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Tax reforms in EU Member States 2015

Taxes can do more than just fund public services; they can also support growth, employment, investment, economic competitiveness and social fairness. We are encouraging smarter taxation across the EU:!uR47tc
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Sadly with the Euro currency and no centralised TAX system those countries are in one big poker game as QE does not help those that need it as any helps them all and with that makes those like Greece, worse off.   Now if Germany paid more TAX and with that fed into the poor Euro currency countries then it would balance out.  They do not and that sadly is why the Euro currency is so badly flawed that it is causing problems that need not happen and exaggerating others.

So when the Euro and QE does not work then what hope have you on any taxes :(
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European Commission

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Today is #WorldTeachersDay. Did you know that over 52,500 teachers have been forced to leave their positions due to conflict in Syria?

One consequence of the Syrian conflict is a staggering #education crisis including 2.7 million children out of school and a loss of school infrastructure estimated to be worth nearly $700 million.

Last week we signed an agreement with UNICEF – worth €62 million – to scale up our joint response in providing boys and girls with access to education in protective and empowering environments in #Syria, #Lebanon and #Turkey:!bC94rT
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George Bush his War on Terror and Bashar Al Assad his reign of chaos destablised the Middle East, that's the reason why we are diverting money to the refugee crisis.
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European Commission

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Today, October 3rd, marks the 25th anniversary of Germany's reunification 

"The images of German reunification are not just nice pictures for history books, they are true symbols of our European identity. They show what people and politics can achieve if they overcome national walls, fences and barriers. 

Twenty-five years ago, we overcame what seemed insurmountable and united Germany as well as Europe. Today, this allows us to travel without borders and – in many countries – even pay with the same money. The images of reunification remain powerful because they remind us what we can accomplish if we think and act beyond the borders on maps and in minds, for a Europe of peace and freedom, of fairness and prosperity", Jean-Claude Juncker said.!WJ46vr 

#reunification #DeutscheEinheit
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Très bien dit. Mais il faut aussi avoir les yeux grands ouverts sur la montée des néo-nazis, de populisme et d la gauche très radicale. En fait, on pourrait presque les mettre tous dans le même panier.
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European Commission

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50% of Europeans believe discrimination based on religion is widespread. And among the religious groups, Muslims suffer from the lowest levels of social acceptance. Hate speech has no place in our society, whether physically or online.

Our collective responsibility to live together in tolerance and respect is particularly important at a time when we have a moral obligation to give refuge to people of various religions and cultures who arrive on our shores.

On 1st and 2nd of October we are hosting the first Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights with a clear key topic: how to fight antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred in Europe.!hd94Ch

#‎Noplace4Hate‬ #racism #xenophobia  
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European Commission

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New opportunities for investors and easier access to finance for your business, regardless of where your company is located

That's one of the key points of our Action Plan for a Capital Markets Union. The objective: to build a true single market for capital across the 28 EU Member States that will benefit investors, citizens and businesses no matter their size.

Find out more!pP94qd

#‎CMU‬ ‪#‎CapitalMarketsUnion‬ ‪#‎SingleMarket‬
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+inter nazi don't base your premise on insufficient evidence
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European Commission

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Today, in Europe, many start-ups and small business owners find it hard to get funding. Sylvia is one of them, and this is her story.

The Capital Markets Union will help entrepreneurs like Sylvia to get funding more easily

Find out more:!Rj64bR
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If you stopped demanding the European countries to accept millions of parasites, aka male "refugees" in military age, it would already be easier for Sylvia to get funding, because billions wouldn't be wasted on human refuse.
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European Commission

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EU-Turkey: Draft Action Plan on support of refugees and migration management

The Draft Action Plan seeks to address the current #refugeecrisis in two ways: by supporting the #refugees and their host communities in #Turkey (Part I) and by strengthening cooperation to prevent irregular #migration flows to the #EU (Part II).

After yesterday's agreement in principle, the details of the Draft Action Plan now need to be agreed between the two sides.

EU-Turkey: Draft Action Plan on support of refugees and migration management
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Whole Generations are feeling the pressure of George W. Bush his War on Terror and Bashar Al Assad his Civil War, people it's got to stop.
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European Commission

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We want to remove the barriers that stand between investors and investment opportunities. Today in Europe many start-ups and small business owners find it hard to get funding. David is one of them, and this is his story.

All the information about Capital Markets Union is here: #CMU
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Per aumentare gli investimenti basta togliere i semafori.
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European Commission

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More than 2 million children whose lives have been torn apart by the conflict in Syria will have better access to education in safe environments through an EU - UNICEF Agreement

The grants worth €62 million will scale up our joint response also in Lebanon and Turkey.!bC94rT

#education #syria  
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European Commission

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The Capital Markets Union may sound a bit abstract but it is actually very practical – it's about helping small business owners access funding from sources other than banks. We have launched an Action Plan to create the right conditions for more funding to flow from Europe's savers to Europe's businesses.!pP94qd
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With negative inflation and interest rates then who is doing who the favour!
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European Commission

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"The Sustainable Development Goals are not just for some countries but for all countries" Frans Timmermans welcomes the 2030 Agenda in a speech given at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit.
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European Commission

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#5G | Did you know that by 2020 there will be 30 times more mobile internet traffic than there was in 2010? The #EU   EU #China   have just signed a key partnership on 5G – the next generation of communication networks that will form the backbone of our digital future:!Tg98Nh

#investEU | China has also become the first non-EU country to contribute to the #investment Plan for Europe:!Hb89vH ‪
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+Mario Occhini ahahah temo che a 13 anni nessuno possa essere "in affari con i cinesi". Comunque, ovviamente ci sono molti marchi italiani falsificati, ma non vuol dire che siano sempre i cinesi a farlo (anche se lo sono per la maggior parte) e che lo facciano solo loro in quanto sono cinesi. E comunque si parla di accordi fra governi, non fra singoli commercianti (anche in Italia ce ne sono tantissimi che truffano, anche più dei cinesi), è assurdo dire"chissà se possiamo fidarci"...
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