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How to re-use the waste from wine production?
A project in #Croatia is developing techniques to efficiently extract and process the organic waste from wine production and re-use it as raw material or semi-finished product for functional food production, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other purposes. The project is supported by EU Cohesion Funds and is now in the final phase of the Regiostars awards for good practices in regional development. See all projects:

#circulareconomy #regiostars #ESIFunds #investEU
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European Commission

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European Structural and Investment Funds: where do these supporting funds go?
Explore the data by country, fund or theme:

#ESIFunds #investEU 
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European Commission

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Congrats to #Galway #Ireland! The Irish city has been selected to be one of the European Capitals of Culture 2020.

The idea behind European Capitals of Culture is to put cities at the heart of cultural life across Europe. Through culture and art, European Capitals of Culture improve the quality of life in these cities and strengthen their sense of community. Citizens can take part in the year-long activities!

#ECoC2020 #galway2020 #europeanunion 
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European Commission

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€500 million solidarity package for #farmers
"The primary goal is to see a rise in prices for the men and women who get up at 6am to #milk their cows" said Commissioner Phil Hogan, in charge of Agriculture during the #Agriculture Council yesterday.

In response to the continued market downturn, and to the concerns strongly relayed by ministers, we put forward a third package of support measures worth €500 million addressed mainly at the dairy sector, but also at the livestock sector. These measures are aimed at tackling the crisis by stabilising production and indirectly prices, and providing liquidity to farmers. €150 million will be distributed through an EU-wide measure to those farmers who voluntarily decide to reduce their dairy deliveries, thereby helping the market restore the balance between demand and supply. Moreover, €350million will be rapidly made available through national financial envelopes to help producers face cash-flow problems. This aid will be conditional on the respect of certain commitments. Specific attention will be dedicated to small farmers. Member states will have maximum flexibility in the use of these funds to support vulnerable livestock sectors, and also be able to provide national top-ups up to 100%.
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European Commission

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"If ‪#‎Turkey‬ reintroduces death penalty, would that mean an end of the accession talks with the EU?" - Süddeutsche Zeitung

Federica Mogherini: "No country can become an EU Member State if it introduces death penalty"

#turkey #turkeycoup #turkeycoupattempt #politics #diplomacy #foreignpolicy #europeanunion #EU  
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S. Imam
+Drew Jensen
U r right.
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European Commission

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“Mompreneurs” in Hungary can count on Gazdagmami, a support organisation for mothers trying to balance family life with running a business. Its achievements have been recognised by a European Enterprise Promotion Award. Find out how the EU can help business start-ups:

#mompreneur #startup #business #europeanunion
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European Commission

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What is the EU doing to fight ‪Climate Change?‬

In case you missed our latest proposals speeding up the shift to low-carbon economy in Europe:

‬ ‪#Climate #‎ClimateAction‬ ‪#‎ClimateChange‬ #‎EnergyUnion #lowcarbon #CO2 
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+Daniel Benny Stan, that'll be the day when that happens in Malta!
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European Commission

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Congrats to #Rijeka #Croatia for being selected as the other European Capital of Culture 2020!

#DYK that 54 cities have been European Capitals of Culture since 1985, with #Athens #Greece being the first one?

#rijeka2020 #ECoC2020 #europeanunion
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And what about until then, no culture :-)
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European Commission

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Jean-Claude Juncker: "As I explained the other day to President Putin: the more Minsk implementation there will be, the less sanctions there will be." – on prolongation of EU sanctions against ‪#‎Russia‬ over ‪#‎Ukraine‬ crisis after meeting the new Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

More about EU relationship with Ukraine:
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+Frank Mueller​ и вы КАД er kann seine Steuern zu zahlen ... er wird in Brüssel beschäftigt
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European Commission

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In 2014, we agreed – together as the EU - to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030. Today we are presenting concrete ways how to achieve this goal, including fair, flexible and realistic binding targets for Member States for the period 2021 – 2030. Read more:
#climate #climatechange #energyunion #europeanunion
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European Commission

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Just open: registration for the next round of traineeships in the European Commission (starting in March 2017)

Do you have
1) a bachelor degree (3 years of study)
2) very good knowledge of English, French or German
3) very good knowledge of a second EU official language (required for EU nationals)
Then you can apply!

Our traineeships are for 5 months, paid (monthly grant of approximately €1,120) and every semester there are about 650 places available.

If you are one of the selected candidates you get hands-on experience in an international and multicultural environment of a key European institution – and a boost for your future career.

To read more and to apply ➡️

#traineeship #trainee #job #jobs #career #skills #EuropeanUnion #EU #EuropeanCommission
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If there's any law experts out there, do I get a degree from school of life before I am six feet under? I'm older than three years? Or does the E.U. accept #NotMadeUpUniversity ? This is my chance! 
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European Commission

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Small and medium companies in Greece will benefit from the investment plan: €100m in loans agreed this week between the European Investment Fund and the National Bank of Greece:

#investEU #Greece #SMEs
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Is the EU central bank not already spending 80 billion Euros a month.And still the EU is falling about. Italy looks like it might be about to do Bank Bail in;s.
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