reduced..
Korea doesn't want to be South Korea any more. Are we next? becoming The Separate States of America?
This is misleading because the "European Union" as a country would be limited to how many athletes would be allowed to participate.
+Micheal Rhoda were not afraid to show emotional. We aren't like you desensitised, robotic American drones.
European Union for real, multiple countries medals...HAHA..Then they should wear European Union Uniforms...That's lame
lau jee
China already get frist.
Best at being first, second and third! Impressive :-)
Not a chance :-). In this case Asia would win :-)
Excellent idea
Europe dream team!!
27 EU states:  3695 participant athletes 
US:  530 participant athletes
China:  380 participant athletes
Korea:  245 participant athletes
What if all humans sent a team, they would destroy the competition.
Great idea will give Nick Clegg something to do
Then the us should make the north American union and go as that or maybe the American union (both Americas)
+Andy Brommel you are right, but just to make it right - we in EU do not have inferiority complex in general - it's just those idiotic bureaucrats from Brussels and French (who are mostly running Brussels bureaucracy). Please do not judge us all just because leaders of our non-democratic it-is-surely-not-confederation are doing everything wrong. 
What about Team World?! Nah, the Olympics are much more exciting when athletes are representing their own, sovereign countries. France for the French, Germany for the Germans, and the UK for the Brits.
That is what said about the Euro! GB should run on it's own and take it's chances
This will never happen. The human race is too greedy.
Same applies if the former Soviet Union sent one team to the games. :)
+Jamez Frondeskias We aren't missing the point, we are just saying this hypothetical is flat wrong. The graphic/post should be titled "what if we could add all of the medal counts of the EU countries together?".
This is a bit misleading... each country can send limited number of athletes (3) in each cathegory, sports event, and two (men, women) national teams for team sports. So e.g.: there would be no football team for germany, france, UK, but only one: EU. If this one team would fail, then no more chance to add good result from any other country ;) So this DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AT ALL. What if US Team would not go as USA, but Texas, NY, California, etc. They could send not only 3 for each sport event but 3x52. Even more athletes at the Olympics would come from the US area ;) So keep it like this.
yes makes sense to compile stats by continent rather than country as much sense as it made to include Greece and Italy in a monetary union. 
Jamez Frondeskias you are wrong. Here is a blurb from Wikipedia. About Track and Field at the Olympics. "All countries are allowed to enter a maximum of three athletes into any of the Track and Field events in the Olympics, provided all three athletes have achieved a verifiable "A" standard performance."
Let's pray that there will never a United Europe for many reasons including this one.
If the EU sent a single team they wouldn't have as many competitors and hence would most likely have fewer metals total.
wonder what North America would tally?
+damisi rosemond I may be wrong on this, but I think the goal is for the European Union to become one country with the individual "countries" becoming more like states or provinces. And it's not the whole continent. There are still plenty of European countries not in the Union.
Assuming the same athletes would win the medals, and assuming the winning European athletes were also selected to represent the EU, there would be a lot of European athletes who wouldn't get the chance to compete, but the EU team would indeed win by far the most medals.
ye   but    the      uk           is            the       best             and   we                               would         get           the     most         medals
If Yorkshire was a country, They would be in tenth position, above Australia.... 
Greg Platt is correct... there are continental quotas, selection processes, host nation exceptions etc which dictate how many athletes will participate per event from any given country.  This is all in the spirit of "sport for all" ensuring there is a certain balance in country representation per event.
Gopinad, I appreciate your question. Indians are everywhere in the world. I'm thankful for your country in exporting the best doctors.
Two questions.
1) what is the total number of athletes that earned that total?
2) could Germany afford supporting all of those athletes?
additionally if you send a unified team then the EU would only win one medal per team sport... :)  but i'm sure that was already taken into consideration ;)
I cheer for the Independent Olympic Athletes - They do their own thing without the huge financial support of a country.
This is stupid. What if Florida, California and Texas were their own countries with their demographics?
Just another attempt to inject some controversy into the Olympics, which is supposed to represent sport in its purest form.  I will say though that I'm starting to question what the IOC considers a "sport".  I'm going to have a real problem in 4 years if I see fooseball and darts on the event list.
Come on South Africa, bring home some golds.....
This image only shows the worthiness of one: Korea.
And Britain would have contributed the most :D 
Why not have just one team, 'Humans'? We'd always be #1! Yay!! :p
I think they should add rugby to the Olympics. A fair few countries play. They should add cricket, too. Or would that not happen due to the fact China and America don't really participate in those sports?
Heh. Well, there are limits on team sizes, so most of the members on those countries teams would not be on the EU team, so that would have to affect those results... Right?
Actually medal won't be like that since EU will have less Olympians since everyone will knock each other at the qualifiers tho EU will have a basketball team to challenge USA 
Our local university is keeping score of it's students or graduates athletes as if they were a nation and is currently in 11th place.
Many sports are limited to a certain number of competitors per country.  How much lower would that total be if that were the case for the entire EU?
What is it with some Europeans feeling so inferior that they think of their continent as an entire country? This is like Ivan Ljubicic's silly Twitter comment about Europeans boycotting the North American tennis hard court season.
Why not combine North America?  I think you are going the wrong direction.  Why not let TX, CA, CO compete separately?
We'd still be third. We certainly wouldn't be in the EU if you go by currency.
Now imagine the results if the world became one country. 104 gold, 78 silver, 78 bronze just from this short list!
No one hates the EU. EU has yet to prove that it can get it together and can function the way people expected it would. The events of the last two years are an indication that EU has a very long way to go before it can even come close to resembling a united country. Right now is Germany financing the rest of it and the rest of it resenting the Germans for it...ask the Greeks if you do not believe me. 
Not true. They would have less athletes competing
Except isn't there a rule about each country only getting to send maximum 2 athletes or teams for each event?  Would the medal distribution stay the same if Europe only got 2 competitors for each sport?
Totally unrealistic.  First, you must consider populations.  (No wonder China has the most medals.)  Second, the EU would be limited in the number of athletes they could send into certain sports.  Thus, there chance of winning medals would decrease.
The EU is starting to break up. This would have been a great post 6 years ago
it's ok.  michael phelps alone can hang w/ the United States of Europe (EU).
trillion Dollar thought Dan Jones
Wrong because you added teams from different countries per sport. What I mean is that the EU will just send one team for each sport instead of one per each EU country.
So one bid from the EU, rather than several European countries?
"What if"?? Well, in that case let's consider the scenario of "what if the Soviet Union was still around, who would win then?" :)
The UK France and "any of European nation of your choice" is probably enough to put the EU at the top
They would not have a chance. The US will rock the world.
why not stop with the nationalist BS, and enjoy the athletes' performance? 
I'm not really sure populations has as much to do with it as you might think. If it did then India would be kicking ass.  

