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European Commission

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There are currently 1,882,253 jobs waiting for you on the EURES portal. Check it out and find your future job in Europe on!um47Yq

Good Luck!
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Nature does not discriminate
Why are we separated.
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European Commission

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Trouble with a hotel accommodation, a flight, or purchase made abroad? If holidays turn out differently than expected, know how to exercise your rights. The ECC-Net Travel App helps consumers to cope with difficult situations on their holidays abroad and to express their consumer rights in the language of the destination country. The app is free of charge and works offline to avoid roaming fees.
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European Commission

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Thinking about studying abroad? Do it with with Erasmus+ – the experience of a lifetime

Which countries offer Erasmus+? Who can apply? How to get started? Take a look here!vh34hB
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European Commission

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As a European citizen, you have a right to know how the European institutions are preparing their decisions, who participates in preparing them, who receives funding from the EU budget, and what documents are held or produced to prepare and adopt the legal acts. You also have a right to access those documents, and make your views known, either directly, or indirectly, through intermediaries that represent you.

This webpage is designed to be your window on this world, giving you direct access to information that will help you to be better informed and better prepared to follow and participate in the EU decision-making process, to enjoy your rights and to play your role as a European citizen to the full.!MW43Cp

#democracy #transparency #EU 
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European Commission

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Using your phone subscription in another country of the EU keeps getting cheaper as EU rules have tackled excessive #roaming charges since 2007.

Keep in mind that you can be charged up to €0.05/min extra for calls made abroad, €0.0114/min for calls received, €0.02 per SMS sent and €0.05 per Mb downloaded when going online. Operators are free to offer cheaper rates, so be on the lookout for better deals!

And as of 15 June 2017, there will be no extra roaming fees in the EU!!Fv86KF

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European Commission

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One of the projects financed under the investment plan for Europe is the construction of a new teaching hospital
- Midland Metropolitan Hospital (MMH) - in a brown field site in Birmingham, UK.

The project aims to improve in-patient services by providing them in a single, modern purpose built hospital. 666 hospital beds and a large number of jobs to come.

More about the results (so far) of the Investment plan here:!Mn96Jf

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I wonder which denomination that hospital-founder has, ... :P 
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Have them in circles
1,685,542 people
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European Commission

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On 23 August 1939, #Nazi Germany and the #SovietUnion signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. This marked the beginning of one of the darkest periods in the recent history of our continent, bringing with it deportation, torture and the murder of tens of millions of people.

Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis grew up in a Stalin Gulag, his family (pictured) having been deported from #Lithuania to #Siberia by Soviet Communists in June 1941. They received permission to return to Lithuania only after his mother was awarded a medal of honour in 1957 for raising five children.

Even after #WorldWarII , many Central and Eastern Europeans continued to suffer under other totalitarian or authoritarian regimes. Fortunately, young generations of Europeans today have not experienced this. But we must never take our freedoms for granted.

This is why today we mark a Europe-Wide #DayofRemembrance ‬ for the victims of all #totalitarian and #authoritarian regimes. The memory of Europe's history should nourish our commitment to stand up for our common values and principles | ‪#EUHistory‬

Full statement:!dd44hB
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+omona iyemere do you see me trembling of you calling me a racist?
you have to be a fool and an ignorant one also
ebola. ebola is a West African virus epidemic.
other peolpe that had ebola in other countries were those who travelled to africa or had contact with someone who was in africa.stop eating bush meat!
and btw we dont tremble of the word racism.
and no im not nigerian.
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European Commission

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Electric roads to charge your car as you drive? Plugging your electric car into a charging station could become a thing of the past as researchers are developing electric roads that can charge your car while waiting at a traffic light or even on the move

This EU-funded project is part of a series of projects looking at improving the infrastructure for electric vehicles to encourage people to invest in electric transport and reduce emissions.

It addresses one of the key obstacles to the popularity of electric vehicles: so-called range anxiety – the worry about how far you can travel before your battery runs out. Wireless charging could change all that.

Read more:

#cars #electriccar #transport #transportation #climate #climatechange #climateaction #environment #europeanunion

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Sí ya muchos lo tiene solo los países avanzados ?y otros no tienen esa posibilidad 
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European Commission

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Did you know that 1 in 3 Europeans is over 55 years old?

Peter Cullen, 70 years old, started with his son their small Irish company in 1998, producing jelly beans made with 100% natural flavours. The Jelly Bean Factory now has an annual turnover of €16 million. Learn how the EU can help business start-ups at any age:!Nm49Qg
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Tempo di riaprire i campi di sterminio.
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European Commission

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What do you do with old fishing nets?
Marine litter is a huge problem for countries of the Northern Periphery and Arctic region. The +CircularOcean project is pilot-testing several new uses for old fishing nets and ropes such as reinforcing concrete or other building materials like brick tiles and roof insulation.
It is supported by EU Cohesion Policy Funds:

#circulareconomy #environment #maritime #regiostars #investEU #recycle #recycling #upcycle #upcycling #fishing
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+Pepe de Brantuas maybe, what would you suggest instead?
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European Commission

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On Wednesday 14 September 2016, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, will deliver his State of the Union address at the +European Parliament Hemicycle.

President Juncker will take stock of achievements of the past year, present the priorities for the year ahead and set out how the European Commission will address the most pressing challenges the European Union is facing.

The State of the Union address traditionally kick-starts the dialogue with the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union (as foreseen in the Lisbon Treaty) to prepare the Commission Work Programme for 2017.

The speech will be followed by a plenary debate. Watch it live at and get involved by using the hashtag #SOTEU.
State of the Union Speech 2016
Wed, September 14, 9:00 AM GMT+2

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Ha ha!! As said like Nelson Muntz in the Simpsons.

Transmission End.
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European Commission

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Need to rent a car for your vacation?
Make sure all fees – child seat, airport surcharge, refuelling, driving to a neighbouring country, different drop-off location – are included in the final price before you complete your booking.

Check the exact insurance coverage and amount of deposit. Some cheap private insurances offer better deals than car rental companies and brokers. Do not hesitate to search for them!!cP73gU

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