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European Commission

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European Commission proposes new e-commerce rules to help consumers and companies reap full benefit of Single Market

Working our way towards the creation of a Digital Single Market in Europe, we have taken steps to: tackle geoblocking to boost e-commerce; make cross-border parcel delivery better; and give customers more protection when buying online.

Get all the info here:!Gk69GM

#DigitalSingleMarket  | #ecommerce   #onlineshopping   #onlinebusiness   #digitalmarketing   #delivery   #shipping   #geoblocking   #parcel   #consumerprotection  
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At last, exorbitant delivery prices seem to get some scrutiny!
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European Commission

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We are committed to play an active role at the +World Humanitarian Summit where global leaders are coming together to rethink how humanitarian aid is delivered. Spotted: Vice-President Kristalina Georgieva bumping into Ashley Judd - +UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador! Our Commissioners for Humanitarian Aid and Development are also there!

Read up on what the Summit is all about and what the EU's main priorities are here:

You can follow the summit live at or on #ShareHumanity ‬ hashtag.

+United Nations #WHSummit #humanitarian #humanitarianaid #ReShapeAid #development  
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European Commission

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Investment Plan for Europe: more than €100 billion of investments triggered through the European Fund for Strategic Investments. 64 EU projects benefiting from it!Uu46Nq

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Most if not all seem to be for early EU members and seems to ignore anything that joined in last 20 years as a whole. Interesting...
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European Commission

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It's European Maritime Day!
 This year, the annual meeting of Europe's maritime community is taking place in Turku, Finland to discuss practical steps needed to drive blue growth investments and innovation.

More information about what the EU does for maritime:
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Wind powered container ships maybe, as not everything need to move quickly. Was big in past, so does work and with today's technology it is clearly something suitable to the environment.

Thoughts +European Commission​?
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European Commission

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Relocation and Resettlement: EU Member States must act to sustain current management of flows

Our third report on the EU's emergency Relocation and Resettlement schemes finds that, in terms of Member States' management of migratory flows, not enough progress has been made.

With Greece facing a humanitarian crisis and an increase in arrivals expected in Italy this summer, greater efforts to relocate refugees to other EU countries to have their asylum applications processed are urgently required.

Today's report find that too few relocations have taken place since mid-April; however, the pipeline of future relocations has been strengthened.

"I am encouraged to see Member States getting ready to move at last" said Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos. "In parallel, we need to increase resettlements, mostly from Turkey. Our recent progress in breaking the smugglers' business model is only sustainable if a safe legal channel also exists for asylum seekers."

More info here:!kq64XD

#MigrationEU #RefugeeCrisis #Asylum #Relocation #Resettlement #Migration #Refugees #Greece #Italy
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European Commission

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What does school mean to you? After living through conflict in East Ukraine, Yaroslav and Nastya show us why their school is so special.

Here in Europe, we tend to take school for granted and forget what a vital part of life it is to children, especially when everything else around them is collapsing

Share this video using #EmergencyLessons and find out more:

#school +UNICEF 
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Yes i agree School is a vital part of life.. school is special, unfortunately here in the UK our schools are full up because of immigration levels... and unfortunately finding school places near your home is becoming increasingly difficult for many families.
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Have them in circles
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European Commission

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The winners of ‪#Natura 2000 Prize - awarded each year to exemplary projects that protect ‪#‎nature across Europe - are out

The six initiatives awarded this year include projects from Bulgaria, Latvia, Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as cross-border projects from Belgium, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland, and Norway. Congratulations!

Read more about the winning projects here!tW67Jn and in the captions of the photos!

#photography #naturephotography #naturephotos #naturelovers #nature #wildlife #wildlifephotography #environment #environmental #environmentallyfriendly #Natura2000 #ecology #ecología #ecologie  
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Ottima foto per quelle m......di cacciatori
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European Commission

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Congratulations to Ken Loach for winning Palme d'Or at #cannes2016   ‪‬ for 'I, Daniel Blake' - supported by our MEDIA programme!

Each year, the MEDIA programme supports about 2,000 European films, TV series and other projects - best from the European Audiovisual culture - already for 25 years! Read more:!Wb88Uc

#film   #filmmaking   #filmfestival   #movie   #cannesfilmfestival  
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Moi, Daniel Blake, le réquisitoire de la bureaucratie et ses méandres destructeurs ? Vivement, que je le découvre ! Le film pas la bureaucratie :/
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European Commission

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Today is World #biodiversity  day! Did you know that the EU is home to five species of large carnivore? These include the brown bear, the wolf, the wolverine and two species of lynx, the Eurasian lynx and the Iberian lynx.

Historically these species have all suffered dramatic declines in numbers and distribution as a consequence of human activity. Thanks to the conservation efforts, last few decades have seen a positive response, with most populations stabilizing or increasing again!

As this could raise concerns in some areas, we work together with our Membes States, especially on cross-border cooperation and exchange of best practices in conservation and management methods. Read more here:!wG44hW

#photography   #naturephotography   #naturephotos   #nature   #wildlife   #wildlifephotography  
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Just another filthy ..and most of all useless criminal orginisation! Just that!
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European Commission

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No more promotional and misleading packages for tobacco products: new packaging rules coming into force!
From today #tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, must display graphic health warnings and text, covering most of the packaging.
New rules also prohibit cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco with characterising flavours and require mandatory electronic reporting on ingredients.
All info on the new rules:!Yy96bm

#ecigarette #health  
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+Derp Derpington
he s not my boyfriend, i don t play for that team,don t worry, you two can continue your relationship.
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European Commission

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We are committed to the equality and dignity of all human beings. On International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia And Biphobia, we repeat our call to all Governments around the world: abide by your international human rights commitments; repudiate intolerance; and promote equality as enshrined in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and other instruments. You can find our full statement here:!Rw99kT #IDAHOT2016 
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+William The Pleaser so you judge the attitude of the many by the actions of a few? Some people murder other people, does that make a nation of murderers?

You can have as many hissy fits as you like. I don't have to support this day. It's not compulsory.
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European Commission

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Limits to exposure at work to 13 cancer-causing chemicals proposed

Today, we proposed to limit exposure to 13 cancer-causing chemicals in the workplace. 20 million workers are exposed to at least one of these chemicals. With these changes to the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive aim to save 100,000 lives in the 50 years and protect workers’ health. Learn the details:!XJ63Fu
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