I'd say in China's scenario it is thanks due to the investment the federal government puts into training olympic caliber athletes.  In the US it boils down to geography, population, and wealth of the nation as a whole.  As the US govt doesn't invest any money in the Olympic team the initial investments come from the families of the athletes.  If there wasn't so much wealth in the US that setup would be impossible.
Wow great man europe is building its self up. At first i thought china was the best in all of em
Too bad ya can't get along, dat divide & conquer shit ain't workin' or  maybe it did. Losers...
From the people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: You're Welcome :op

Yohance is low level troll.  Try harder next time.  Go athletes!
njangalod randalodum kalikkan dairiyalol vareenedaa....
It's funny to think that if that were to happen, the only way the athletes could work as a team would be if they all spoke English. Lets just be real, no one is going to choose French or German as the official EU language for Olympic competition.
what would be the point of the eu sending a team anyway? ridiculous! and the team would have over what, a couple of thousand people? THe team wouldn't be able to be that big. So 44 gold medals wouldn't work...
WTF Europe isn't a country and what has Korea got to do with anything?
This isn't accurate because the EU would only have a single team in each event and therefore fewer opportunities for victory. It would certainly be a lot if medals–possibly even more than the US and China, but certainly not as much as just adding all the medals from each EU member state.
Does the Chinese tally include HK and Taiwan then?
as awesome as that may sound, the logistics of such a thing are impossible.  who gets to choose who goes? who would rule this "country"?
LOL You need work on your math skills. 
mmm... and what if America send only one team? 
To throw out a "what if" of this magnitude is stupid. They wouldn't be allowed any more Olympic athletes then any other country. It would be a waste and pure idiotic.
The EU is dead! Nazi's never survive! The people of all the separate nations never wanted this EU-project and we will all celebrate when it officially falls!
ummm... if EU were a single unit like the United States, you wouldn't have as many teams in the Olympics, so your "medal count" is extremely skewed. Nice try though...
You were wrong in all respects Jamez.  The US could send 2,000 athletes if all they needed were a certain time or distance or world ranking.  There is a limit.  The US would have 10-12 in the swimming events if there was no limit.
I didn't know we were grouping by trade associations.
What if all Asia countries band together into a union and enter as one team?

