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Gabriel García Márquez was a voice of Latin America who became a voice of our world. His imagination has made us richer, and his passing away makes us poorer. His work will endure.

Our sincere condolences to his family

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#graciasgabo   #gabo   #gabrielgarcíamárquez  
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Such type of person came on earth on God duty&back after complete his work,God rest eternal soul,World will rember him.
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On 1 May this year, we will celebrate an anniversary of a very important milestone of #EUenlargement  - 10 years since 10 new countries joined the EU.
Do you want to know when different countries joined and how does the enlargement process actually work? Factsheet:
For those who like to write: writing competition ahead of the anniversary (for 15-25 years old):
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+sophie helfrich The creation of the European Union: Maastricht is officially known as the Treaty of the European Union and with it the EU came into existence for the first time.

The Maastricht Treaty was signed by 12 founding nations on 7 February 1992 in Maastricht, Netherlands. Upon its entry into force on 1 November 1993 during the Delors Commission, it created the European Union and led to the creation of the single European currency, the euro.

The 12 nations signing the Maastricht Treaty are Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, and Great Britain.

UK a member of EU not the Euro.

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In the last 10 years we used as much plastic as we did in the last 100 years and, once in the environment, plastic waste persist for hundreds of years. This is a particularly serious problem fot our marine habitats where at least 267 species are caught in or eat plastic litter.

We are glad the European Parliament yesterday endorsed our proposal to Member States to reduce their use of lightweight plastic bags.

More info:  

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Put heavy fines and employ water contralls-no time for all these discussions, -humans are selfish
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Have you ever faced a problem when opening a #bankaccount in another EU country?

The +European Parliament  approved today our proposal that everyone should be able to open a simple bank account, even without being a resident in the country where the bank is located and irrespective of one's financial situation, for example to receive salary, or pay the bills.

The new rules also make it easier to compare the fees and establish a simple and quick procedure for consumers who wish to switch between banks.

More information:!wV97DD #EU4citizens

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Pleite Kommission ist nicht gut. ... 
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"I am gravely concerned about the surge of actions undertaken by armed individuals and separatist groups in various cities of Eastern Ukraine, who have seized in the last 24 hours police stations and branches of the Ministry of Interior and erected check points around the city of Slavyansk. 
I reiterate the EU's strong support for Ukraine’s unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity and call upon Russia to do so as well. To this end, the Russian Federation is urged to call back its troops from the Ukrainian border and to cease any further actions aimed at destabilising Ukraine. 

I look forward to the talks with Ukraine, Russia and the United States, scheduled to take place on 17 April in Geneva, and the start of a meaningful dialogue which should contribute to de-escalating and stabilising the situation in and around Ukraine."  

Catherine Ashton on the situation in Eastern Ukraine
#ukraine   #russia   #donetsk  
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+Vadim Toloshnij Геть реал, комарад. Ду нот конфьюз ёр блайднесс виз зе реалити.
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As a European citizen you benefit from freedom of movement, the world’s biggest #economy, #healthcare in any EU country — things we often take for granted. But it is also the everyday things that make a difference, like being able to send back faulty goods ordered online, low roaming costs, or compensation for cancelled flights. Check 10 #EU rights at a glance in our new brochure:
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Ar you krezie 
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European Commission

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Are you booking your holidays online? We've been checking websites to see if they're meeting your consumer rights, and the results are out!

62% of travel websites are now doing it right after our recommendations, but there's 38% left who aren't fully respecting consumer legislation, and they can expect action to be taken.

Find out more!!cH36jG
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online is future
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#Divorce is never an easy thing, but it might be even more complicated if you are in a cross-border situation.

Yesterday the European Commission published a report that highlights legal problems that international #couples still face across Europe when they try to resolve cross-border disputes concerning their #marriage or the custody of their children.
Anyone can also participate in a public consultation on the topic:!PV74Gg #EU4citizens

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Become apart of the FIGHT against ALL INJUSTICE . Join us!
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#EP2014: The last ever plenary of this session of the +European Parliament before the elections is happening right now - and it is one of the busiest in history!

The Parliament will be debating and voting on issues as diverse as the right for everyone to have a #bank   account, #pensions, #animalhealth, banking union, or the use of plastic bags.

Watch it live:
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We have officially received the second successful European Citizens' Initiative: "One of Us".Organisers call on the EU to 'establish a ban and end the financing of activities which presuppose the destruction of human embryos, in particular in the areas of research, development aid and public health'. What do you think?


#embryo   #humanembryos  
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Ok +Owen Roberts blocked me, finally, poor boy.
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It administers the budget and the policy programmes (Agriculture, Fisheries, Research etc.) in cooperation with authorities in the member countries. The EC also services the 27 EU Commissioners.

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