European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control [ECDC] is monitoring reports on Cambodia and the undiagnosed illness affecting children

An outbreak of an undiagnosed illness affecting children has been reported by the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Cambodia to World Health Organisation (WHO). Out of the 62 children, 61 have died. No apparent clustering of cases or signs of transmission have been reported so far.

Between April and June, a total of 58 children below age of 7 years have been admitted to a hospital in Phnom Penh. Further 4 children were admitted to a hospital in Siem Reap, with high fever and encephalitic and/or respiratory symptoms. In total, 62 cases were reported, the majority being on children under 3 years of age.

Fifty-six of 58 patients hospitalized in Phnom Penh and four of four patients hospitalized in Siem Reap have died. Of these cases, 46 died within 24 hours of admission, and the majority of the rest died between 1-3 days after admission. Sixty-one deaths were reported.
The Cambodian Ministry of Health and WHO are conducting an active investigation in order to determine cause and source of the illness. ECDC is closely monitoring the situation.
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