Olympics is about each nation sending their own team, European Union is NOT a nation, it is a union of nations. Saying this is like cheating, and you wouldn't be able to send as many competitors as now.
This is stupid. A single team wouldn't be allowed to have that many individuals on it. It's like letting each of the 50 states have their own team. 
This is misleading as its based on results where the EU enters participants as separate countries, i.e. in a race where the us and china have one runner and there are several from different eu countries of course its more likely that a runner from the eu will win, however if the eu had to pick just one runner then there chances would probably be much closer to that of other countries
It would be interesting to see this done for the former Soviet Bloc countries...
This takes me back to my school days... when one kid didn't like me and so he thought he could fight me. Him and his 2 friends.

Because the 3 of them made up one contender while I made up the other. It was the only way "he" could see it being fair.
And what if McDonalds sent a team, rather then the US? How about if their athletes actually had to eat there?
Cal vin
Losers love to manipulate the numbers... 
If the EU only sent one team, then they would have a smaller team than the combined teams of all the member countries. That might lead to a smaller total number of medals, possibly.  I think examples might be found in cycling or gymnastics, or rowing, among others.
+Uwe Mielkau Actually GB is one of the founding European member states. They just aren't part of the Euro currency. 
+European Union dear european union, european, made ​​up of nation states, which is nourished for banks. We have 0,0,0 medals. go fuck yourself in the EU.
I still believe that nations should be judged by medals per million people.  Evens out the playing field.
Then we need to think about sending team from each continent, so 6 teams and lets see where it goes. 
the eu sucks willy we should get out 
Could APEC count their medals together? 亚太经合组织能否合计金牌?:)
Tae Kim
Korea is the greatest!
Then there would be 16 less teams in the Olympics?

Oh, you think that with 1/17th the number of people, the European Union team would magically be able to win just as many medals as all of the teams combined.
I would like to know where America sits in medal contention against the remaining Countries. The European Union isn't a fcuking Country, so this table isn't a fair comparison.
where is 翻译官???看不懂。。。
The EU would be allowed to send as much athletes, for starters... Stupid idea... Oh, well....
would love to see a column added to this chart where it sums up number of athletes attending as well.
Surely that defeats the object? We do not want to be labelled as EU were are the UK.
guess what Indian Sub-Continent would still get no gold :D
So would the EU get now slots than every other country, or would it mean fewer competitors?
Well, the EU would be restricted by the max number of entries in any particular event, so the medal total is not accurately representative of the what if...
I didn't realize there was a team "European Union"
Knowing David Cameron, the UK would gladly do this...he is the EU's biggest bum chum.
my point really is all the law makers in Brussels and they don't really have any thing useful to do so they bring out stupid meaningless directives that destroy business then pat them self on the back because they have a massive budget, and there is far two many to give examples, they need to get a grip     
90% EU players have not european origins ;)
Maybe next time you want to read the text above +Christopher Grant  (What if ...)  before attempting to come up with a highly educated comment ....  --:)
same with asia wat will be situation?? japan china south korea.. india???
Lol Americans are dumb as fuck from the comments Iv read by these fat Yankee bastards
A mythical Team EU could send a ton of athletes to compete in individual events, but the number of athletes would dropped based on team sports. Men's & Women's basketball, soccer, field hockey and on and on.

Instead of having 27 teams in all of those events, you'd have 1. I'm not going to do the math, but that would be far fewer than 3,500+.

Of course this totally ignores the fact that the member states of the EU would never give up their home flags in favor of the EU flag.
Awful idea! Why not just put Asia together?
You have to consider that the total medals shown here for the EU are based on having competitors fron each country. It would be much different if they only sent one
Medal counts are silly and I don't like to see them posted.  The Olympics are about individual and team achievement.
Not really. Maybe for team events.

