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European Union: 28 countries, 508 million people. United in Diversity. [unofficial forum]
European Union: 28 countries, 508 million people. United in Diversity. [unofficial forum]

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Commissioner for Security Union, Julian King, said:

"The European Commission takes note of the Opinion of the European Court of Justice on the envisaged EU-Canada PNR agreement. The European Commission will now carefully assess the Opinion and its potential impact.

We stand ready to engage with Canada about ways of addressing the concerns raised by the European Court of Justice on the envisaged EU-Canada PNR Agreement.

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The European Commission can confirm that on 16 May 2017 its officials carried out unannounced inspections at the premises of companies active in ethylene purchasing, in several Member States.

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83/2017 : 21 July 2017 - Orders of the President of the General Court in cases T-849/16 R,T-883/16 R,T-130/17 R

PGNiG Supply & Trading v Commission Energy

The President of the General Court rejects the applications for a stay of execution of the Commission’s decision that 50% of the transport capacities of the OPAL gas pipeline are to be subject to a bidding procedure 

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One year ago, on 25 July 2016, the No More Ransom initiative was launched by the Dutch National Police, Europol, McAfee and Kaspersky Lab.  Today there are more than 100 partners, as major ransomware attacks continue to dominate the news, hitting businesses, governments and individuals all over the world.

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Yesterday, 26 lives, including members of the police, were taken and over 50 others injured in a terrorist attack in Lahore.

The vibrancy of Pakistani society, its diversity, and the clear wish of the majority of the Pakistani people for peace, must not be endangered by the minority who oppose or seek to destroy it

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The latest Research*EU Results magazine is now out.

In this issue you will find:

Special feature:

‘The grand plan for carbon capture’


Dr Jochen Ströhle of TU Darmstadt in Germany on ‘Getting CCL technology ready for use at coal power plants’

Dr Filip Neele of TNO in the Netherlands on ‘Web-based tool helps site operators chose the safest CO2 storage option’

Dr Stefan Penthor of TU Wien in Austria on ‘Chemical looping combustion for CO2-neutral gas facilities’

Other highlights:

First in-man studies demonstrate high prevalence of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in shift workers

Don’t let a good crisis go to waste

One step closer to the smart helicopter

How sensitive is climate to increased carbon dioxide in the long term?

Spy in the cow shed aids farmers

New insight into natural slate solves roofing market’s problems

Audio sketching goes high tech

New superconducting detectors for future space missions

More efficient ‘multi-switchable’ molecules could boost data storage

To obtain your free PDF or hard copy, visit

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107 suspects detained and over 900 potential victims identified in pan-European hit against sexual exploitation

Europol supported a Europe-wide action week carried out by law enforcement agencies from a total of 22 Member States and Third Parties  aimed at organised crime groups (OCG) trafficking vulnerable individuals for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Between 26 June and 2 July, two crime areas - trafficking in human beings (THB) and facilitated illegal immigration (FII) - were targeted with actions undertaken to safeguard victims and identify those responsible for their trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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ESO #Flashback: Earth in its own shadow. Image credit: ESO/M. Claro View larger image at:

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Are you familiar with the various mobile payment systems?
Do you know the difference between digital wallets, mobile wallets and digital currency wallets?
What are the security issues and what types of threat lay affect them?
Check here:

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If you're travelling to Greece 🇬🇷️ this summer to sample some of the history, culture or delicious food, chances are you'll want to cool off with a swim at some point 🏊‍♂️ Then take note that out of 1,542 Greek bathing water sites surveyed in 2016, 98% had either good or excellent water quality!

Download the full Bathing Water Report, have a closer look at individual sites in Greece and explore the rest of Europe with the European Environment Agency's interactive map ➡️!gq83Dm
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