On board the International Space Station ESA astronaut André Kuipers looks through a drop of water containing a bubble of air.

Credit: ESA/NASA
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I love that the image will invert!
Just the kind of optical effect I want for my next bathroom tiles!
That's some Kubrick level visual trickery.
That is just awesome!
Can someone more schooled than myself please explain why the image in the water is inverted? I'm rather curious about that and I'm sure we've got some photographers and scientists here that could elegantly make sense of it for the rest of us. Thanks. 
That always happened when you're in outer space, isn't?
My mind just happened to be blown.
comparing the differences of light circumstance in water and air is really nice....
That's spectacular! An amazing phenomenon, which underscores an amazing creation, which itself highlights the amazing Creator. To see, as it were, the finger of God...in nothing but a drop of water....
That's what we call "coincer la bulle" in French...
Its more than reality... Unbelievable:-O
More deep where jaakko
John thats a good one:-):-)
Ok no probs. Never a situation for fun.
Im sorry for thinkng it a joke. Being happy wudnt cost anything:-))
Oh yeah raymond cool it is
No worries, Suad. Sadly, most people these days wonder whether you're making a joke when you say something like that...and I think, without good reason. But, nope, I was totally serious. And I think, with good reason.
Ok. Is my appology accepted?
I was tryin to be nice
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Seriously though, something there that very few members of the human race have ever seen anything like that, the fact that a guy has managed to take a picture of it at 27,000mph (with smile) is somethong to he proud of.
No mr john i meant john blackwell. I was nt talkin abt the gods finger thing
John blackwell said smthin abt another day at the office nd i was talkin
abt that
On Jun 26, 2012 11:41 AM, "Suad Khan" <******@****> wrote:

> No mr john i meant john blackwell. I was nt talkin abt the gods finger
> thing
Ah. Yes Suad, of course your apology's accepted. I was never offended to begin with. I only sought to clarify because I didn't want people to think I was making a satire, mocking the very position I was intending to advance.
What principle underlies that amazing phenomenon?

Whoa! i'd like to know more about that zero gravity thing.
what a beautiful place. i wish .... i wish.....but
Of course, the immediate causality is gravity...or the lack thereof. Immediate causality isn't wasn't I was getting at, though.
I bet we can make one of that not using any zero gravity at all, but only mercury.
They should use for something in Avatar
The opportunity to look inside himself recursive! Great!
it's cool, it looks like a matter occupied by another matter!!! lol!!!
Im glad u understood that i mistook u for somebody else:-))
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Amazing act and photography too
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Interesting...shows the way lenses reverse things.  
It all fun and games till he shorts out a circuit with that water!! :P
Going into space must be the coolest thing ever!
If only you could smoke in space, then you could blow out a smoke ring and shoot one of these dandy water worlds through it.
Sweet Mother of Hot Chocolate, this is some cool shot. 
next ...i want to see Homer simpson floating by mouth open while he twists through the air and eats it...LOL
Absolutely incredible image!
Yo dawg, I heard you like bubbles, so I put bubble in your bubble so you can reflect while you reflect.
+Chris Tindale When the light hits the outer bubble, it bends inward towards the centre, the light from the top of the outer bubble goes to the bottom to be bent outwards as it leaves the bubble to get to your eyes.  The reason the face is the correct way up in the centre air bubble is that the reverse process goes on as the light travels through the air bubble in the centre.  This is a process called refraction in case you want to research it further.
Story of a air bubble jailed in water. Thinks happen only in the space 
next thing you know a needle comes out of no where and eventually  pops da bubble
Definitely an amazing picture.
awesome never seen this like thing ever 2...........
this is a real science
the science is sometime amazing
it will be more and more interesting
love the inverted inversion 
Your lame amelia that is wicked awesome!
How kid like.  Reminds me of the poster I saw yesterday: "Don't grow up. It's a trap!"
I find it interesting that the water bubble is elongated & the air bubble appears to be a perfect sphere.
COOOOL!!!!!!!.......how did he do it?
Probably injected an air bubble with a syringe or straw.  Endless artistic ability in zero gravity
Could only be done in zero gravity ! Awesome!
i wish i could of seen that in person but i would of wanted to pop it
Some times science can be fun!
this  kinda mkes me think of lord of the rings
That's amazing! And FYI if you use crappy language, that's the image people are getting-that you ARE a crappy person who doesn't care about life. Unless that's the image that you want to send out, use appropriate language. 
Thats so cool.

If only we could have "space" on the ground or at least 0-G

The EPIC-NESS is out of this world (literally)!
wow! this is cool! spherical lens inside spherical lens
Would it be possible to live In one of this if it was big enough
that is the reason . i love science practically more than theoretically ..... just look at it ... IT'S AWESOME ....!!
Kind of cool that since there is no "up" the bubble doesn't float to the top. They should have a small boat that they place in the water on the innner bubble of air. That's an amazing pic.
This is the payoff for all that astronaut training. You get to be a little kid in zero Gs. 
A lens within a lens. This has so many applications, one of which is having tons of fun.
because that will help world hunger....   stupid
J'arrive pas à comprendre ce que c'est ... :/
Un freakin real......mind blowing
Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, so to speak, but this has nothing to do with delusional imaginary creators and everything to do with Science. 
Gotta say that's sure strange ,but cool ! 
whoa.... thats really cool!!!
wat awsome planet did you find it on?
I like that picture so much, I might have that as my wallpaper.  Makes me want to go to the ISS and witness that for myself... pretty dang cool!
impossible but awesome i want one
You just can't go wrong with space pictures. They are inherently awesome.
upside-down in water ball, but not in air bubble...
awesome picture!
is there any way to make it on the erath??
That's pretty awesome! AMAZING
It's a drop of water acting like a lens in space.
Wouldn't you love to do that.
looks like a bubble in a bubble to me
Too bad he didn't put a bubble of air inside the drop of water contained in the bubble of air in the drop of water.
Yo Dawg, I herd you like refraction so I put an air bubble in your water drop so you can see your refracted image refracted...
that would have been good , like a M.C. Escher ?
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You live a great life sir awsome pic love space and scince wish I was in your shoes. Keep it up.
is that what they do there?
that's STUPID!
Ooooooh. Gotta love anti gravity :-}
Cy Cox
Space! ...  The Final Frontier.
Looks like the wibbliest,ana wobbliest bubble,I've ever seen!
WOW, just the thing Angel Baby is looking for to put in her stories, great photography.
Aye, ye can beat an egg!, but ye cannie beat a bubble 
Very cool, hope to see this with my own eyes one day :-) 
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