Imagine if the US got to send 100 people to each individual event. I'd say that would increase their winnings.

Can't see it hurting as they'd have their best + a bunch of good in play. 
Do a graph on how many of the European athletes, who were not top seeded, but  actually medaled, would have been cut from this new European team. Also how many fewer athletes would be participating in the games.
The "European Union" is a joke, so it would be a pretty funny team, right? :P
I dont belive in the idea of a European Union - i dont want to pay for the stupidity in Greece, i dont want to pay for the bad crops in Spain...
That's clearly wrong, United Europe would not be able to have the same amount of athletes and in all the team sport it will be represented by a single team. 
This is lovely to know, but I would never support it 
Won't look that good when GB pulls out though will it?
Korean people will think that all the gold who is Korean。include EU and  USA
go united states of america  i wish we won 1 place but it is ok to be second
They would lose medals if this happened because all of those athletes would not be competeing in the their finals like they have... they'd have to beat eachother to qualify and then beat everyone else, again.
Bryce C
The Caribbean should create a team called the West Indies and would rack up so many medals.
+Jamie Hobbs  darts is a legitimite sport , albeit for fat blokes who  like a beer and smoke 60 a day :/
go all of you i dont care
You have to consider that the total medals shown here for the EU are based on having competitors fron each country. It would be much different if they only sent one
Just because you have a common market and common flag doesn't mean you sudden become a country. Also, UK would never join an EU Olympic team, since it doesn't even share a common currency. What a joke.
^^ Levi speaks the truth. 
Scott E
Either way, Team GB are not to far behind the US or China and just compare all the other statistics. Population, size....etc..
The difference should be massive... should be.
That's funny, China and the US could team up and take on the entire continent of Europe. It is great to see that while our governments couldn't be more different, the competitive nature of our people are the same.
It was fun watching the women boxing. Too bad for Queen, she gave it her best. 
James, that's only partially true. Individuals also have to make their country teams. Also, as with women's gymnastics, the numbers who can be admitted to finals from each country are limited. The U.S. girl (name eludes me) who received 4th highest overall marks couldn't compete in all around competition because 2 teammates outscored her. In kayaking, each country can send a maximum of 2 teams to each event; considering EU teams dominated the events, that would drastically change things. Imagine what would happen if the EU could only send one team to the football (soccer) tournament. Your comment actually applies to very few sports.
Now do it again, but instead of the United States, replace it with "The Americas" which includes all of the connected landmass of the US, Canada, South America, and Mexico. :)
How does that make any sens at all.  If they sent one team?  Somebody has way too much time on their hands.  What would the medal count look like if all the people who train in the states but compete for other countries look like?  Still just as irrelevant...
Spend more time worrying about your debt crisis, your unsustainable welfare states, and your declining birthrates and less time playing "what ifs" about Olympic medals.
How about the EU do this with reduced number of teams. Such as one archery team instead of 10, etc. One soccer team instead of 10.
They would not be able to send nearly the amount of athletes. This is limited on a per country basis in every sport.
Our local TV last night said that if the County of Yorkshire was a country, it would have been 13th with 3 Golds etc. in the medal table, pointing out that this was higher than Australia... I think it was because we would expect Australia to fare well in the medals.  Yorkshire got another Gold today (its 4th)
Awesome! Love the pics of him working on it. Roll bar?
EU team medals is an automatic win for most irrelevant post of the year.
Tom Jan
How about eu vs americas vs Asia/Oceania vs Africa? Wonder what the medal count would be for that?
Found the rrevised table very interesting given that multinationals define economic prosperity and hence nationalism.
i thing so european union wins gold medal.any 1 can win
trouble is, if EU was a single team, it would not have so many athletes competing.
Wonderful i think this would be 1st time in olympic history.
this is a clown stat bro. "let's turn the olympics into college athletes and have super continents like power conferences (B1G, PAC-12, and SEC). forget national pride."
Not bored yet!!...once every few years is just about right!
The same flawed logic applied here could be used by saying: What if South America competed as 1 country? Like Mike Bauer implied, the EU wouldn't win that many medals since they wouldn't be able to send that many people if they competed as a single country.
You do realize that if they sent one team they would have many less competitors so three medal count would be much less. As one country, they would only send 400 to 500 athletes. Currently with all the member countries it's in the thousands.
It's not fair that the European Union is combined. Just becasue they use the Euro dosen't mean that they can combine medels. Just saying.
Does this table account for removing duplicate medals in the same event? Say France wins Gold and Italy takes Bronze?

