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European Commission

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Important building blocks have been put in place - and some progress has been achieved - but much more needs to be done urgently.

#refugeecrisis   #refugees   #migration   #Europe   #EUCO   #asylum   #migrants   #EU   #Schengen  
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Close the borders end the schengen nightmare
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European Commission

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Ljubljana - winner of the Official European Green Capital Award - will from today act as ambassador for sustainable urban development, sharing its local, best practices and encouraging other cities across Europe to become greener, healthier and more sustainable.

The capital city of #Slovenia , check out what makes #Ljubljana  ‪the European Green Capital 2016:

#Environment   #Sustainability   #Urban   #Europe   #Green   #Capital  
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European Commission

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The Investment Plan is moving across Europe - just like this famous river!

Last Thursday an agreement was signed to support 1500 small businesses in Hungary (!Gd76fF) while today a €19 million deal to bolster innovative companies in Sweden was announced (!Mg37cD).

This is made possible largely thanks to the European Fund for Strategic Investment – an initiative launched by the EIB Group and the European Commission to provide support for projects everywhere in the EU, including cross-border projects:

#InvestEU   #EFSI    #investment   #SMEs  
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European Commission

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On this day in 1992, the Treaty on European Union, known as the "Maastricht Treaty", was signed. Representatives from the twelve member states were present, including Jean-Claude Juncker. It brought the three existing Communities (Euratom, ECSC, EEC) under one umbrella: the European Union.

A new stage in European integration with three pillars: the European Communities, Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), and police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters (JHA). The Treaty introduced the European citizenship, reinforced the powers of the European Parliament and launched the economic and monetary union (EMU). Besides, it put in place new policies as education and culture.
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....mnk b. . .......n.........


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European Commission

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"Those who still believe in a military solution to the war in Syria should wake up"

Federica Mogherini at the 'Supporting Syria and the Region' conference in London

The European Union and its Member States announced more than €3 billion to assist the Syrian people inside Syria as well as refugees and the communities hosting them in the neighbouring countries for the year 2016.

#gif #politicsgifs #supportsyrians #Syria #refugees
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Everyone involved in this +European Commission needs to be executed for White Genocide.  Every man, woman and child. 
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European Commission

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Economic Forecast per country and for the EU
The European economy is now entering its fourth year of recovery and growth continues at a moderate rate, driven mainly by consumption. At the same time, much of the world economy is grappling with major challenges and risks to European growth are therefore increasing.

In this photo album you will find the Economic Forecast per country and for the EU.!wG99Qp
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they only know how to lie so no point in asking.. scumbags
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European Commission

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Oceans cover around 70% of our planet. And 60% of that is high seas beyond the reach of any single country – effectively an internationally shared resource. What happens if these areas are not well managed?

In June 2015 we opened a public consultation and the results have been published. Commissioner Karmenu Vella will use these results to shape a new initiative on international ocean governance this year.!kC76rv

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ETC LTD * Europ. Translation Centre * All languages translated by native experts * Tel: UK 0044 203 2861442 * DE 0049 3212 6661144 (AB = wir rufen umgehend zurück) * FR 0033 9 77198488 * SWEDEN 0046 8 559 228 32 * * Mail:
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European Commission

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In Europe these days, on average children start using the internet at 7 years old - some even younger! Between the ages of 9 and 16, kids spend an estimated at 88 minutes a day online.

Let's make sure that #online also means #safe.

Today - Safer Internet Day [#SID2016] - learn about how to make the internet better for youngsters:
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The digital age,,,,the new world order
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European Commission

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Join us in congratulating the winners of the 2015 Juvenes Translatores contest! Since 2007, the contest aims to help all of you who have a thirst to learn foreign languages.

Find list of winners (28 secondary school students, one from each of the European Union Member States) as the original texts the students were working on if you want to test yourself here (students had 2 hours to complete them)
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I agree 
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European Commission

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The European economy is successfully weathering new challenges this winter, supported by cheap oil, the euro rate and low interest rates. Nonetheless, the weaker global environment poses a risk and means we must be doubly vigilant. There is more work to do to strengthen investment, enhance our competitiveness in a smart way and complete the job of fixing our public finances

More on #ECForecast (by EU country)!wG99Qp 
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European Commission

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One in three cancers is preventable. Find here 12 ways to reduce your cancer risk

The European Code against Cancer includes recommendations both on primary and secondary prevention and has been translated into all official languages of the EU!pp46vf

‪#‎WorldCancerDay‬ #DiaMundialContraelCancer +WHO
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Вот ничего не понятно но интересно. 
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European Commission

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The Syrian crisis has become the world's worst humanitarian disaster. The EU will announce an important contribution to the international community's humanitarian efforts at the Syria Donors' Conference in London (04/02)


The EU has been the leading donor in the international response to the Syria crisis. Read more:!dT74qy
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Hot spots and good National, regional, local administration will help to solve better the problems...some think? But they need to sort out their problems first find a common language to review and rethink and upgrade... It is not going to solve the problems but at least to protect 🛂 borders from unexpected other people that they are taking up illegal practices... For the safety and health of our Region... 
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