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New app to track invasive animals & plants in the EU.

Help us for the mapping of alien species & protect our biodiversity! 🌿
The app contains information of plants and animals introduced by accident or deliberately into a natural environment where they would not be normally found and makes it possible to use your phones' localisation system and camera to capture images of them:!Ct34Bv
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EU-funded researcher Michaël Gillon led the international team that has discovered 7 Earth-like planets around the TRAPPIST-1 ultra-cool dwarf star, a star that is much smaller and colder than the Sun.

Three of the planets orbit in the habitable zone of the star and could host oceans on their surface.

The discovery of the #Trappist1 system was made by the SPECULOOS project, supported by an EU grant and which is searching for potentially inhabitable exoplanets:!pC93Nv

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We are making progress towards growth and jobs: 232 million people are employed in Europe which is the highest number ever. Unemployment is now below 10% in the euro area and even at 8,2% in the EU.

We have published today our annual analysis of the economic and social situation in the Member States, including an assessment of remaining imbalances. More info & country reports here:!qQ93Jc

#EuropeanSemester #employment #EuropeanCommission #EuropeanUnion #growth #jobs
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It's International Mother Language Day today!

Is there any word or expression (idiom) in your language that cannot be easily translated ? Let us know and celebrate the uniqueness of your native tongue!

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Welcoming US Vice President Mike Pence to Brussels to discuss EU-US relations, President Jean-Claude Juncker emphasised that the relationship between Europe and America are of great importance: "Global stability depends on good relations between the United States of America and the European Union."

The US is our longtime partner and we will continue to work closely and discuss areas such as defence, development aid and trade.

Read the full press statement here:!dW89DY
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What's the common link between migrating birds, a collapsing bridge and a windmill?

The answer is a bladeless wind turbine. EU-funded Vortex Bladeless converts a natural wind phenomenon, which led the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to break in 1940, into renewable energy. The turbine, virtually noiseless, works without blades, saving migrating birds from sudden collision.
The design also reduces the turbine's carbon footprint by 40%. Read more here:!Cr68UQ

This Spanish project received funding from the SME Instrument programme. If you want your company to become the next innovation leader, check how to apply for it:

#InvestEU #SMEInstrument #RenewableEnergy

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Do you know that Erasmus+ * provides *apprenticeship opportunities across the EU?

An avid baker as a teenager, Gellért from Hungary, studied the tricks of the trade learned in France and improved his techniques. A two-time 'Best Cake' winner in Hungary, he now owns an award-winning bakery in Budapest. 🍰 Discover the 'icing on the cake' and how #ErasmusPlus enriched his live.


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Several million tons of box waste are produced every year just to carry vegetable and fruits from the field into the supermarkets.

With the support of the EU's LIFE programme, a small Italian company has launched a special system of reusable, foldable and recyclable crates to help us move away from this "throwaway" culture. The CPR system reduces box waste to almost zero – and brings down prices of fresh produce:!hM49kR ☘️

#investEU #LIFE_programme #CircularEconomy #Sustainability #Recycling

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Easier cross-border sales for startups and SMEs

Our proposals will allow consumers and companies — in particular #startups and #SMEs — to buy and sell goods and services more easily online with a simplified Value Added Tax (VAT) for e-commerce businesses in the #EU.

#DigitalSingleMarket #eVAT

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CETA marks the beginning of a new era in the EU-Canada relationship

Today, the European Parliament voted in favour of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada, concluding the ratification process of this deal at the EU level.

CETA creates new opportunities for EU companies. It will save EU businesses over €500 million a year currently paid in tariffs on goods that are exported to Canada. Almost 99% of these savings start from day one. It will give EU companies the best access they've ever had to Canadian public procurement contracts, including at provincial level (as well as federal and municipal).

The agreement will overwhelmingly benefit smaller companies who can least afford the cost of red tape. Small businesses will save time and money, for example by avoiding duplicative testing requirements, lengthy customs procedures and costly legal fees.

For more information see:!gj46GM
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