If this is counting both medals in that case, then of course a team with a dozen more qualified atheletes than any other nation will win more medals.
Argh! It's ridiculous use "European Union" for this kind of comparission.
What if Michael Phelps was a country?
Oh no. Stop this now. We don't want more European integration. You must let the people of europe breath both culturally and spiritually. Stop this Europeanism... It's proven that economically with a single currency it doesn't work so don't load it on the people to accept a single sporting team. In any case the IOC would make the team smaller in size and you wouldn't get half the representative. More medals would be won by teams outside the European community. We had a similar thing before with the Russian communist team and see what happened there. Communism in Europe disintegrated... Let's be proud of our countries and stop trying to step under a fictitious common umbrella and hope everything will be better.... It won't...
Another advantage of the EU: We can say "We have gold!" more often wearing the EU hat..
india bhi kabhi is table main hogi i conform
+Stephen Onley Nobody sends 1. You get at least 3. It's very unlikely that any of the EU medals come from outside the top 3 EU athletes in each event. In fact you can actually check this an I'd be incredibly surprised if this wasn't the case.
Let's imagine if the USA sent 27 Olympic teams to London.  What would the medal count be?  It would weaken the USA in most team sports like Basketball and Volleyball, but it would have a great impact on the individual sports like Track and Field, and Swimming.
I don't think so. Each country is limited to a finite number of athletes they can send.
you are comparing europian with one country China... thats not fair... if you consider europe, then consider asia and the results are obvious :)
What if you combine North America? Oh, let's go ahead and include South America too!
China have more medals than united states Google Olympics and u will see
Don't go thinking that you speak for everyone when you say 'we', Paul. That's rather arrogant and dictatorial of you.
How about East vs West? or...  "Hey, Southern Hemisphere - the Northern Hemisphere kicks you butt."   :-)
24. Croatia - 3 {2,1,0}  :-) and We are very proud!!!! 
It doesn't work that way...please EU, don't ever try statistics or any type of abstract thinking, you are not good at it. You cannot connect the dots...FAIL
lol, that's a good one. very funny.
This count would count if there would not have been 6-7 EU players/teams for each event.
They aren't states, they're entirely different countries with different economies, culture and language.   #Duh  
The difference is that it takes more than a "unified name" to make a group unified. People in Alaska cheer and pull for the Olympian from Florida. I don't see people from France being that excited that an athlete from Greece brought "home" the gold.
Are you counting Russia and the ex soviet union as the EU?  It is amazing how flexible Politics can be during the Olympic games... 
if european union is a single country, there won't be so much metals to win. because you can't send so many sporters to intend olympic game.
Europe is the best continent, everybody knows that. You don't have to prove it.
EUROPEAN UNION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
these all country are just one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm hate all french and American, the gold medal for wrestling was for Abdevali,the Iranian hero wrestler.
doesn't matter. european union is yesterday anyway ...
Well since they would only have one team and not so many people in competition they would not have won so many medals. Good thing they have several teams so they can win more, eh?
Corea, being a country with ~60 million people got the 4th place, nice!
This what-if statistic is wrong in so many ways: First, as many have pointed out already, the EU team would be much smaller than the single nations combined and thus would have fewer medals, not possibly but with certainty because of team sports. On the other
hand, the chance of gold medals in team sports would be higher (a united EU basketball team, for example, could at least compete with the US team... well, maybe ;)). Second, the non-EU countries would get more medals because of the quantitatively smaller competition. Third, even if there was a united Europe under one government and one legislation, a united sports team would still be a really long shot (if not totally impossible). Sports, as part of culture, is the one thing that would save the member countries' uniqueness. Fourth, chaos theory, so forget everything I just said ;) 
america and china would have a lot more medals too if we could all send 30-40 teams for each event ...
I don't know about this. I think if the EU sent one team, then the talent pool would be diluted and you'd probably end up with parity between EU, US & PRC.
This is so weird.Never thought there were people that actually dreamed about this.
You mean, like the USSR used to do?  Nice comparison.
The EU is pretty much a country anyway (or will be).
hello all guy so amazing world , that   great entertainment 
This is daft. It would be all the other continents wouldn't it.. Not America and China.. It would ne Asia and North America etc (racking my brains to think of the continents). Haha. Can't have one rule for Europe and then the rest as single countries. Yes I get that it stated European union but still.
looking at it as a percentage, they are better at finishing at 2nd and 3rd...go figure!!!!
This message remind me a thing: how can a country fright to an union!
for now European union is the lead but USA is not the country to give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gan Lu
haha that's quite funny to see ur comment +Clay Scott Brown :
"you can't group nations"...
and what is united states so?
The next problem, would the EU, be able to afford to send a team at all? Would have netted the rest of us more medals!
The United World would win though ;)
UK splits to England, Scotland, Wales when it comes to football/soccer but for the Olympics its just UK. Why is that? 
What if all the countries in the Americas sent one team?
This is a case of trying too hard. Embarrassing really...
EU PR Team: "How can we massage the numbers to look like something we can boast about?"
Rest of the world: <rolls eyes> "Give me a break..."
One of the reasons European Union was formed was to compete with United States. It has come a long way but still nowhere even close to beating US economically and forget about millitary. Even India has larger military than most of the EU combined
There's a slight flaw in the logic of this image.  If EU was treated as one team, and not as separate countries, they would have sent fewer athletes.  Some of the medal winners probably wouldn't have even made the cut into one large team, which would change the EU medal count.
Think about the sheer number of athletes that wouldn't be able to go and compete and have that experience then... Especially in sports where you can only have up to two athletes compete, like gymnastics ;)
Does that calculation take into consideration the fact that the EU could only send a fraction of the athletes? Simply counting all medals won by EU members would not be comparing apples to apples. No doubt it would be a formidable force. 
Your overall medal count makes no sense because you would be counting multiple medals for same events due to multiple eu nations in each event, be more realistic...
Answer to your question +Elena Oulassoglou  its because Scottish and Welsh FA's are frightened of losing their identity... Thank God we didn't win a medal all hell would of broken out for a single team!
This makes no sense.. this is the combined tally of multiple teams from multiple countries.. if the EU put up one team, it wouldnt be this high a medal tally. Though certainly compete with USA and China, (and likely lead) this is incredibly inaccurate .
Yorkshire is 6th in the medal table ATM and the Brownlee family is above India. If you want to play games with medals. The break up of the USSR will have had an effect on Russia's medal haul, in fact the "Fall of Communism" and fall out from that probably added half an hour to the opening ceremony:-). 
How cute. What happens when you can only send 3 competitors per event like the rest of the real countries do? How many medals do you have now?
Negatory. The imaginary "collective EU" would be sending far fewer people than the sum of those competitors coming from individual member states.
what if the Asian countries sent one to the games?
The EU is not a country, only an economic zone. The EU combined also sent many many more athletes to the Olympics than USA or China.
Doesnt really matter. Most Olympic athletes live and train in the US anyway. They benefit from our resources and then go and "represent" some other country. It doesnt seem right or fair.
I think this overlooks that is it FAR easier to get a higher medal count, when you have over a dozen competitors, rather than just a single one, in each event.
EU should win more medals. They send more olympians. Every country is limited in the number of athletes they enter into each competition. More Countries, More Athletes, More Medals.
Yeah, but if the EU was one country, the medal count wouldn't be that high because multiple member states could not send separate athletes.
Then they wouldn't have as many athletes qualify the game and the finals....
The first flaw in this representation is that if the EU were to send only one team Olympic rules would only allow two athletes from that team to compete in any event.
Yes it is. It is not part of the Euro, but Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK) is in the EU. +Hamad Al-Thani 
Scott Meredith. it doesn't seem right or fair, and it doesn't seem to be true either.
+Jamez Frondeskias all the things you have mentioned will soon move from probability to destiny. Europe will be the next superpower.
LOL, So it takes all the countries in the European Union to beat the US? Haha why post this? To make themselves feel good somehow?
No that's what would happen if the EU sent way way more than the allowed number of participants. There were 3-4 people from the EU vying for medals in a lot of gymnastics competitions which wouldn't be allowed if they were 1 nation and similar things happened in many other events. This, unfortunately is not true.
I wonder if you counted medals won by where they train.... So many "foreigners" spend all their time in US.
The amount of money the USA throws at winning they should be doing a lot better than the UK.
The medal counters discourage me from bothering to try to watch. Like NBC needed any help with that. I don't care where you are from. If you have become amazing at what you do, to me you've already won.
Okay, China has 32G, 19S and 14B. The UAS 29G, 15S and 19B. The UK has 19G, 12S and 12B. Misleading numbers.  
+Jamez Frondeskias Yes, because it is performing so well out side of the Olympics?  

We have seen "successful" European type "Unions" before, and it did not bode well for the Continent.  The first one was when Germany and Austro-Hungarian Empire unionized; and the second one was called "The Axis".  
You can't get a true picture by adding each EU nations together. There are limitations on the number of participants in each sport a nation can send. For example, you could end up sending an athlete that won silver for EU, but not sending someone that had the chance to win the gold. If you know what I mean. No question about how we fund them.

These stats are simply wrong, however, it wouldn't mean that the EU couldn't give China and USA a run for their money.
the london olympic is suck
Didn't this union thing happen once before I think it was known as USSR! I guess history does repeat itself!
Lol good luck to all the countrys :D
pfft...what if frogs had wings?  This is meaningless.
Unfortunately that's not true, cause cause European countries participated solely not as a union
J Chak
EU would have a higher per capita medal count than the US too. However, not really a fair fight since EU has probably 10-15 times the number of athletes in any competition than any other country...
This will probably happen in like 100 years or so.
I would rather have a gun put to my head and the trigger pulled than to accede Britain's national sovereignty to the corrupt and anti-democratic EU.
+Bill Sanders
The first Unified European Government was called the Celtic Empire, started in what we think of as France, extended from Ireland to Macedonia, and eventually retreated to the islands we think of when we say 'celtic' today. The second was the Roman Empire. Third was the Holy Roman Empire. Then the HRE split up, making France and Italy separate, but unified to protect their allies in Greece in the first crusade.

Many of these were successful, and long lasting. You lose by fault of  Godwin's Law.
fail, a bankrupt super nation LOL
Idea, I suppose, is to show the equivalent medal tally to the great United States of America:-) Strange that the Texans don't go under Texas as a Texan will always answer that they come from Texas if you ask them!
+Peter Stewart As a Texan, that is very true. A lot of us are Texans first, Americans second.
Too bad many Europeans aren't that keen to give up their national identities and sovereignty. But we can always dream. Oh and you wouldn't be able to have multiple teams for one sport so that medal count would drop. 
Swissland is not union EU member too
What if the USA would send a team for each state? How would the medal table look like? :-P
Also, some of those medals may not be earned because the athletes that earned them may not be on an EU team.
Fco M
What if all America sent only one team?, hoo wait, only USA is getting the medals.
Take all of the americas and see who wins in the end...
I think you all just need to take a nap
Nobody I know in the UK wants to be apart of the E.U. most people here want it to go away!
Well it wouldnt be fair.
If that happens, you would have Asia, EU, North America, South America, Africa, and Pacific Islands.
Basically every coninent
Pretty much what +thomas o'brien said. If you get to send 20x the number of athletes, it's not shocking you win more medals :P
This is pretty flawed logic.  If the EU sent a single team they would be limited, just as the USA is, in the number of participants.  It doesn't matter how many athletes you potentially could have, you can only send like 3 per event.
Mike G
Here's what it would look like if we ignore countries and focus on the athletes:
104 | 78 | 78
If the EU as a whole had the same restrictions as each nation does on the number of parcipants their medal count would be much lower. (and the US and Chinas would be higher)
This logic is why one by one the EU-countries goes bankrupt, problem with calculation...
Vrij NL
The EU should be defeated like nazi Germany was in 1945. Waiting for Romney here, but it would be a shame if we need the USA again to be free.
Well EU, you forgot to deduct the number of athletes... u only get 3 athletes each in every sport catagory, at most... the rest have to qualify
hmm.......good idea.......why dont u jst call it "European soviet union" while yur at it.
hmm......good idea......why dont u jst call it "european soviet union" while yur at it.
Perhaps some wanker can also claim that the "EU Team is now ahead in the Commonwealth Games.
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